One thought on “Doesn’t global warming affect companies ability to make a profit?

  1. My reply:

    Global warming itself? Hardly. NASA only claims 0.8C of total warming since 1880, not enough to notice without computers. But the sick attempts by globalist Marxists to punish companies with so-called green taxes for their CO2 emissions definitely affects their ability to make a profit. Meanwhile CO2 has been framed as being responsible for the tiny amount of global warming documented by NOAA, NASA, etc. by green activist fanatics who actively suppress the truth that CO2 is not “carbon pollution” but the ultimate green gas, the basis of all plant and hence animal life on Earth, and the more there is in the atmosphere, the more plant life benefits. Loonies such as Al Gore are trying to lead the world 180 degrees in the wrong direction, and can only do great damage to the economy in the end, sorry.

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