One thought on “The Mechanics of Climate Alarm

  1. My reply:

    Carbon pollution? CNO are atomic numbers 6, 7, and 8, hence C is not pollution but a natural family member in the sky. From day one clean green CO2 has been framed as a dragon in the sky threatening some vague global Armageddon so that the rich nations will eagerly pay trillions in baksheesh to slay the imaginary beast. What a con when no actual results need to be proved after they Hoover the world’s wealth from those who earned it and make it go poof in a mass redistribution to those who didn’t, then even attempt to claim success if the promised ice age arrives and we all freeze and starve. What an opportunity for global Marxists dreaming of the final demise of capitalism and its replacement with an impossible Marxist utopia where the evil racist homophobic Islamophobic Caucasian race of Europe and America is kaput along with their 2K-year-old civilization that they hate so much, throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Right now their momentum is building and it’s up to a brave few to resist the er, tide.

    To fight them you can go into battle well-armed, or naked and defenseless. If you prefer the former, take time to study my devastating essay that destroys the CO2 greenhouse warming theory forever with the iron laws of thermodynamics, which will still be reigning supreme a thousand years from now after the hoaxers are er, history.

    If you’re really serious and want to wake people up, you need to study science and history, the former because the hoaxers love to shut up truth tellers and snow you with Byzantine mathematical science fiction they are confident you can’t grok, the latter because they love to censor real history and substitute their lying revisionism. I can’t help with the former, but I have built up the most detailed and extensive historyscope of the climate issue ever seen, giving space to all sides despite the desire of the hoaxers to censor, ridicule, and defame their truth-telling opponents. Grow your mind to giant dimensions with my all-encompassing smorgasbord of hyperlinked history facts and never be satisfied with selected history tidbits again. This time they won’t get away with suppressing and rewriting history.

    No, I’m not financially backed by anybody, I’m just an independent thinker passionate about finding the truth and teaching others what I found. Not that I wouldn’t take a million or three as a love offering from Big Oil so I could afford to live in a paradise like Hawaii ? But they could never own me, only the truth guides me, sorry.

    Oh, did I mention my cool blog that links to all important posts on the subject on all sides from all the blogs, newsletters, and online newspapers free and is the best way to keep up with the daily action? Subscribe to the free daily email summary and never fall behind.

    P.S. If any of you experts spot anything I missed, my email address is included in the essay.

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