One thought on “Why is climate change such a polarizing debate amongst scientists when data should be similar in all scientific research samples?

  1. My reply:

    Sorry, but because of the power of the U.N. IPCC, all govt.-connected scientific orgs. have been hijacked in their insidious plan to foist global Marxism on the world, and none of their data can be trusted. For years climate expert Tony Heller of Colo. has been exposing massive data tampering by NASA, NOAA, etc. , and the jury is in: they can’t be trusted. Meanwhile the basic physics underpinning the CO2 greenhouse warming theory has been undermined by modern physicists, who face censorship, ostracism, and defamation for telling the truth to power. The debate is far from over. In the meantime don’t fall for the global warming hoax, and guard your wallets if you know what’s good for you.

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