One thought on “Yes, It’s 2010: Muslim Group Releases Video Promising Not To “Take Over Country” by Jon Bershad”

  1. My reply:

    Those particular Muslims might not be trying to take over the country, but Allah commands all Muslims to take over every country and set up His Way AKA Sharia if they don’t want to end up in Hell. Sorry if America’s PC elite can’t face reality, but Islam is one ideology that is way more ancient than the U.S. and doesn’t care about our culture, way of life, or Constitution, only Allah. If Muslims had discovered America first they’d have ruthlessly conquered and murdered all the “devil-worshipping pagan” Indians who wouldn’t convert, then linked the conquered continent to the Muslim Ummah centered in Mecca, and began closing in on Europe one way and China and Russia the other until it had worldwide supremacy, making the U.S., its Constitution, our culture and way of life an impossible dream. We may have fought two world wars that basically left Islam alone, but it’s had time to get well and is baack like the Terminator, so you better wake up fast or your children will hate you. Right now the only power Islam has to hurt the U.S. is via the Trojan Horse of mass immigration. Yes,this or that Muslim might seem cute or nice, although you can never truly be their friend since the Quran commands them not to befriend infidels, and if you try insulting Muhammad you will soon find how every “moderate” Muslim is violent intolerant one under the skin. Unless or until Islam itself changes as shown by the “Muslim world” opening up to our freedoms and separation of religion and state, the real question is why does the U.S. keep allowing Muslims to immigrate at all? There’s plenty of others who’d like to take their place and won’t bring a world domination and supremacy political ideology with them. If you think they’re cute you can contact them on the Islamic Facebook, if they’ll let you. It’s not racist to want the U.S. to remain a non-Muslim homeland, because Islam isn’t a race it’s a world domination cult that wants to make all races submit to it and hasn’t penetrated all races completely yet. Links to all the daily world news and op-ed articles are provided free to keep up on Islam’s war on the world at

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