One thought on “National Suicide? Nobody Knows Who Obama Is!”

  1. My reply:

    Look up Harisidies v. Shaughnessy, 1952, in which the Supreme Court admitted that Congress has the absolute power to exclude entry of foreign nationals for reasons of national security regardless of the Bill of Rights, and that they don’t even have the power to look over their shoulders and question them, much less tell them who they can and can’t admit. Combined with the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act., which bars members of an organization devoted to violent overthrow of the Constitution, which the Muslim Umma IS, the U.S. should have long ago been permanently sealed to Muslims who refuse to apostasize and burn their bridges. So the fight is on to do what should have been done long ago. The Democrats and most of the Republicans are on the losers team here, so screw them and throw the bums out of office in favor of a new generation that will do the right thing. Those who call Trump’s plan unconstitutional are liars, the rest who say “it isn’t who we are” are traitors who want to change the nation’s DNA and ultimately see the Constitution abolished in favor of one that makes Islam the official religion and destroys all the freedoms people died for. But since Congress still has the power, all they’re doing is lobbying and they can be defeated by an educational effort.

    Too bad, once it would have been enough to ban entry of people from Muslim countries, but now after years of Muslim immigration to the West, the worst jihadists can be born in the U.S., France, etc., so barring all Muslims at the border by permanent law is the only plan that makes sense to get control. A U.S.-born Muslim travelling to Britain might come back radicalized and planning to go on jihad. Too bad, Congress only gave the president temporary emergency powers, but like he said it will give our elected reps in Congress time to take permanent action. Let’s hope they wake up and chuck the sick self-hating leftists who would rejoice to weaken the U.S.


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