One thought on “Why don’t global warming skeptics who claim it’s due to natural causes prove it?

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    The proof is out there that CO2 is physically unable to send heat from the atmosphere back to the surface, but the global monolith centered in in the U.N. IPCC does everything it can to suppress it while smothering people with their hoax literature because it goes along with an outrageous ransom attempt to bilk trillions in their bid to foist a Marxist world government.
    Take water. When the Sun heats the Earth’s surface, it evaporates some water, which removes the heat and sends it up into the atmosphere as steam. But it’s cold up there, and while clouds block sunlight and absorb some more heat directly, eventually it lets go of the moisture in the form of rain, snow, and hail, cooling the surface a second time. Yet the IPCC hoaxers call water a greenhouse gas.
    CO2, on the other hand, is just a trace element in the atmosphere which works together to remove solar heat from the surface mainly via conduction and float it slowly to space via convection. This heat never returns to the surface to warm it a second time, any more than smoke and heat from a chimney can return and cook the meal twice. The Earth’s gravity field insures that heat rises until it is lost via the lapse rate, and the concentration of CO2 is irrelevant because lapse rate depends only on g (gravity) and h (heat capacity of the atmosphere), radiation not being involved. The basic process is heat being traded for work to expand against the decreasing pressure. Once lost, there’s nothing to send back down to the surface.

    Lapse rate – Wikipedia (
    Convection – Wikipedia (

    The hoax is to invent an imaginary IR radiation scheme that turns CO2 into a dragon in the sky that reheats the surface like a heat lamp. Sorry, this is a hoax. Due to the lapse rate, all air in the sky is cold, and CO2 doesn’t change that, and a colder object cannot heat a warmer object because of the iron laws of thermodynamics. Instead, a gravy train is set up in the sky propagating the heat upward until it’s diffused harmless in space. Even if there were 10x as much CO2 as now, the surface would never get warmer, sorry.
    Since they can’t debate on the basic physics issue, the IPCC octopus has been concentrating on generating mountains of fake temperature data supposedly revealing a tiny but ever-rising increase in average global temperatures, which is based on a plethora of lies, although even they only claim 0.8C total warming since 1880. Their biggest swindle is to pretend to predict out to the year 2100 and claim a coming Armageddon that only they can prevent after capitalism is shut down and they’re put in control, bwahahaha. Stalin used to talk about useful idiots. What about you?

    Try running the above simple truth by an IPCC puppet and watch their arrogant stares and their attempt to villify you as some kind of kook that should be marginalized and even locked up in a reeducation camp. They have closed minds, and just can’t handle the truth, because Marxism wants to rule the world and the decision has long been made to frame CO2 as evil and use it as the excuse for takeover. After all, the capitalism that’s created our modern happy wealthy convenient world runs on fossil fuels, and to shut it down they have to shut the fossil fuel industry down by painting even the most harmless CO2 emissions as evil. In truth CO2 is pure good, a clear clean odorless gas that’s the basis of all plant and hence animal life. Plants turn CO2 into oxygen. The more CO2 that gets in the atmosphere, the more vegetation thrives, allowing the billions to be fed, and more oxygen to be generated, increasing the ability to absorb more and more CO2. Don’t let the hoaxers trap your mind in a glass cage. It’s not even close. CO2 greenhouse warming is a hoax.

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    Tell your climate scientist professor to read my devastating essay that disproves the CO2 greenhouse warming theory with physics and see what happens. It’s as hopeless as getting a flat earther to admit that the Earth is a globe. So quit asking us so-called global warming skeptics to prove it, instead read our disproofs and free your mind.'s

    Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

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