One thought on “Do you have scientific evidence that global warming is not happening?

  1. My reply:

    This question is unfortunately clouded by the rampant data tampering of pro-AGW scientific orgs. like NASA and NOAA. Of course their charts all proudly show global warming, but they have been caught several times cooking the books, so nobody can believe anything they put out.
    I’m full of it, because NASA’s scientists are the highest authorities, with unimpeachable integrity? Here’s a statement from NASA’s Web site claiming that atmospheric CO2 is able to rewarm the Earth’s surface as if it were a second Sun in the sky:

    “The natural greenhouse effect raises the Earth’s surface temperature to about 15 degrees Celsius on average – more than 30 degrees warmer than it would be if it didn’t have an atmosphere. The amount of heat radiated from the atmosphere to the surface (sometimes called ‘back radiation’) is equivalent to 100 percent of the incoming solar energy. The Earth’s surface responds to the ‘extra’ (on top of direct solar heating) energy by raising its temperature.” Climate and Earth’s Energy Budget (

    Zonk! Moose hockey detector went off! They use a figure of 100% for back radiation, which means that each year the global temperature can’t rise any more since it’s stuck already on 100%! Yet their graphs show global temps rising in lock-step with atmospheric CO2, just like they made up in some back room to sell to the public. They made the 100% figure up to stick it to AGW skeptics and forgot that they should have made up a figure with some growth potential like 59.9%. The true figure is zero, zilch, nada, cypher, get it? If you can make up numbers you can make up the whole effect. Strike three on the outside corner for NASA when it comes to climate change, it’s your tax dollars at work.

    The truth is that CO2 greenhouse warming theory is a hoax with ulterior motives that contradicts science, and to see NASA pushing it is sad. If you want to blindly worship NASA as your god, go ahead, but if you still think for yourself read my killer essay and free your mind from this mind-numbing hoax:

    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

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