One thought on “Five ways Obama weakened America in 2011 Foreign-policy flaws leave national security in shambles”

  1. My reply:

    No matter how we try to deny it, the future peace of the world is dependent on the Jewish state of Israel. The U.S. will always staunchly back it against the entire world if necessary. The trouble is how, and neither party has a solution, because there may be none by the usual rules. Why? The horrible ideology of ISLAM whose dead god Allah throws the Muslims at the breach in their Umma or Borg Hive no matter the cost. Pres. Obama has tried appeasing the Muslims, only to find out it just makes them more aggressive, and Republican presidents do the opposite, only to find out it just makes them more aggressive – it’s a no-win situation. The Brits before us tried both approaches, with the same results. Now with the world shrinking and WMDs becoming available more easily, the Muslim World can export war into our homeland. As long as there is a Muslim World, there can never be world peace. When will the non-Muslim world realize this and unite long enough to try my Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam Forever? Call it Anti-WWIII, a war to end all Muslim wars by dissolving the Muslim World and helping their people rejoin the human race, hopefully with India and China asserting their places without yet more world wars. If we keep stuck on stupid China can wait in the wings and watch Islam tear the West and India to shreds then move in and take over what’s left – which I don’t think they really want, since it’s their world too and they need us as much as we need them in the end.

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