Dear Reader,

How many innocent non-Muslims did Muslims kill today?  Whose fault was it, the Muslims or the non-Muslims?  Wrong question.  It was the fault of ISLAM ITSELF.  Not “radical Islam”, but Islam, the belief in Allah. Muslims can never be “of our body”, because Allah commands them to subjugate us by all means available including lying and posing as our friends.  What will it take?  A nuke detonated on American soil by Muslims?

I’ve been warning you for years that the result of MASS MUSLIM IMMIGRATION TO AMERICA WILL BE UNIMAGINABLE HORROR. YOU TOTALLY FAILED TO LISTEN AND DO WHAT’S NECESSARY, NAMELY, ELECT A CONGRESS THAT STOPS AND REVERSES MUSLIM IMMIGRATION NO MATTER HOW HARD. Instead you fear to even connect Islam and its jihad with Muslim acts of terror for fear of being labelled a racist, xenophobe or other crap. You already have a label to Muslims: infidel, so wake up!

THE MUSLIMS TRY TO POSE AS HARMLESS AND WILLING TO ASSIMILATE TO OUR VALUES.  Don’t listen to them, just get them out of your non-Muslim country and never let them back unless/until they apostasize and burn their bridges.

My fellow Americans:

DON’T BELIEVE PRESIDENT OBAMA AND HIS STOOGES ABOUT JIHAD BEING ANYTHING BUT JIHAD.  Read my lips: JIHAD. Do you want your loved ones to die at the hands of American-import jihadists?  Or do you want to restore America to the safe world island free of MUSLIMS that it has long been?  It’s not about us, about prejudice or bigotry or racism.  It’s about THEM.  They’re the ones who believe in Allah, and as I keep telling you, Allah is an archenemy of the U.S. and its constitutional republic, period.  There is no middle ground, sorry.  In a world of shades of gray, this is one black and white.  As long as Allah has believers, the jihad will be on.

Relentlessly deporting all who believe in Allah from U.S. shores is just a temporary step, because they will keep trying to come back.  The belief in Allah must be ended forever throughout the world.  It will take the greatest war yet known, but it’s war of liberation, I call it Anti-World War III, the Anti-Jihad.  Once it’s won then world peace is possible, but until that day the jihad will ramp up daily and leave many innocent victims, along with many lies by Islam appeasers that don’t cover it up, but only stink them up.

Pres. Obama is the Liar in Chief, one can’t believe anything he says if it’s remotely connected with Islam.  Screw him and prepare for the long-term real war else see a string of liars succeed him while the jihadists murder more and more innocent non-Muslims in America and worldwide.  Their basic rule is to be killed during their jihad after killing as many non-Muslims as they can, what they call attrition war.  Failure to get serious insures more and more and more.  When you try to explain jihad away as something else, you only stamp the word DUMBASS on your forehead, and lose the right to lead the anti-jihad, sorry, you’re leaving tracks.

I alone tower above the world with a plan, the Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam Forever, the only plan on the table and the best plan.  Too bad, it’s a top-level plan and I am not in the position of filling in all the details, because that’s up to you once you adopt it and go into action.  In the meantime I can only hope you read it, spread it, and form an organization to implement it, not by taking the law into your own hands, but the right way, by making it the law by throwing the bums out of office and electing new ones in their place who are on our team. Read my plan now or try to live with yourself later, if you can.  It’s up to the U.S. to lead the anti-jihad because it’s the last best hope of humanity, the critical mass needed.  But it can’t do it alone, and there are good reasons, all listed in my plan.  Read it now, or be cow and moo all the way to the slaughterhouse.


  — T.L. Winslow (TLW) World’s Greatest Genius (WGG)