One thought on “Why do so many people still believe climate change is a myth?

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    The real question is why doesn’t everybody believe that CO2-driven climate change is a myth. Of course climate always changes naturally because it’s ultimately driven by the ever-changing Sun and its orbit, we’re not talking about that. But CO2 doesn’t drive it, because of basic physics, which require a gas that has been heated to begin rising via convection, eventually dissipating its heat in space, thus cooling the Earth’s surface, not warming it. CO2 molecules are heavier than O2 and N molecules, so what? Because CO2 is only 0.04% of the atmosphere, it is thoroughly mixed with the oxygen and nitrogen and other molecules, and can never unmix, just watch pure CO2 gas escaping from dry ice and disappear into the surrounding air. Hence if it absorbs some heat from the surface somehow, the 99.96% of surrounding molecules will soon absorb and diffuse it, and the resulting convection currents will take it with them up higher, which is why CO2 is found at all altitudes. Eventually the atmosphere runs out, and simple Planck radiation releases any remaining heat energy to the near absolute zero of space. This process happens 24/7/365, removing all of the heat deposited by the Sun on the surface in a perfect balance.

    In contrast, there is the globalist Marxist U.N. IPCC octopus that has compromised scientists, academics, and journalists and has been pushing the hoax that CO2 can upset the balance, reverse Nature and rewarm the Earth’s surface by some fantastical mechanism which they never quite prove but assure us is true, hence we should feel guilty for burning fossil fuels and shut down the fossil fuel industry and capitalism with it and pay trillions in reparations to them so they can spend it on our behalf. This is a con game for the non-scientist public, don’t fall for it. It’s more likely that the future will bring decreasing global temperatures because of sunspot deficits. When it happens, just watch the IPCC try to explain this away while keeping their hands out and never offering a refund.

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    Here’s the rest of my proof that CO2 greenhouse warming theory is a hoax with ulterior purposes. Warning: it challenges your knowledge of physics, but is solid and nobody has or can answer it.

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