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College History Teaching Is Obsolete!

By T.L. Winslow (TLW), the Historyscoper™

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Original Pub. Date: Nov. 18, 2016. Last Update: Apr. 12, 2017.

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What Is A Historyscope?

The European college-university system stretches back over a thousand years, and in our day it is still dominated by lame retro classroom teaching programs, run by a paid teacher, when the Internet has made them totally obsolete for purely intellectual subjects, especially history. If a student needs a professor to read out of his notes or book to them in a class and write on a chalkboard or projector while they take notes, they are never going to really learn history, indeed, they make a mockery out of it, because they'll likely end up trying to parrot answers they think the teacher wants to hear, while real history is just there in space unexplored. Instead of living like retro lamers and going into debt for bloated tuitions, they need to take charge of their own education and read all the history they can as fast as they can and assemble the giant jigsaw puzzle in their mind using all the mental tricks (such as mnemonics and memory aids) they can, forming their own opinions as they go and maturing into a 6,000-year-old mind that is its own teacher and has the tiger by the tail, able to expand the frontiers of history itself. Above all, a mind that has not wasted time with the obsolete classroom system of textbooks, lectures, class notes, and written exams.

In short, a Historyscoper.

Sorry, there's no substitute for pure reading, gobs of it. To put it bluntly, 6,000 years of world history can only be compressed into so many words, no matter how clever the author. The physics can't be denied: Pure number of hours of reading IN = history mastery OUT.

Read what? Paper books? Heavens no! Read on the Internet. But not lame limited history Web sites or encyclopedia sites that don't understand or practice Historyscoping technique. You need a site that has a pansophist knowledge of history that has literally turned the encyclopedias inside-out and saves your time by systematizing, concentrating, and elucidating the material all the way back to the misty beginning - ours.

Only the Historyscoper™ has done the groundwork to create a complete, rich, accurate, and deep world history curriculum for all college-level students. It's quite simply the only place to go, irreplaceable and indispensable, a 1-stop shopping site no matter what era or aspect of world history is desired, which can be built upon for a lifetime. It rocks. This should hardly be a surprise. It's you that must adapt, or perish.

Too bad, the academic establishment still fails to recognize and acknowledge it, for that would be to declare themselves OBSOLETE. So it is up to students to take matters in their own hands and ignore the establishment and just go on the Historyscoper Web site and scope history 24/7/365 until they have rocketed beyond the lame college history students and are settting an example. One day no one will be able to be acknowledged as a history expert who isn't a Historyscoper.

Since the entire world history course is waiting for you to read it, what's keeping you? It's a race, and if you don't get ahead, somebody else will. Winners need no excuse, and nobody accepts the excuse of a loser.

No need to embellish the above. Just do it. Time is wasting.

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