One thought on “Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas vows not one Israeli ‘on our lands’”

  1. My reply:

    How sick of Abbas to want a de facto apartheid as his only solution to his own peoples’ hate. When will he stand up on a soapbox and tell his people that Allah is a myth, Muhammad is fraud, and the Quran is garbage?

    No Israeli to ever set foot on “our” lands? That sounds fine after all Arab Muslims evacuate ISRAELI LANDS from the Nile to the Euphrates first, and pledge to leave THE JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL alone forever. Too bad, the ideology of ISLAM won’t ever allow Muslims to leave Israel alone, because Allah commands them to exterminate any non-Muslim state on lands once ruled in his name. For there to be true peace in the Middle East, the fake Religion of Peace must be chucked by Arabs, and Muhammad and his jihad forgotten. Once the Muslim World disintegrates, the shining Jewish State of Israel will gladly help lead the ex-Muslims back into the human race, once they welcome them as equals. In the meantime Israel must maintain its Iron Wall, and the U.S. must back it 100% no matter how much pressure the Muslim World puts on it. The extermination of Israel wouldn’t bring peace, but a restoration of the caliphate , this time with nukes, followed by unimaginable horror. Israel is the only true U.S. ally in the region, and always will be as long as Islam poisons Arabs’ minds against “infidels”. We must all work to undermine Islam to save the world from a new Dark Ages.

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