One thought on “Islamic Shariah Law for the New Year”

  1. My reply:

    [[. The real lesson of all this, of course, is that we had better learn to be aggressive in our resistance to this proliferation of sharia-influenced prohibitions or we will, indeed, end up being very, very sorry.]]
    Islam is already winning hands-down, so it’s time to take a bold stand and fight back, pulling no punches and throwing down the gauntlet. Too bad, the few smart people who have broken away from the sheeple still won’t admit that they hate Islam and everything it stands for and want to end it forever, but play games about it to give them a free hand. Only my Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam Forever boldly tells the truth and explains the heavy price that must be paid to win. Google it and read it now to keep the world safe for your grandchildren, or else become an object of their bitter hate for not doing what you had to do now.

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