One thought on “Like America, Israel also has imperial ambitions by Stephen Lendman”

  1. My reply:

    Duh, if Israel were really imperalist it’d take all the land promised it in the Bible, from the Nile to the Euphrates, and kick all Muslims out into the vast Arab territories outside it, then occupy them too and take their oil. Maybe they should take Arabia and nuke Mecca then turn it into a parking lot. Instead, they try to exist on a tiny slip of land smaller than Delaware, only 2% the size of Egypt, 25% the size of Jordan, and 12% the size of Syria, while surrounded on on all sides by hundreds of millions of hostile Muslims whose prophet prided himself on killing Jews, and whose Allah he claimed turns them into apes and pigs. Lendman wants poor outnumbered surrounded Israel to do what? Answer: give up everything, and hike back to Europe, like Helen Thomas wants. At that point his Arab masters will give him his retirement check 🙂 Sorry, Israel is not imperialist, it’s always been the Arabs, which is why they’re in the Holy Land in the first place and making all the trouble by refusing to leave.

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