One thought on “What Islamophobia really threatens Two new reports shine light on the crucial role American Muslims play in stopping terrorism in the United States – Mark Benjamin”

  1. My reply:

    Islamophobia is a fake term

    created by leftists who are so into multiculturalism that they are falsely trying to create a label to equate with racism and hence foist Muslims on America no matter whom it hurts. Sorry, but Islam is more than a religion, it comes with a giant grab-bag of political, social and moral ideologies that are irreconcilable to our Constitution and way of life. Islam isn’t a race, so get off the racist b.s. Nobody has anything against people from the Middle East, who are genetically identical to Jews, but if Muslims want to stay Muslim and not assimilate into our free society and drop Sharia, they shouldn’t try to immigrate to the U.S. and bring their mindset with them, else there will be endless problems, all caused by them. The reason that there is a Muslim world is because Islam destroyed all other religions in its mad demands for superiority and domination. Thanks to Islam, poor outnumbered surrounded Israel worries about its very existence. It’s criminal for the U.S. govt. to turn a blind eye to Islam and its political domination and superiority mentality and try to equate it with real religions such as Christianity and Judaism, unless and until Islam goes through a reformation like the others did, which in their case would require chucking Muhammad and half the Quran. Until then the U.S. needs to remain a Muslim-free world island of freedom, and leftists should wake up and get a clue.

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