One thought on “Ass-Backwards in the Middle East by Ira Chernus”

  1. Pres. Obama’s May 19th speech changed the Palestinian goal of forcing Israel to return to its 1967 borders to a U.S. goal, a major change. The mutually agreed swap part is dishonest, since both sides will never agree on anything. In the light of the total refusal of the entire Muslim world to accept the existence of a Jewish state of Israel, and its constant attacks on it from day one, a 2-state solution is no solution, just a prelude to the next war. There are 350 million Arabs with millions of square miles of territory surrounding poor outnumbered surrounded Israel, so all attempts to portray Israel as evil are dishonest. The real problem is that Israel can never hope to be secure until its territory stretches from the Mediterranean to the Jordan and the Nile to the Euphrates, with a deep DMZ all around to spot coming attacks. The rest is b.s. Learn about the Winslow Plan at

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