One thought on “Debunking the right’s crackpot sharia panic By Adam Serwer”

  1. My reply:
    Sorry, but the author is the crackpot here, attempting to pontificate on a subject without basic knowledge of it. People like Wajahat Ali are Muslim disinformation artists, relying on infidel Americans not knowing anything about Islam and putting themselves forward as experts who want to tell them there’s nothing to fear, we won’t hurt you, kumbaya. The truth is plain from a study of history, which shows that from day one Islam launched a war to take over and dominate the world via Sharia, which means rule of the land by Allah as revealed by his final prophet Muhammad in the Quran, for which all options are on the table, look at what they’ve done to Israel. So what if there are many forms of Sharia, or if it applies in Muslim private life? For Muslims it applies to non-Muslims as well: submit or surrender or we’ll make you, look at the reaction to Quran burning. The point is that the basic premise is that Muslims must control the land in all aspects, including politically, and Muslims are superior to non-Muslims in every way, since Allah consigns the latter to Hell, hence they must have no power or rights. When Muslims immigrate from the Muslim world, they bring the entire package with them, and it’s to their advantage to try to put it over on us piece by piece, it being okay to lie or dissemble to infidels as long as it gives an ultimate victory to Islam. Yes, ultimate victory, because Islam is a religion of total takeover, and of course Muslims can’t enact Sharia without abolishing the Constitution, for which they will need much larger numbers, which is their real goal, making it an imperative for Congress to declare a moratorium on Muslim immigration now. Knowledgeable people like Frank Gaffney shouldn’t be dismissed as crackpots when they’re just ahead of the pack in having taken the time to study history and see the modus operandi in country after country. The best place to do it free at your own pace is the Historyscoper, find the time this year and do yourself a favor.

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