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What Is A Historyscope?

Westerners are not only known as history ignoramuses, but double dumbass history ignoramuses when it comes to Educator history. Since I'm the one-and-only Historyscoper (tm), let me quickly bring you up to speed before you dive into my Master Historyscope.

Joseph Lancaster (1778-1838)

In 1818 English Quaker educator Joseph Lancaster (1778-1838) visits the U.S. and Canada promoting his Lancasterian (Monitorial) System of primary school ed., based on Andrew Bell's system, in which older students help younger students to take the load off the adults - like Eddie and Wally teach the Beaver?

Thomas Arnold (1795-1842)

In 1828 Isle of Wight-born Corpus Christ, Oxford U.-educated classical scholar Thomas Arnold (1795-1842) is appointed headmaster of Rugby School in England (until 1841), going on to turn it into a model, introducing the study of history, modern languages, and mathematics, uttering the soundbyte: "I assume it as the foundation of all my view of the case, that boys at a public school never will learn to speak or pronounce French well, under any circumstances", hence it should be the goal to "learn it grammatically as a dead language"; he forbids teaching of physical science because "it must either take the chief place in the school curriculum, or it must be left out altogether"; Not that he liked it: "Rather than have [physical science] the principal thing in my son's mind, I would gladly have him think that the sun went round the earth, and that the stars were so many spangles set in the bright blue firmament. Surely the one thing needful for a Christian and an Englishman to study is Christian and moral and political philosophy"; he resists putting sport into the curriculum until 1850, listing his educational aims as cure of souls, moral development, and intellectual development, with the 1857 Thomas Hughes novel "Tom Brown's School Days" legendizing him; in 1866 Baron de Coubertin visits, becoming his admirer and helping inspire him to found the modern Olympics, calling him "the very cornerstone of the British Empire", and writing the soundbyte: "Thomas Arnold, the leader and classic model of English educators gave the precise formula for the role of athletics in education. The cause was quickly won. Playing fields sprang up all over England."

John Dewey (1859-1952)

In 1902 Am. educational reformer John Dewey (1859-1952) pub. The Child and the Curriculum, which takes a middle road between sticking to the curriculum vs. child-centered education; "The child and the curriculum are simply two limits which define a single process. Just as two points define a straight line, so the present standpoint of the child and the facts and truths of studies define instruction."

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