13-year-old “Teens for Ted” Cruz chairman lectures President Obama for inviting young Muslim clock builder to the White House


My reply:

As usual, sick self-hating leftist Saloon is playing Better Call Sauloon for Muslims, jumping to make everything all about non-Muslims instead of them and their intolerant, supremacist, violent ideology that wants to create a theocratic govt. wherever it can and not caring whom they scare or kill. In the case of Ahmed the Clock Boy, sorry, he’s no Omar Khayyam, or Ted Cruz wannabe.  Investigators have revealed it was a set-up by the insidious Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR, with the intention of targeting Mayor Beth Van Duyne, and the way Saloon jumped on the “Islamophobia” bandwagon along with the PC media and White House proves, not that America has something wrong with it for being afraid of Islam, but still has something right with it. If would be funny if it weren’t so tragic, but his so-called clock looked exactly like photos of real bombs used by Muslim terrorists available on the Net. I wonder what Saloon will say in 10 years when this seemingly innocent little tyke whose daddy is a Muslim activist turns jihadist and builds real bombs after 10 more years of Islamic indoctrination? 🙂

Not that anybody seriously respects Saloon’s yellow journalist hacks anyway, but if they refuse to read the other side they are also proven to be bigots, right? 🙂 If you’re not a big id, er, bigot, read this:


This and thousands of articles a month giving all sides of the Islam issue are never going to be available in the pages of narrow-minded one-sided Saloon, but links to them all are free to the few Saloon readers who still have an open mind on my Islam Watch Blog:



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