One thought on ““Arabs and Muslims Will Never Accept Israel as the Jewish State” by Daniel Pipes Feb 2, 2018”

  1. My reply:

    [[Looked at closely, Kedar’s analysis and policy recommendation contradict each other: If Arabs and Muslims will never accept Israel as a Jewish state, why does he call on Israel to assert this fact and force them “to learn to live with it”? If they will never accept this reality, how can they possibly be forced “to learn to live with it”?]]
    Duh, by maintaining their Iron Wall and defending their right to exist by military force, as has been done since day one. Sorry, there is no path to permanent peace through negotiations unless Muslims apostatize from Islam and give Allah up, then pull out from the region and return to real Arab lands like Egypt and Syria, leaving a wide DMZ forever. Why aren’t you calling for that? You already know about my Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam Forever. What did happen to that ostrich that kept its head in the sand while the wolves were eating his family?

    [[For example, someone truly convinced of eternal Arab/Muslim opposition to the Jewish state might give up Jerusalem to salvage the rest of the country.]]
    He said “Arabs and Muslims are incapable of accepting ISRAEL as the Jewish State.” There is no path to peace by ditching Jerusalem alone, sorry you’re living in a pipe dream and nobody will join your ranks without putting your magic mushrooms in their pipe and smoking them first.

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