One thought on “Why the Belief That Obama Is Muslim? People more apt to buy false claim if they focus on differences between themselves and the president, new research shows.”

  1. My reply:

    Sorry, but it’s not dumb it’s smart to be highly suspicious of Obama’s honesty about being a Christian rather than Muslim. Let’s say he really were Muslim. That would not only mean he lied to the American People to get in office, but is lying every day of the week and twice on Sunday. It could also mean that he’s a secret agent of a foreign Muslim power, putting his unprecedented bowing to Saudi king Abdullah, who presides over one of the most horrible Sharia regimes in the world in a new light. It could also mean he’s trying to win a tactical victory for Allah in opening the long locked gates of the U.S. to the Muslim Trojan Horse as a prelude to Islamic takeover and Sharia in America, as they have done to country after country throughout history, especially proud secure ones who underestimate them. In answer to all this he plays the Dumb Act. Speaking of dumb, why does he keep giving glowing speeches painting Islam as the world’s most perfect religion, while simultaneously claiming to be too dumb to embrace it? Maybe he thinks the American People have the word Dumba– stamped on their foreheads. No, it’s not dumb to keep the question open and stay suspicious, not that it can be proved in court that he’s Muslim – yet . Meanwhile the Historyscoper offers the best free concentrated list of the pros and cons about Obama’s beliefs at

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