The Historyscoping Revolution And You

A Call for Apprentice Historyscopers to Jack Into the Historyscoperô Online World History School

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Founded: Sept. 11, 2001. Last Update: Jan. 1, 2023.

I have an ocean, you have a teaspoon. Would you rather I swim in yours, or you swim in mine?

It's now 2023, and the Historyscoping Revolution is still waiting to break the dam. TLW launched it on Sept. 11, 2001 AKA 9/11. Will this finally be the year? A small group has taken up the challenge, but way too small. Too bad, each year history happens faster and faster, it won't slow down even a little bit, and when the demand is greatest the time will be in shortest supply.

Historyscoping: Using the power of the Internet to scope out and verify historical facts at electronic speed, allowing a student to learn more history than ever before possible, creating a mental map of all 6,000 years that transforms him/her into a new consciousness. A new academic field invented by T.L. Winslow (TLW), the Historyscoper (tm), which has still not been accepted by the retro academic establishment, as if a study of er, history wouldn't predict that.

The problem: The school system and academia have long failed us in providing comprehensive history education so we can learn where we and everybody and every thing came from before we take our place in the world. Instead, they take in billions only to crank out legions of history ignoramuses whose skimpy knowledge is a mushy swamp of jell-o filled with more holes than a Swiss cheese, making them easily led by crooked politicians. Even those who graduate from Oxford or Harvard might have memorized the English monarchs and American presidents, but are clueless about world history, and graduate schools in history make students superspecialize from day one, and they can go their whole lives clueless about the rest. World leaders themselves suffer from being history ignoramuses and having staffs of ditto, think how the mighty U.S. failed to avoid the Vietnam and Iraq boondoggles, yes, I'm still available for consulting contracts, just a million a year plus perks.

In short, it's time for a Historyscoping Revolution. But who will lead it? Somebody from that system, a broken horse who's used to being ridden, we'll trade fuel for hostages, or a lone wolf thinker who thinks outside the box?

Play Hail to the Chief. In this big big world, you know there must be one guy with overdeveloped frontal lobes like Ahnuld's biceps and a mind like a lightning storm who's a total sponge of all historical knowledge, with an insatiable curiosity that is never satisfied even with the vast resources of the Internet, and who can go broad as well as deep equally well, a total pansophist, think World's Greatest Genius, they broke the mold. Add the mental discipline of an experienced engineer and a broad mastery of computer software and Internet technology that allows him to produce astounding Internet-based educational products at jet speed, did I mention I type fast and World's Greatest Computer Programmer and Knowledge Engineer, plus I am a literary giant, check out my novels, and that's moi, the One and Only Original Historyscoper, the man who knows more history than anybody who ever lived, just try and catch me, a living god, ouch, I just touched my tush with my finger. If only my back hadn't gone out from too much weightlifting, I was like Babe Ruth and didn't know when to quit, but luckily I'm still here and can move mountains with my mind, and am trying to become a force on the Internet.

What's wrong with the current academic system that it needs a hero like you? The multitude of so-called historians out there who grew up with and still cling to the nearly obsolete retro horse-and-buggy world of paper now all suffer from narrowness and academic inbreeding, making their output of little use to the person who wants to unlock the power of the Internet to get jets and become like the Historyscoper. Only in academia can one be charged, tried, and sacked for self-plagiarism :) Why should I care and want to change the system? Given the availability of the output of historians, learning history is a purely cerebral effort, and thanks to the Internet and its virtually infinite knowledge sources it's nice to be the only Historyscoper right now, so far ahead of everybody that it's tempting to keep my precious secrets all to myself, but lucky for you I know that like money I can't take my knowledge with me, i.e., I have a sense of history, and am old enough to be mellow and want to teach the world and let all stand on my shoulders as we all stand on the shoulders of the Internet. It might be nice to be as rich as Bill Gates, but only if it doesn't cramp my lifestyle of gaining knowledge, and hopefully millions will do it my way one day, and hopefully I'll live to see it.

But you don't know diddly about history, and hated it in school, too much hard reading and study, and you're too young to study dead people, and need to party? Did the school system teach you to hate history, to not trust anybody over 30, to want to make a good-looking corpse, or to want to get a job and 401K plan, never mind that recent stock market crash? Partying is fun, and it's necessary to make a living, but in the end you might live to 90, and ain't it sad living and dying and not having a clue where you came from, like an insect who makes a buzz and leaves a husk? It's about life being serious, like, do you mean something, or is the world a giant madhouse with no rhyme or reason? We're all born not knowing history, and if we don't do something serious we will definitely die not knowing history. Does history have an order, a plan, a goal? Is there an End of Time coming? What will the future bring? Wanna leave it to chance or try and find out? You have to learn history. No, I don't mean go watch another Mel Gibson movie, they're full of moose hockey, that's why God gave you the power to read.

Those who don't want to get serious about history can leave now. Are you still here? Did you try to study history in school and feel cheated, a vacuum cleaner, a complete sucker, and suffer from despair, believing that you'll never change the situation no matter how many History Channel shows you watch because you have blown your main chance to get a good broad foundation to build from, so that it's like building a shack on sand that will blow away in the next good wind?

Never fear, wrap your mind around this. I, T.L. Winslow (TLW), The Historyscoper (tm), master of the world's history back 6,000 years am the author of the revolutionary new 6-to-12-million-word Historyscope Series, AKA The Great Track of Time, allowing anybody with access to the Internet to systematically go from zero to a kickass vibrant robust precision-calibrated working knowledge of world history without having to go back to college.

In short, imagine history as your favorite subject, with the ability to hop back and forth between the centuries at will, like you really lived all that time, with a big map in your head that never fails you.

What the heck is a historyscoper, and how many are there? Google historyscoper and TLW is the only name that comes up right now, but one day I hope there will be millions of historyscopers, a world full of historyscopers will be a safer world. No, I don't have a doctorate in Historyscoping, I invented the field, entirely outside academia. It used to be that only the powerful and privileged had comprehensive databases or libraries on history, and paid staffs that allowed them to rule the masses while keeping them in the dark with secrecy. But that was also their problem, the complete solution stored in pieces in many experts' minds, who didn't communicate, and lame stale paper-based history books filled with bookmarks, marginal notes, and rolodexes gained by years of slowly chewing through them, hope they can read their own handwriting and that the mice don't eat them. Now that the Internet hosts virtually every history text somewhere it's about using the power of electronic search to find and verify historical facts with the greatest efficiency, which is what Historyscoping is all about. It's doable now to master all of the orld's history to a good depth, I already did it, can you catch me, what are you waiting for? In short, if you want to learn history now, every other author is a waste of time, and colleges are a huge waste of time and money, save your student loan for a career that has jobs open like I don't know, there aren't any.

Forgetting about academia for now, one day my Historyscopers will storm the Bastille, it's too bad that today's commercial publishing industry is so contracted, with so many authors banging on the front door that it's locked to the one author with a world-changing property, else it would be published by now in several formats and editions, and would have been adopted by the entire free academic world, and millions would be starting their Historyscoping experience every year, transforming themselves into old old souls like moi, which will take many years, it should be started in K-12 and go on for life, hopefully they won't actually be that old when they become Historyscopers and start telling world leaders what to do. Of course one day the paper publishing world must become kaput, what a waste of trees, sand is more plentiful, and without electronic search one is nowhere, but many people are Luddites, which is why I still have one foot in the publishing world and the other in the Internet world.

Either way, the idea of mastering the world's history is an educational pipe dream that's long been considered impossible, but that's my message, repeat after me, I can make it possible for millions when I get it all properly commercialized to reach them. Who is brainy enough to be on my team, pass the brain food?

For years I only provided a small sample, but starting August 27, 2013 I've been providing the complete Master Historyscope online for free, sans an educational software package that can break it up into spoon-sized lessons, meaning it's of use mainly for top students who are completely self-motivated. I've also been preparing and uploading Mini-Historyscopes on various themes, cut-and-pasted from the Master Historyscope for those with lesser ambitions than mastering it all. So here is your taste of the Pierian Spring. Having no money to spend on advertising, this site is at the bottom of the search engine rankings in history, so you're lucky to have surfed here, don't blow it. The catch is that nothing is free, and in this case you will have to spend your time scoping history with little ole moi while taking the risk that it isn't worthless crap and that you're getting ahead of the pack, and taked my word for it that there's no other place to get a fix, I'm the guy, I can't be replaced, but I hope you will try to become my replacement, here's your challenge.

No, my courses aren't officially recognized or accredited by academia yet, and my school doesn't issue its own credentials yet, so you have to be content with the knowledge and not be expecting a j-o-b just for having it. So why try Historyscoping at all? Simple. Look in the mirror, you're not getting any younger are ya, and the Grim Reaper is waiting whether you learned history or not, and even absorbing a few tastes will likely change you forever, it's pure gain for your brain. Not that there's no worldly rewards possible. I expect my top students to one day distinguish themselves by using their great knowledge to become new Henry Kissingers, Thomas Jeffersons, Ben Franklins, etc., and lend their reps to the glory of their alma mater, to consider this a ground floor opportunity. Sadly, the retro-educated establishment pundits are all too proud to break down and start from scratch here, so the first generation of Historyscopers will have to come from left field so-to-speak. But I can't crack a whip to make you give up all the distractions and quantum entangle your mind with me unless you're drawn to me somehow and take a chance. So write this down, there's no time to waste, you must invest your time now now now, because unlike money, time can't be replaced, ask history ignoramus Bill Gates who he'd rather be did-I-say now.

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