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By T.L. Winslow (TLW), the Historyscoper (tm)

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Original Publication Date: Apr. 13, 2010. Last Update: Jan. 19, 2018

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TLW first started using Facebook in 2007 or 2008, posting links to his and other materials and developing a following over 1.5K fans, er, followers, er, friends by Mar. 20, 2010, when they summarily deleted the account sans warning or explanation, including some 6K links, and destroying hundreds of hours of work with no offer of compensation, like a self-serving geek only thinking of himself.

Prior to that a number of hate-filled Muslims had created a "Ban T.L. Winslow" group, filling it with scurrilous flames, which was never deleted by Facebook until they deleted TLW, as in Mission: Accomplished. Meawhile they allowed a I Hate Jews group. On the chance the account was merely hacked, TLW then started another FB account, which they left alone for a few weeks until summarily deleting it on Apr. 12, 2010, at which point it was clearly not a hacker, and all the work TLW did in posting and building friends was destroyed sans compensation.

They might have the bare legal right since it's their private site and they don't charge for use, but since they also form a social networking function for the public based on the Internet as a platform, they're not free of all legal liability for their actions, and their whole act is so arrogant and obnoxious that they've turned me into a permanent enemy.

Not that lame Assbook is a good platform for a blog or even social networking, since it's filled with spam, trolls, and hackers, along with lame sophomoric software, but the way they did it was offensive, along with the apparent reason, and everybody should know that they can be next. Since FB has given no comment, I'm assuming they deleted me for educating people against the threat of Islam, with the intent of stifling my freedom of expression. Whether they did it for hate of my views, or fear of Islamic relation, is not known. If it was fear of Islamics, they should have gone to the authorities with proof of specific threats, otherwise only a government or court order should force them to terminate any account, leaving the government liable for it. There are many ways to handle hate speech (which is not what I produce, as I instead warn against an ideology that preaches hate, as if I have been given a list of those who complained to them to have me deleted while their accounts weren't), such as forcing their account to be less public or deleting specific posts, but not summary termination of an account, destroying a social network. For this they can never be forgotten or forgiven, sorry, they don't own the Internet, and must be boycotted forever until they fold, hopefully after worthy rivals take their business. I will never accept an account on Facebook again, and will boycott any Facebook employees from all of my organizations forever. A Facebook employment mention on a person's resume will cause it to be thrown in the trash, and I recommend that everybody boycott and ban them and their employees.

No, don't start a "Fans of TLW" group to bait them to delete it. They're despicable criminals and slime in my eyes, forever banned from all my plans, even if they give me a million dollars and lick my ass. I'm glad I didn't have a million fans before they showed their true colors. From now on I'll never post anything in a social networking site that isn't first posted in one or several blogs, and I advise others to do the same. There is no social networking possible with an organization that deletes accounts to censor speech without a legal necessity such as a government order. That's what happens when college kids get control of such an important site. Never again.

A month after go daddying TLW, Facebook shocked and outraged their 300M-400M users by selling away their rights of privacy in an arrogant attempt to make money, causing lawsuits and mass cancellations, thinks are looking up. All of this is in addition to the horrible claims by Facebook to use everything you upload for commercial gain without your permission, and its overeagerness to hand personal data to law enforcement, which are other good reasons to boycott it.

Stop Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg (1984-)

It's not only Facebook, it's immature geek founder Mark Zuckerberg (1984-), who is way more monomaniacal than Microsoft geek founder Bill Gates, and who clearly wants to create a monopoly in social networking no matter whom he steps on. He literally thinks he owns the Internet. He's got all the earmarks of the future Antichrist. He's got to be stopped now or else billions will suffer. The only way is for everybody reading this to immediately cancel their Facebook account after telling all their friends on their social network to. Hopefully several new social networking sites will spring up who don't want to create a megalomaniacal empire and will never abuse any users again, but at least will create a healthy market for disgruntled users to switch back and forth until they are satisfied. Zuckerberg should be skunked for life, period, he's bad news.

By the way, in Oct. 2009 Digg summarily deleted my account after a person who was ticked off at my plugging my Islam history site in a comment complained to them, again sans warning or explanation. I have been boycotting them since then, not that they make any difference, their service is pretty lame and they have many competitors. I recommend a boycott of them too.

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