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The Historyscoper™ Online World History School - Founded Sept. 11, 2001

Headmaster T.L. Winslow (TLW) (b. 1953), the Iron Chef of World History™

Home of the Great Track of Time™ - Teaching World History for Keeps™ - We Write History Right™ - Follow the Golden Brick Road of Time™ - We Scope History Here™

The Best Courses in the History of History™ - The Knowledge Engineering Approach to History™ - A Cadillac Ride Through History™ - The Closest You Can Come to Owning History™

The Leader in World History Research™ - The Global World History Brain Center™ - User's Manual for the Human Race™ - Where History Is an Open Book™ - Grow Grow Grow with Winslow™

About the Historyscoper

College History Teaching Is Obsolete

Two Ways to Play:

1) Master Historyscope - The entire world's history laid out chronologically like a Dictionary of Time - search, browse, or study seriously

2) Mini-Historyscopes - The Master Historyscope cut into themes, with added embellishments

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Get Ready for the Hardest Studying of Your Life

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