One thought on “Father of Fallen Muslim Soldier: Donald Trump’s Response Is ‘Typical of a Person Without a Soul’”

  1. My reply:

    Trump has a black soul? Yes, to Muslims ALL infidels have blacks souls, which is just why they are an existential threat to the U.S. Allah is not a god of love, he is a god of hate, and Khan’s attitude says it all. Like all Muslims, he only goes public to stand up for fellow Muslims. What kind of Muslim is he? Sunni? Shiite? Sufi? Does he believe in Sharia? What about his son? The Democratic Party is sick in its blind desire to open the U.S. to mass Muslim immigration. Muslims can never truly become part of the body politic and defend the U.S Constitution because Allah commands them to abolish it in favor of Sharia. No one can serve two masters, sorry. Trump is right-on on this issue.

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