One thought on “Scientists for climate change have many proofs. Do Anti climate change scientists have any proofs of their own?

  1. My reply:

    Scientists pushing the CO2 greenhouse warming theory have no proofs, because the theory is bogus fake science based on wilfully confusing the temperatures of the air at Earth’s surface with temperatures way up in the sky. In practice those pushing mysterious easily-doctored statistical global warming dominate the U.N. IPCC and its gigantic octopus of politicians and scientists, and can’t be reasoned with because they have closed minds and only want to get their hands on big bucks after the climate alarmist industry does their dirty work.

    The CO2 greenhouse warming theory is fake science? Let’s say we have a hot air balloon filled with CO2 on the ground, and you beam IR energy at it. Let’s say that the CO2 absorbs the IR and heats up. Then what? It will become lighter than air and rise towards the sky, taking the heat energy with it, thereby cooling the Earth’s surface where we live. There could be a million or billions of such balloons and the result is just more and more cooling of the Earth’s surface as the balloons take the heat energy into the sky, cooling via the lapse rate and eventually dissipating any remaining energy in space, where it is harmless to us on the surface. This is the biggest scientific hoax since Lysenko, and it’s being pushed by globalist Marxists bent on destroying the fossil fuel energy industry and capitalism itself. Don’t buy it. You don’t have to have a degree in physics to smell a rat. Keep your wallet safe from these con artists.

    There have been many publications by scientists disproving the CO2 greenhouse warming theory. If you haven’t heard of them even on Quora you might wake up that you’re being manipulated by an octopus bent on withholding vital information so they can keep pushing their fraud to get your money. Behind the scenes they’ve long been busy suppressing any scientists not backing the party line, then engaging in ad hominem attacks when they can’t be silenced. Sorry, the truth will win.

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