2 thoughts on “Egypt and Manchester Prove the Fourth Circuit Wrong By Daniel John Sobieski”

  1. My reply:

    “Wrong” is too weak a word. TREASON would better describe the shameful power grabbing by the Obama appointees in the federal judiciary, who are trying to dissolve the borders and render the U.S. people defenseless against any and all foreign enemies. The First Amendment trumps Trump, our commander in chief and his orders to our troops to protect our borders against foreign threats? Sorry, the fundamental power lies with Congress to control the borders to provide for the common defense of WE THE PEOPLE, the ones who live here. So that power trumps all constitutional rights of foreigners, who don’t have ANY. The real plot by the globalists is to flood the US with Muslims who want to overthrow the Constitution and make Islam the official religion, so how Orwellian to accuse Trump of violating the First Amendment. Let’s hope the SCOTUS has not been taken over by Obama’s fellow globalists and sets the lower courts right. http://tinyurl.com/winslowplan

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