My reply:

It’s one of the biggest unmentioned scandals in the U.S. that a charity does not have a legal minimum for the amount of its donations it must spend on the causes it raises the money for. Apparently the feds let you get away with as little as one percent. That’s why there’s a zillion so-called food banks around the country, where a dude fills out the 501(c)3 paperwork with the IRS to become a legal charity, then goes around door-to-door begging for donations for “food baskets for the elderly” etc., and rakes in a 5 or 6 figure yearly income. All he has to do is keep a closet with a sack of cans of tuna fish, mac-cheese etc. and give 1% out each year 🙂 The Clinton Foundation is just a maxi version of this 🙂 http://historyscoper.com/hillaryscope.html