One thought on “Netherlands heads for first postwar minority government”

  1. My reply:

    The Netherlands throughout history have been under siege by wave after wave of invaders of Europe, and held out the longest, starting with the Romans, then the Germans, then Christianity, then Roman Catholic Spain, then the Nazis, now Islam. Geert Wilders is knowledgeable about the history of Islam and its horrible supremacy and intolerance and destruction of all values held dear by Westerners, and is one of Europe’s greatest leaders now, but the misguided press has been painting him as a rightitst a la Hitler, when actually he’s left of JFK. When it comes to Islam it’s not about left vs. right anymore, it’s us vs. them, ever since Muhammad’s original Aslim Taslam letters that he sent with envoys to the emperors of the world, telling them to submit to Islam, Allah, and accept Muslim supremacy Sharia or else they’d be coming with their armies to force them to, no compromises accepted, launching over a thousand years of Hell in the West. Be more like Wilders and study Islam’s little known history back to the start free to arm your mind for what’s to come at

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