1. Racists often view alleged inferior races as cockroaches who do nothing but breed and devour resources. Racism is sick, because it has no scientific basis. Islam however is an ideology whose deeper and deeper study does indeed turn people of any race into human cockroaches, with orders from Allah to do just that. The little ones might seem harmless and cute, the the adult male hunter-killer cockroaches are anything but. And Muslims are taught to breed to the maximum, and inculcate their ideology to their children in an endless cycle. Worse, cockroaches are harmless to humans, while Muslims on jihad are deadly to all non-Muslims, including women and children, and have no pity on them, exulting in cruelty. As for Western ideologies such as democracy and freedom, mature developed Muslims regard them as infidelity to be ruthlessly extirpated, hence inviting them to move into the West is a Trojan Horse, and Western anti-discrimination law protection will just end up being misused to let them breed like, you guessed it. Realizing this situation is what the untutored now call Islamophobia, and it’s not a problem, it’s just being smart and educated, because Islam’s long history is an open book if anybody would take the time. Tell them the best place for anybody to go to school free is the Historyscoper at

    Scope the history of Obama and see how deep his Muslim rabbit hole goes at

    Scope the history of Jerusalem and see why Jews will always have the historical right to it and environs, regardless of holy books, the U.N., or even what type of govt. they set up:

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