One thought on “Environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg is noted for writing that climate predictions are notorious unreliable just five years out, how accurate is the science behind the predictions? How do we know which solutions are truly effective?

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    Bjorn Lomborg not only has an economics, er, political science degree, he’s a self-educated environmentalist, meaning that he wasn’t brainwashed into the evil lies of the globalist Marxist U.N. IPCC and its gigantic octopus of academics, scientists, politicians and journalists, and thinks for himself. As usual, its minions have totally closed minds and he can’t teach them anything, and their criticisms boil down to self-serving ad hominem that fail to address his points or even acknowledge one as correct. It’s your duty to think for yourself or they will be glad to do your thinking for you, as you surrender your wallet to them.

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    Meanwhile those who only believe the opinions of degreed climate scientists have missed the boat, namely, that they are all miseducated to believe in fake physics AKA the CO2 greenhouse warming theory, that’s grown so mendacious that it has actually turned the Earth flat. Check this video out: you know physics? Read my essay that devastatingly disproves the CO2 greenhouse warming theory and exposes it as a politically-motivated hoax, then tell me you respect a so-called climate science degree.

    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

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