One thought on “Muslims In This State Are Furious Because Officials Didn’t Bow to Their Request (video)”

  1. My reply:

    Too bad, but while the U.S.proclaimed itself as a land of religious liberty, its establishment was only possible because it was located on a blessed isle far away from the horrible Muslim World, which had systematically grown out from Arabia via jihad and the imposition of Sharia with its intolerant supremacist monocultural ideology that proudly proclaims it will dominate the world one day. Now that the world has shrunk it’s time for the people to throw the Islam-appeasing multiculturalist ignoramus bums out of office and elect a new Congress that passes my Winslow Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that explicitly singles out Islam as an archenemy of our infidel republic and ay of life. See my Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam Forever to show how a united effort by the non-Muslim world can end this ancient evil and make the world safe for our grandchildren. Sorry, it will be costly, but the alternative is unimaginable horror.

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