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Obama Compares Syrian Refugees to PILGRIMS…But Instantly Gets BRUTALLY Roasted


My reply:


Duh, the PIlgrims were lily white English Christians who moved into Massachusetts without an invite, then wormed their way in permanently by befriending one Indian tribe and promising to help their enemies. 50 years later they ruthlessly exterminated them all and stole their land, making Mass. safe for more Euros like the Kennedys. It took until 1965 for lying Mass. Sen. Edward Kennedy to get immigration law changed to admit a small number of non-Euros yearly, lying that the racial makeup of America wouldn’t be changed, but not mentioning that each immigrant could apply to get his entire family admitted later. Never did the American people explicitly vote to permit mass immigration from the horrible violent intolerant supremacist Muslim World, which had been at war with Europe over over 1000 years. Now he wants to open the gates, and plays the Pilgrim card? What a stupid maroon Pres. Obama is. An IQ of a doughnut 🙂 Follow my Twitter account for daily news censored by the PC media that fawns on Obama.