One thought on “Brian Kilmeade Asks What Would Be The Problem If Obama Was A Muslim by Jon Bershad”

  1. My reply:

    What would be wrong if Obama were a Muslim? Duh, like he lied to the American people to get elected, he might be an agent of a foreign power trying to throw the gates open to the Trojan Horse, etc. Too bad, the more one studies Obama’s past the more the pieces fit together that he is indeed a closet Muslim working not for the American people but the Muslim worldwide Umma to obey Allah’s commands to subvert all governments on Earth and set up Muslim supremacy Sharia centered in their evil idol’s headquarters in Mecca. How about that bowing to Saudi king Abdullah, who presides over a regime with the most repressive Sharia anywhere? Now on Aug. 21 he’s throwing the White House open to American Muslims and offering them access to all U.S. govt. agencies along with money, as if separation of church and state doesn’t cover mosques. It would be nice if Islam were just another faith seeking equality, but the truth is that it’s a political world domination cult seeking supremacy, and that’s what’s wrong with any U.S. president being a secret Muslim. Israel would also like to know if he were Muslim probably 🙂 Scope Obama’s Muslim rabbit hole free with the Historyscoper’s Obamascope and learn all the facts pro and con at

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