One thought on “What is the best way to present proof of global climate change to someone who denies its existence?

  1. My reply:

    Who denies the existence of global climate change? It’s physically impossible for Earth’s climate to remain stationary because of the ever-changing galactic situation acting on the Sun. The real question is do humans have any effect on Earth’s climate, and how? Sure, if H-bombs are exploded all over the Earth, the dust kicked up will cause global cooling, but how can anything humans do heat the climate up? Even the heat from the H-bombs is soon dissipated into outer space. Sorry, but they can’t. Meanwhile for decades the insidious evil global Marxists centered in the U.N. IPCC have hijacked scientific organizations to frame the trace amount of CO2 in the atmosphere as not only a magical climate control knob, but a second Sun in the sky.

    Sorry, there is only one Sun, and if we could make its output increase we could use it as a real climate control knob, but we can’t. CO2 is just part of Earth’s atmosphere, which takes the Sun’s heat away from the Earth’s surface via conduction, radiation, and convection, and dissipates it in outer space. It has no special ability to send heat back to the surface, like the IPCC outfit lies. Their lab experiments showing a tube of CO2 warming up when infrared energy is shined into it give their lie away, because if it could send the energy back it would stay cool and the outside world heat up.

    Since all CO2 does is absorb IR and heat up, that means it helps cool the surface, then become lighter like any gas and rise toward space, carrying the heat further away until it loses it in the infinite heat sink of outer space. What a miserable con game the hoaxers a running, all because years ago they decided that framing CO2 as evil combined with the ever-increasing atmospheric concentration as measured in Hawaii would give them the weapon they need to destroy the fossil fuel industry, and capitalism along with it, all in the name of saving us from an imaginary dragon in the sky.
    The desperate zeal of the hoaxers to push their lies is not due to scientific zeal, because science is against them. It’s due to Marxist fanaticism, their sick unworkable dream of burning capitalism to the ground and erecting a Marxist utopia on the ashes. I and other smart people including Pres. Trump aren’t falling for it, and aren’t being driven like cows by the reams of climate alarmist agitprop, and I hope everybody wakes up and the issue is dropped in favor of a push for more nuclear energy as the only real viable long-term guarantee of comfort, health, and wealth for all sans Communism. The Commies can go back to street fighting to get what they want, who cares they’re exposed as pure evil after the horrors of Stalin, Mao, Castro, Maduro et al.

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    I’m like John the Baptist, a voice crying in the wilderness, snubbed by the establishment but telling truth to power. For months I’ve been publishing an Internet article disproving the CO2 greenhouse warning theory with physics. Read it if you want your mind settled.

    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

    Here is a reading list of other voices speaking truth to power. Note how the hoaxers want to suppress them any way they can because they can’t answer them, and just want your money. Of course, they immediately go ad hominem and want them dismissed as authored by evil capitalist pigs, conservatives, etc. Too bad for them, the truth will win in the end.

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