One thought on “What would happen if humans attempted nothing to help climate change?

  1. My reply:

    “First, do no harm.” The answer is: Nothing. Despite the claims of the U.N. IPCC and its minions, humans have not been causing climate change by emitting CO2, and the claimed climate change of 0.8C since 1880 is too trivial to bother with. The entire CO2 greenhouse warming hoax has messed-up the picture of climate so much that until it is permanently dumped only harm can be done by attempted fixes.

    World of Change: Global Temperatures (
    It’s funny to see the hoaxers squirm when you point out the Ordovician Period where atmospheric levels were 4,400 ppm yet there was a million-year ice age. Their minds are so screwed-up
    that they attribute a greenhouse climate to 7,000 ppm instead, never explaining how 4,400 ppm wouldn’t also be a greenhouse climate. So, CO2 greenhouse warming that blames an increase from 300 ppm to 400 ppm for all kinds of bad consequences is a pure deliberate hoax for political-economic purposes.

    Ordovician – Wikipedia (

    All along the CO2 greenhouse warming theory was based on junk science that treated the atmosphere as a greenhouse sans a glass ceiling, and failed to see it as a gigantic chimney that continually cools the surface by removing heat deposited from the Sun and floating it to outer space, where it is lost forever. In this process the miniscule CO2 component has no effect, helping the cooling of the surface, never heating it.
    Unfortunately, the globalist Marxists who are behind the hoax have long been hijacking scientific organizations in their mad scheme to destroy first the fossil fuel industry then the entire capitalist economy so they can build their illusory Marxist utopia on the ashes. They really show their true colors when they call for “climate deniers” to be silenced and even jailed.

    Vilifying People Who Question Global Warming Is Anti-Science | PSI Intl (

    But the truth marches on and doesn’t care about politics. If you have a physics bent I’ve worked it all out, showing the say to stop the hoax in its tracks. Although CO2 is good not bad, only a complete switchover to nuclear energy promises a golden future for humanity, insulating it from real global climate change caused by galactic forces.

    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

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