One thought on “What do you think the world should do about climate change?

  1. My reply:

    That’s easy. Nothing. Humans don’t cause climate change, galactic forces working on the Sun do. The worst humans can do is cool the planet with aerosols from bombs, etc. CO2 has been seized on and framed as a magic climate control knob by the insidious evil global Marxist U.N. IPCC and its worldwide octopus of scientific organizations in order to extort trillions from the world, particularly the U.S., with the true goal of shutting down the fossil fuel industry and capitalism itself in order to foist a Marxist utopia that would be as disastrous as modern-day Venezuela. The information to expose them is readily available if you don’t let them close your mind to it. No, it’s not about the fossil fuel industry paying scientists to lie about CO2, they long ago flipped sides to support the environmentalists in order to rake in renewable energy money. So hold onto your wallets when the CO2 greenhouse warming theory hoaxers come around asking you to pay them to save the world.

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