Still Defending ‘Christian’ Obama

My reply:

There’s no way that Pres. Obama can be Muslim when he bows to the pope and pushes homosexuality on the Church and the world including the Muslim part. On the other hand, the pope is no more a Catholic than Obama. Both are probably atheist Marxist puppets of the One World Govt. trust that thinks it’s above all religions and can ‘handle’ them. Don’t make yourself look like a kook or a liar by claiming that Obama is a secret Muslim. His pushing of gay rights alone would earn him a shove off a roof in most of the Muslim World. Of course, by stirring up chaos in the Middle East and creating millions of military age Muslim “refugees”, then opening the doors wide, Obama and his puppetmasters are weakening the peace and sovereignty of Europe and the U.S., giving them their big chance later to set up a OWG Commie dictatorship. I just hope that DONALD TRUMP is for real, for right now there’s little chance of slowing it down. Carson is running too early, and I hope Trump gives him a Cabinet position for 8 years then uses his big bucks to back him as his successor. Hope springs eternal? 🙂