One thought on “Obama says he is ‘confident’ in war leadership”

  1. My reply:

    While it was an unwise move to summarily fire a capable commanding general in the midst of a war when he didn’t disagree with his policy, just because some leftist anti-war rag dug up some comments by subordinates, at least Obama has freed Gen. McChrystal for a really critical mission, namely, planning the invasion and regime change in Iran, after the troops in Afghanistan become available to be one pincer. Let’s hope McChrystal doesn’t have to wait for a new CIC, but that Obama has figured out that we’ll never keep the Taliban from taking over Afghanistan, and that we’ll never catch Osama bin Laden anyway since he might be harbored in Iran, but that bin Laden is impotent to mess with us that far away, while Iran is on the verge of getting nukes and handing them to Hezbollah and other anti-Israel and anti-U.S. Islamic terrorists, who can hurt us very very bad and fast. We’d be more likely to get bin Laden if the Taliban took over Big A and he came above ground, so we could zap him with stealth aircraft and/or drones. Meanwhile Iran is our #1 enemy now, and it’s high time to rock. Let Rolling Stone gather some moss somewhere else and never again get in the position of messing with U.S. military policy.

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