One thought on “Is carbon dioxide bad for the planet? If so, why?

  1. My reply:

    Carbon dioxide (CO2) is pure good for the Earth, because it’s what plants breathe. Too bad, after the measuring station in Hawaii began showing a regular uptick in atmospheric CO2 concentration each year, the sick evil globalist Marxist environmentalist movement founded by Canadian New Ager Maurice Strong decided to single out and frame CO2 as evil so they could gain power to allegedly stop all CO2 emissions, which would have the actual desired effect of shutting down the fossil fuel industry, and ultimately capitalism itself.
    Actually, CO2 can’t control the Earth’s surface temperatures any more than a hot air balloon can land without letting out its hot air. CO2 is just part of Earth’s atmospheric gases, all of which cool the Earth’s surface daily after the Sun heats it up, via convection fed by conduction and radiation. Only the Sun heats the Earth’s surface. Once that heat leaves the surface, it eventually finds its way to outer space, where the heat is dissipated forever. No, there is no lid in the atmosphere that turns it into a greenhouse where the hot air somehow bounces back to the surface like with forced air heating in homes. The atmosphere is a giant chimney, not a greenhouse. This Simple Simon misunderstanding has been driving the CO2 greenhouse warming hoax for 200 years. It’s time to get over it, and welcome CO2 emissions for greening the Earth and feeding the teeming billions. Oh, that’s just it, Strong and his ilk are Malthusians, and their real goal is to prevent the teeming billions from being fed in the first place. Wake up and realize it’s a deliberate lie not genuine science. If there weren’t sinister political forces at work, they wouldn’t automatically rule out nuclear energy as the desirable replacement for fossil fuels one day.

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