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WTC Explosion, Sept. 11, 2001 Osama bin Laden (1957-2011) 9/11 Terrorists Mohamed Osman Mohamud (1991-) Tarek Mehanna (1982-) Syed Farook (-2015) and Tashfeen Malik (-2015) Abdulhakim Muhammad (1986)- Khalid Masood (-2017), Mar. 22, 2017 Salman Abedi (1995-2017)

TLW's Modern Jihadscope™ (Modern Jihad Historyscope)

By T.L. Winslow (TLW), the Historyscoper™

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Original Pub. Date: June 11, 2017. Last Update: Oct. 22, 2017.

Mohammed Ajmal Aimir Kasab (1987-2012) Nazibullah Zazi (1985-) Boston Marathon Bombers, 2013 Woolwich Jihadists, May 22, 2013 Zale H. Thompson (1982-) Garland, Tex. Attackers, May 3, 2015 Anis Amri (1992-2016) Omar Mateen (1986-2016) 2017 London Massacre Suspects

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What Is A Historyscope?

Westerners are not only known as history ignoramuses, but double dumbass history ignoramuses when it comes to modern jihad history. Since I'm the one-and-only Historyscoper (tm), let me quickly bring you up to speed before you dive into my Master Historyscope.

This historyscope will concentrate on Islamist (jihadist) terrorist attacks outside the Muslim World, where the intended victims are mainly non-Muslims, excluding the endless jihad on the Jewish state of Israel. One country that has been particularly hard hit is France. Too bad, there are so many that we can only cover the most publicized cases, sorry.

Muhammad (570-32) Jihad in Arabic

On June 8, 632 Islam's founder Muhammad (b. 570) died in Medina, Arabia, after which his followers, led by his successors (caliphs) launched Muhammad's Great Jihad on the non-Muslim world, which resulted in one-quarter of the human race being taken over. Only with the Sept. 12, 1683 Battle of Vienna was the Great Jihad's existential military threat to the West ended, after which the Muslim World AKA the Ottoman Empire was systematically weakened by the West's skyrocketing progress in Science and Technology, causing it to become known as the Sick Man of Europe until it was finally became kaput in 1922-3, after which the caliphate was officially abolished on Mar. 3, 1924. Islam was kaput, right? Wrong. Parents kept handing the Quran to their children, and Allah's orders are set in concrete and can't be countermanded by any human authority, so it was just a matter of time before attempts began to revive the caliphate, this time with the West's WMDs. At the same time the West began losing its Christian-Jewish faith and going atheist and/or Marxist, softening it up for jihadists, who were often helped by Marxists on the theory that they will weaken the Judaeo-Christian civilization they hate so much while they act as traitors in the ranks. Sadly, the self-hating leftist Marxist overlords of Europe and their lackeys in the U.S. still have the high ground, controlling the govt. and the mainstream PC media, stifling all attempts to teach and organize a coherent unified opposition to the new jihad along the lines of my Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam Forever, power to the people.

Mawlana Muhammad Ilyas (1885-1944

In the 1920s Urdu-speaking Mawlana Muhammad Ilyas (1885-1944) founded the Tablighi Jamaat ("proselytizing group") in Delhi, India to combat "distortions" of Islam caused by Hinduism, and it eventually expanded into a global army of identically-dressed bearded Muslim missionaries who teach emulation of the weird habits of Prophet Muhammad, such as sleeping on the side and never on the stomach, entering a bathroom leading with the left foot, putting on pants leading with the right foot, eating with index, middle finger and thumb and never a fork, wearing pants or robes halfway between the knee and ankle, and letting the beard grow while shaving the upper lip; terrorists such as Zacarias Moussaoui and Djamel Beghal eventually come out of it; each Nov. it holds the yearly 3-day Tablighi Jamaat Gathering in Raiwind, Lahore, Pakistan, which becomes #2 to the Hajj in drawing Muslims, drawing an attendance of 1M by the end of the cent.

Hassan al-Banna (1906-49) Sayyid Qutb (1906-66) Taqiuddin al-Nabhani (1909-77) Hibz ut-Tahrir Tariq Ramadan (1962-) Said Ramadan (1926-95) Yusuf al-Qaradawi (1926-) Hillary Rodham Clinton of the U.S. (1947-) Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan (1953-2007) Taha Jabir al-Alwani (1935-)

In Mar. 1928 after getting pissed-off at "the wave of atheism and lewdness engulfing Egypt" after WWI, and how the infidel Euros had "imported their half-naked women into these regions, together with their liquor, theaters and dance halls and amusements, stories and newspapers and novels, whims and silly games, along with their vices", Egyptian schoolteacher Hassan al-Banna (1906-49) and six Suez Canal Co. workers founded the first modern er, Sunni fundamentalist movement, the Muslim Brotherhood (al-Ikhwan a-Muslimun), launching the Islamic radicalism movement that is so much fun today, using innocuous-looking charity fronts to raise money for terrorism even in the U.S. starting in the 1960s, and setting up the Muslim Student Assoc. at the U. of Illinois in 1963, bringing radical (political domination) Islam (sometimes called Islamism, as if it's a perversion of "real" Islam, when we know it's actually the true Islam) to the U.S. The HQ was moved from Ismailia to Cairo in 1932, becoming openly anti-British and anti-Zionist, then going violent by the 1940s, his eyes were huge, did you see the smile? After he died, Egyptian poet Sayyid Qutb (1906-66) became its leader, preaching against the infidel U.S. and its "animalistic desires" and "awful sins", with the soundbyte "A Muslim has no nationality except his belief", and promoting jihad in "self-defense" until the Nasser govt. executed him for the 1964 pub. of Milestones (Ma'alim fi-l-Tariq), calling for a revolution in Islamic countries to go back to Sharia, which became a bible for throwback radical Muslim terrorists incl. al-Qaida; Hassan al-Banna told it like it with the soundbyte about the true meaning of Jihad: “By jihad, I mean that imperative duty until the day of Resurrection which is reflected in the following saying of the Messenger of Allah - praise and benediction of Allah upon Him: 'Whoever dies without carrying out a military expedition, or wishing to do so, dies a pre-Islamic death.' Its lowest degree is the heart’s abhorrence of evil, and its highest degree is fighting in the path of Allah. Between these two degrees are other forms of jihad: jihad with the tongue, pen, hand, and speaking a word of truth to the unjust authority. The call can survive only with jihad. The more lofty and far-reaching is the call, the greater is the jihad in its path. The price required to support it is immense, but the reward given to its upholders is more generous: ‘And strive in the Way of Allah as you ought to.’ By this you know the meaning of your slogan ‘Jihad is our path’.” In July 1965 Nasser imprisoned him along with his younger brother Muhammad Qutb (1919-), who wasn't executed, and fled to be with fellow members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Saudi Arabia in 1972, where he was hired as a tutor by Osama bin Laden's rich father and spread his brother's radicalism while publishing his own bestsellers incl. Islam: The Misunderstood Religion, with soundbytes like "Islam is not a mere creed, but a complete system of economics, with civil, criminal and international legal codes", "The Western masters are perverted, savage, avaricious, barbarous, monstrous, hideous", etc., and "After 9/11, do they hate us for what we do, or for what we are? The answer is for both." 20th cent. Arab Muslims were not a solid block, splitting between sell-out liberal Westernizers, Marxists, nationalists, and pan-Islamists, until the creation of Israel threw a reactionary Islamizing force back into them, which increased in intensity after the fall of the Soviet Union and which is still being worked out. Muslim Brotherhood penetration into the U.S. now incl. several front orgs. Meanwhile in 1953 Islamic Sunni scholar Taqiuddin al-Nabhani (1909-77) founded the Hizb ut-Tahrir (Party of Liberation) in Jerusalem, with the goal of uniting all Muslim countries under a new caliphate, spreading to 40+ countries with 1 million members, many in the U.K. In Jan. 2010 well-named Muhammad Badie (1943-) became the head of the Muslim Brotherhood, continuing its 7th cent. Muhammad Baddy jihadist mindset into the new decade. In Apr. 2010 Egyptian Sunni preacher Yusuf (Youssef) al-Qaradawi (1926-), who turned down offers to be head of the global Muslim Brotherhood called for Mecca to replace Greenwich as the center for world time. On Jan. 20, 2010 U.S. state secy. Hillary Rodham Clinton (1947-) suddenly decided to drop the ban from the U.S. of al-Banna's Swiss-educated grandson Tariq Ramadan (1962-) because "the U.S. government is pursuing a new relationship with Muslim communities based on mutual interest and mutual respect" (State Dept. spokesman Darby Holladay), and Tariq has been claiming that there is a new "Western Islam" that he and others have developed that isn't a cancer on the West, although we know it is, was it an innocent mistake or something else, you don't put a big girl in a big dress. Besides a ton of bad news about him, I guess she forgot that Tariq's daddy Said Ramadan (1926-95), who like Osama bin Laden was supported by the CIA as long as they were fighting the Soviets, wrote a secret document called The Project in 1982, outlining a plan for subverting the West and installing Islamic regimes, which was discovered by Swiss intelligence in 2001, and chances are you guessed it, the one movie I didn't see.

Sayyid Qutb of Egypt (1906-66)

On Apr. 15, 1966 Egyptian pres. Gamal Abdel Nasser announces that a conspiracy against him by Islamic fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood leader Sayyid Qutb (b. 1906) has been exposed based in his 1964 book Milestones (Ma'alim fi-l-Tariq), which calls for a rev. in Islamic countries to restore Sharia; on Aug. 29 he and two companions are executed; his writings, filled with anti-U.S. jihadist rhetoric later help spawn al-Qaida.

On Apr. 14, 1972 10 members of a Muslim mosque in New York City phone in a false alarm then ambush the responders, killing one and injuring three, becoming the first modern Muslim terrorist attack in the U.S.

Munich Summer Olympics 1972 Terrorist Carlos the Jackal (1949-) Abu Daoud (1937-) Abu Iyad (1933-91)

Why TLW hates minarets, part 6,666? On Sept. 5, 1972 (Sun.) (4:31 a.m.) just when the spirit of friendly internat. competition at the "Serene Olympics" in Munich, West Germany is going strong, eight lowdown raghead Muslim Palestinian terrorists working for the Black September terrorist org. of Venezuelan mastermind Carlos the Jackal (Ilyich Ramirez Sanchez) (1949-) (born after King Hussein II of Jordan ordered a massacre of Palestinians in Sept. 1970) crash the Olympic Village, then capture and murder 11 Jewish Israeli athletes and coaches during a 23-hour standoff (two in their 1st floor apts., the rest at the airport), becoming known as the Munich Massacre; Munich police chief Manfred Schreiber offers German-speaking leader Issa (Luttif Afif) (1937-72) (his nickname Issa is the Muslim name for Jesus, because his mother was Jewish?) unlimited money to release the hostages, and he utters the immortal Jesus-be-praised soundbyte "This is is not about money - talk of money is demeaning"; five terrorists become shahada (Muslim martyrs), and one policeman is killed during a failed hostage rescue attempt (shahada good day killing Jews, so now I'm ready for Allah to take me home?); on Sept. 6 the Olympic Games gloomily resume, ending on Sept. 11 (9-11); Pres. Nixon forms the Cabinet Committee to Combat Terrorism to protect the U.S. from terrorist attacks; Israel sends a secret unit of five ex-Mossad agents called Caesarea to hunt down all of Black September's members (and anybody else they fear?) in a 20-year "shadow war on terror", although mission cmdr. Abu Daoud (Mohammed Daoud Mohammed Odeh or Auda) (1937-) and Arafat's deputy (Black September founder and architect of the mission) Abu Iyad (Saleh Khalaf) (1933-91) are beyond reach; on June 8, 1992 they gun down PLO liaison officer Atef Bseiso (b. 1948) in the street - nobody ever forgives anybody in the religion-rich Middle East?

Shuaib Abdul Raheem (Gary Earl Robinson) (1950-)

In Jan. 1973 Shuaib Abdul Raheem (Gary Earl Robinson) (1950-) and three other members of the Muslim separatist Dar ul-Islam Mosque in Brooklyn, N.Y. took over a John & Al's Sporting Goods store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to steal firearms for a "war on injustices against Muslims" (jihad), taking hostages and killing NYPD officer Stephen Gilroy, whose body remained on location for the duration of the 2-day siege; on June 4, 2010 during Obama Time Raheem was granted parole, outraging the public.

Khalifa Hamaas Abdul Khaalis (-2003) 'The Messenger' starring Anthony Quinn, 1976

On Mar. 9, 1977 the Hanafi Muslim Siege begins when 12 Black Muslim extremists of the Hanafi Movement (splinter group of the Nation of Islam), incl. founder (1968) Khalifa Hamaas Abdul Khaalis (Ernest 2X McGee) (-2003) (former jazz drumer born in Gary Ind. as Ernest Timothy McGhee) invaded the city hall, B'nai B'rith HQ, and Islamic Center in Washington, D.C. in protest of the airing of the 1976 Moustapha Akkad film Mohammed, Messenger of God, which they mistakenly believed broke the taboo about showing their prince of darkness prophet on film, taking 149 hostages, killing radio reporter Maurice Williams and police officer Mack Cantrell, wounding future mayor Marion Barry, and holding the hostages for two days Allah Akbaring like cowboys on beans, also demanding that a group of men convicting of killing their relatives be handed over so they can execute them; on Mar. 11 the siege ends after ambassadors from three Islamic nations join the negotiations, and they are convicted on July 23, and given 21-120 year sentences - the religion of peace, right?

U.S. Pres. Ronald Reagan with Taliban, Mar. 21, 1983

On Mar. 21, 1983 U.S. Pres. Ronald Reagan meets with leaders of the Taliban to proclaim Afghanistan Day, praising them as "valiant and courageous Afghan freedom fighters", and uttering the Islam history ignoramus soundbyte that they are the "moral equivalent of America's Founding Fathers" - does he know who's rolling over in Washington's tomb?

U.S. Embassy in Lebanon Bombing, Apr. 18, 1983

On Apr. 18, 1983 (1:03 p.m.) a Lebanese Hezbollah suicide bomber rams a van loaded with explosives into the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, killing 63, incl. 17 Americans incl. several U.S. soldiers and one U.S. Marine becoming the deadliest attack on a U.S. diplomatic mission so far, becoming the start attacks on U.S. tarets by Islamist groups; on May 17 the U.S., Lebanon, and Israel sign an agreement for Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon.

Marine Barracks Bombing in Beirut, Oct. 23, 1983 Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah (1935-2010)

On Oct. 23, 1983 the 1983 Beirut Marine Barracks Bombings sees 241 U.S. servicemen (220 Marines, 18 sailors, and three soldiers) along with 58 French paratroopers, all part of a multi-nat. peacekeeping force massacred in Lebanon by Islamic Jihad and/or Hezbollah terrorists, who crash two trucks laden with 6 tons of explosives into their compounds in Beirut Internat. Airport, causing Pres. Reagan to order the peacekeeping force to be withdrawn; no Medals of Honor are awarded for the U.S. Lebanon action; Hezbollah senior cmdr. Imad Fayez Mughniyah (Mughniyeh) (1962-2008) masterminded the bombing?; Lebanese Shiite Twelver Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah (Fadl-Allah) (1935-2010), the spiritual leader of Hezbollah, who was believed to be behind the attack was targeted by the CIA, but survives a Saudi-funded car bomb assassination attempt in Beirut on Mar. 9, 1985; a polished stone monument to the two Muslim Lebanese youths who drove the trucks is erected in Behesht-e Zahra, the largest cemetery in Iran, with the inscription: "Their names we do not know, but we will continue their path."

On Dec. 12, 1983 the 1983 Kuwait Bombings see six key foreign and Kuwait installations in Kuwait City attacked in a 90-min. period by radical Shiite members of the Iraqi Islamic Dawa Party to get even for support of Iraq in its war with Iran, incl. the U.S. embassy, the main airport, and a petrochemical plant; after faulty bombs misfire, five are killed, along with one suicide bomber, and 86 injured; if the bombs weren't faulty it might have been the worst terrorist attack in the 20th cent.? - I wonder who coulda done it, I think I'll check my database?

On July 22, 1985 Islamists explode two bombs in Copenhagen, Denmark, one near the Great Synagogue and the other at the offices of Northwest Orient Airlines, killing one and injuring 26; Lebanon-based Islamic Jihad Org. claims responsibility, and Hezbollah announces that violent attacks will be aimed at "every Zionist, American or reactionary establishment in various parts of the world"; two Palestinians are later convicted.

On Sept. 6, 1986 Palestinian jihadist Abu Nidal opens fire on the Neve Shalom Synagogue in Istanbul, Turkey, killing 22.

Abdullah Senoussi (1949-)

On Sept. 19, 1989 (Tues.) (1:59 p.m.) a Paris-bound UTA Flight 772 (McDonnell Douglas DC-10) is blown up over the Sahara desert of Niger neare Tenere, and all 156 passengers and 14 crew are killed, becoming the biggest death toll from an Islamic terrorist attack on French citizens (until ?); Libyan terrorist Abdullah (Abdallah) Senoussi (Senussi) (1949-), brother-in-law of Muammar al-Gaddafi and chief of foreign operations for the Libyan secret service is named by the French as behind it.

Blind Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman (1938-2017)

The Big Two for One Plus Ninety-Two, or, WTC One? On Feb. 26, 1993 Muslim terrorists attempt to blow up the twin-tower World Trade Center in New York City with a nitric acid-urea bomb in a Ryder van in the parking garage, killing six, injuring 1,042, and costing $591M in damage and lost business; a 3-story-deep hole is ripped in the structure, collapsing the ceiling of a nearby subway line; an officer worker uses his new Timex Indiglo night lite to guide fellow employees down 40 flights of dark stairs, causing a sales boom; the bombing is later linked to al-Qaida (Al-Qaeda) and Osama bin Laden; on Mar. 4 Palestinian illegal immigrant Mohammed A. Salameh (1967-) is arrested in Jersey City, N.J., and by Aug. seven suspects have been arrested; the trial of four of them begins on Oct. 4; Egyptian-born "Blind Sheikh" Omar Abdel-Rahman (1938-2017) is convicted with nine others of seditious conspiracy; on July 26, 2005 a jury rules that the New York Port Authority is negligent for not properly maintaining the parking garage, which is a "substantial factor" in allowing the bombing to occur.

Khobar Towers, June 25, 1996

On June 25, 1996 (9:50 p.m. local time) a 3K lb. truck bomb destroys the U.S. military residence of Khobar Towers in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, killing 19 servicemen and injuring 400 (incl. 250 Americans, plus Saudis and Bangladeshis), becoming the deadliest attack on U.S. forces since the 1983 Marine barracks bombing in Beirut; the complex houses Operation Southern Watch, which enforces the S Iraq no-fly zone; Iranian pres. #4 (1989-97) Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani gets a call at 10:00 p.m. saying "The package was delivered", causing the room to break into cheers?; the Clinton admin. covers up a communique implicating Iran, which is revealed only in 2015; Iranian Rev. Guards cmdr. Hadi Farhan al-Amiri later becomes transporation minister in the govt. of Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki, and is allowed to visit the Obama White House on Dec. 12, 2011 to hear him announce the end of the Iraq War; despite a 2006 U.S. federal court ruling that the Iranian govt. was behind the attack; in 2001 the Saudi govt. arrests 11 of 13 Saudi suspects, but refuses to extradite them to the U.S. (executed?); suspected mastermind Ahmed al-Mughassil, leader of the Iranian-backed Saudi militant group Hezbollah al-Hijaz is arrested in Beirut in 2015; the Saudi royal family senses that it is losing its hold on power to swelling forces of Islamic fundamentalism as the masses mumble that they have sold out to Western materialism - hey, what goes on Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas?

Ali Hassan Abu Kamal (1927-97)

On Feb. 23, 1997 (5:00 p.m.) the 1997 Empire State Bldg. Shootings sees 69-y.-o. Palestinian Muslim English teacher Ali Hassan Abu Kamal (b. 1927) (from Ramallah, West Bank, who entered the U.S. on Christmas Eve and purchased the gun in Melbourne, Fla.) shoot seven followed by himself on the 86th floor observation deck using a .38-caliber Beretta pistol, wounding six and killing himself and one other; before shooting he asked victims "Are you from Egypt?"; in Feb. 2007 his relatives admit that he did it to punish the U.S. for supporting Israel and that they had been pushing a cover story for 10 years that he did it after losing $300K in a business venture that was invented by the Palestinian Nat. Authority; he chose the highest bldg. in the U.S. for effect.

1997 Luxor Massacre, Nov. 17, 1997

On Nov. 17, 1997 (8:45 a.m. local time) the 1997 Luxor Massacre sees six Islamic Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya ("the Islamic Group") and Jihad Talaat al-Fath ("Holy War of the Vanguard of the Conquest") terrorists disguised as security guards open fire with automatic weapons outside the Hatshepsut Temple in Luxor (Deir al-Bahari), Egypt, going on a 45-min. killing spreee, killing 63, incl. 59 foreign tourists (36 Swiss, 10 Japanese, 6 British, 4 German, 1 French, 2 Columbian, and 1 Bulgarian-British), plus three Egyptian police officers and an Egyptian tour guide before they are killed by police; Egyptian pres. Hosni Mubarak slams the U.K. for granting political asylum to Egyptian terrorist leaders, after which the Egyptian tourist industry begins a long slide (until ?), compounded by 9/11, the July 23, 2005 Sharm el-Sheikh attacks, and the 2006 Dahab bombings; Egyptian public opinion begins turning against Islamic terrorists; in 2011 after the Arab Spring, Islamist Labor Party leader Magdy Ahmed Hussein accuses the Jews of being responsible for the massacre, not Muslims.

Osama bin Laden (1957-2011) 1998 U.S Embassy Bombings

That's Ninety-Eight for Nairobi, Two Thousand One for Twin Tower Fun? On Aug. 7, 1998 (10:30 a.m. local time) the 1998 U.S. Embassy Bombings see simultaneous al-Qaida terrorist attacks on the U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; the Nairobi blast kills 213, incl. 12 Americans, and injures 4K; the Dar es Salaam blast kills 11 Africans, and injures 85; suspicions lead to wealthy Riyadh, Saudi Arabia-born Osama (Usama) bin Laden (1957-2011) and his al-Qaida (al-Qaeda) (Arab. "the Base") global militant Sunni terrorist org. (founded in 1988), which receives its first internat. publicity; on Oct. 7 bin Laden is claimed by the London-based Arabic newspaper al-Hayat to have acquired nuclear weapons from Soviet Central Asian countries; on Nov. 4 a multi-million-dollar reward, the first of many is placed on his head by the U.S.; on Aug. 20 the U.S. retaliates by sending cruise missiles to pound terrorist camps in Sudan and Afghanistan (SE of Kabul), hoping to score payback and kill Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida associates, but he is tipped-off by Pakistani intelligence and escapes three hours before the attack; on Aug. 20 U.S. cruise missiles destroy the Al-Shifa (Arab. "healing") Pharmaceutical Industries factory in Khartoum, Sudan, and later U.S. officials lamely claim it was involved in the manufacture of chemical weapons; on Aug. 22 concrete barriers are positioned around the Washington Monument, just in case; four low-level bin Laden followers (a Lebanese, a Saudi, a Jordanian and a Tanzanian) are apprehended in Africa and extradited to the U.S., where in 2001 they are all convicted in a New York federal court for their roles in the bombings and sentenced to life; Egyptian-born Ali Mohammed al-Amriki (Arab. "the American") (1952-), a Muslim double agent mole who worked for the CIA and U.S. special forces and trained al-Qaida fighters incl. El Sayyid Nosair (murderer of Rabbi Kahane) is charged with the bombings, and pleads guilty in Oct. 2000; Tanzanian-born Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani (1974-) is captured in 2004 and held in Guantanamo Bay, and on Nov. 17, 2010 acquitted of 284 of 285 charges, and convicted only of conspiracy to destroy U.S. property, receiving a 20-year sentence, dashing Obama admin. plans to prosecute Islamic terrorists in civil rather than military courts; his lengthy confession was suppressed?

Gamil El-Batouty (1940-99)

On Oct. 31, 1999 EgyptAir Flight 990 en route from JFK Airport in New York City to Cairo crashes in the Atlantic 60 mi. S Nantucket Island, Mass., killing all 217 aboard; Muslim pilot Gamil El-Batouty (Gameel Al-Batouti) (b. 1940) is later suspected of deliberately causing the crash in a jihad for Allah - to get his 72 virgins?

On Jan. 5-8, 2000 the Kuala Lumpur Al-Qaida Summit is held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, attended by several high-level al-Qaida members (Soviet Afghan war veterans) incl. Walid (Waleed) Muhammad Salih bin Roshayed bin Attash (1979-) (Osama bin Laden's errand boy), Khalid Muhammad Abdallah al-Mihdhar (1975-2001), Nawaf Muhammed Salim al-Hazmi (1976-2001), and Ramzi bin al-Shibh (al-Shaibah) (1972-), hosted in his hotel room by U.S.-educated Malaysian microbiologist (anthrax researcher) Yazid Sufaat (1964-) (member of Jemaah Islamiyah), where they plan the Oct. 12 attack on the USS Cole in Aden, Yemen along with the 9/11 attacks; al-Mihdhar and al-Hazmi go on to hijack Am. Airlines Flight 77 and crash it into the Pentagon; Kuala Lumpur is home to the twin Petronas towers; Fahd Mohammed Ahmed al-Quso (1974-2012) misses the meeting and meets with some of them later in Bangkok, Thailand; meanwhile U.S. intel informs Pres. Clinton of an airplane hijack plot scheduled for Mar.-Aug., but it "was disregarded because nobody believed that Osama bin Laden or the Taliban could carry out such an operation."

USS Cole, Oct. 12, 2000 Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri (1965-) Walid bin Attash (1979-)

On Oct. 12, 2000 (11:18 a.m.) (Thur.) suicide bombers in an explosives-laden boat ram the guided-missile destroyer USS Cole while refueling in Aden, Yemen, blowing a 40'x60' hole in the port side and killing 17 U.S. sailors and injuring 39; it is later pinned on Al-Qaida; in 2002 UAE arrests suspected Saudi-born mastermind Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri (1965-) and turns him over to the U.S.; in Mar. 2007 Walid (Waleed) bin Attash (1979-) confesses to planning the attack along with the two 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Africa, and claims torture by U.S. interrogators; in 2003 Pat Roberts, chmn. of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee tells the CIA they have no objections to detroying videotapes of brutal interrogations, which only comes out on Feb. 22, 2010; too bad, by late 2009 every man arrested or convicted in connection with the attack is either pardoned or escapes from prison; between now and 2010 the U.S. State Dept. awards 1,011 special "diversity visas" allowing Yemenis to immigrate to the U.S. - did it just get hot in here?

World Trade Center - before Sept. 11, 2001 World Trade Center Sept. 11, 2001 World Trade Center Sept. 11, 2001 World Trade Center Sept. 11, 2001 World Trade Center Sept. 11, 2001 The Pentagon, Sept. 11, 2001 Mohamed Atta (1968-2001) Waleed Mohammed al-Shehri (1978-2001) Wail al-Shehri (1973-2001) Abdulaziz al-Omari (1979-2001) Satam al-Suqami (1976-2001) Marwan al-Shehhi (1978-2001) Fayez Banihammad (1977-2001) Mohand al-Shehri (1979-2001) Hamza al-Ghamdi (1980-2001) Ahmed al-Ghamdi (1979-2001) Hani Hanjour (1972-2001) Khalid al-Mihdhar (1975-2001) Majed Moqed (1977-20010 Nawaf al-Hazmi (1976-2001) Salem al-Hazmi (1981-2001) Ziad Jarrah (1975-2001) Ahmed Ibraham al-Haznawi (1980-2001) Ahmed al-Nami (1977-2001) Saeed al-Ghamdi (1979-2001) George W. Bush (1946-) and Colin Powell (1937-) of the U.S. Osama bin Laden (1957-2011) 9/11 Terrorists Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (1964-) Pres. Bush reading from 'The Pet Goat' on 9/11 Andy Card of the U.S. (1947) Todd Morgan Beamer (1968-2001) Rick Rescoria (1939-2001) Sergio G. Villanueva (-2001) Richard N. Perle of the U.S. (1941-) Thomas Joseph 'Tom' Ridge of the U.S. (1945-) Father Mychal F. Judge (1933-2001) James Anthony Traficant Jr. of the U.S. (1943-) Jonathan Franzen (1959-) Eric Henry Monkkonen (1942-2005) Peter Orner

On Sept. 11, 2001 (Tues.) Pres. George W. Bush is targeted in an assassination plot by al-Qaida in Sarasota, Fla.? On Sept. 11 (Tues.) the New York Times pub. a story about ex-Weatherman radical Bill Ayers, quoting him as saying "I don't regret setting bombs. I feel we didn't do enough." On Sept. 11 (Tues.) the 9/11 Attacks see the New York City skyline changed after 19 lowdown cowardly stinking crazed Satan-controlled Muslim raghead jihad terrorist scumbags (incl. 15 Saudis) hijack four U.S. commercial airliners and take over the unprotected cabins, using flying lessons given them in the U.S. to steer and crash into the twin towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) (dedicated in Apr. 1973), and also the Pentagon; Am. Airlines Flight 11 (Boeing 767) from Boston to Los Angeles hits the North Tower at 8:46:26 a.m. with a direct hit that disables all the elevators; actor Tony Perkins' wife Berinthia "Berry" Berenson-Perkins (b. 1948) is on Flight 11; United Airlines Flight 175 (Boeing 767) from Boston to Los Angeles hits the South Tower at 9:02:54 a.m. at an angle, permitting people to escape; Flight 175 has a mysterious pod attached to the undercarriage, indicating that the whole show is really being run by the govt. and the plane was unmanned and remotely-controlled?; Am. Airlines Flight 77 from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles hits the SW face of the Pentagon at 9:43 a.m. on the 60th anniv. of its groundbreaking; it was really a U.S.-launched missile, and was covered-up?; Pres. Bush had a meeting scheduled with affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood after he arrived back at the White House; Pres. Bush first informs the nation of "an apparent terrorist attack on our country" at 9:30 from the school; at 9:45 a.m. the FAA grounds all civilian domestic and internat. flights to-from the U.S., although an El Al (Boeing 747) flight is allowed to take from JFK Airport to Tel Aviv at 4:11 p.m.; commercial flights resume on Sept. 13, followed by private flights on Sept. 14; on Sept. 20 a flight containing Bin Laden family members is allowed to leave the U.S., carrying four Americans; on Sept. 11 NBC-TV commentator Tom Brokaw answers a speculation by Matt Laurer with "This is war. This is a declaration and execution of an attack on the United States", later chanting "War! War!"; "When I saw the second airplane hit, I knew jihad has come to America" (Nonie Darwish); the South Tower implodes at 9:59:04 a.m., followed by the North Tower at 10:28:31 a.m., after the jet fuel ignites tons of paper, which causes internal temps as high as 2K F; Pres. Bush is informed of the South Tower crash at 9:07 a.m. by White House chief of staff (2001-6) Andrew Hill "Andy" Card Jr. (1947-) while visiting with 2nd grade (mainly black) students at Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Fla., and turns red, but stays with the kids, reading aloud from the children's story The Pet Goat (by Siegfried Engelmann and Elaine C. Bruner) with them; British-born former U.S. Army officer Cyril Richard "Rick" Rescoria (b. 1939), vice-pres. of security at Morgan Stanley (scheduled for retirement at year's end) dies after helping 2.7K coworkers to safety; after rushing in to help not knowing about the impending collapse; 343 firefighters die in the Twin Towers, and firefighter (Argentine native) Sergio Gabrial Villanueva (b. 1968) becomes a hero; Hollywood actor Steven Vincent "Steve" Buscemi (1957-) (a former NYC firefighter) quietly returns to Engine Co. 55 and works 12-hour shifts, trying to avoid publicity; two Port Authority of N.Y. and N.J. police officers survive the towers' collapse and are rescued from the rubble after 22 hours; 300K are evacuated by boat in lower Manhattan after hundreds of craft answer a Coast Guard call for help "From All Available Boats" and converge on the West Side; meanwhile United Air Lines Flight 93 from Newark, N.J. to San Francisco, Calif. carrying 37 passengers and seven crew is hijacked by Beirut, Lebanon-born pilot (al-Qaida member) Ziad Samir Jarrah (1975-2001) and three Saudi Arabia-born muscle men Ahmed bin Abdullah al-Nami (1977-2001), Ahmed Ibrahim al-Haznawi (1980-2001), and Saeed Abdallah Ali Sulayman al-Ghamdi (1979-2001), crashing at 10:03 a.m. near Shanksville in Somerset County, Penn. (60 mi. SE of Pittsburgh and 150 mi. NW of Washington, D.C.) after the 33 all-American passengers are first cowed by a fake body bomb then fight back against the four ragheads instead of cowering like sheep, and kick the surprised terrorists butts, although too late to prevent the crash; Flight 93 passenger Todd Morgan Beamer (b. 1968) becomes a U.S. hero when he quarterbacks the makeshift anti-raghead team with the all-American words "Let's roll!", which are heard on his cellphone; his sad-proud wife Lisa later founds the charity Heroic Choices; the Flight 93 Nat. Memorial is established on Sept. 24, 2002, and dedicated on Sept. 10, 2011; 2,976 are killed in the 9/11 attacks, incl. 2,605 in New York City, 125 at the Pentagon (incl. 55 military personnel), and 246 on the four planes, with 24 listed as missing, becoming the most Americans lost on U.S. soil since the Sept. 17, 1862 Battle of Antietam, and the greatest single-day civilian loss of life in the U.S. since the May 31, 1889 Johnstown Penn. Flood; Time mag. pub. a 9/11 tragedy issue with a cover photo by Lyle Owerko; many Palestinians openly celebrate the attackon the Great Satan U.S.; Iraqi pres. Saddam Hussein utters the soundbyte: "The American cowboys are reaping the fruit of their crimes against humanity"; the govts. of Cuba, Iran, Libya, and North Korea join a worldwide chorus denouncing the attacks; Arab leaders denouncing the attacks incl. King Hussein of Jordan, Egyptian pres. Hosni Mubarak, and Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri; some Muslims around the world express sympathy for the 9/11 victims, incl. a moment of silence at a World Cup match between Bahrain and Iran on Sept. 14, and a candlelight vigil by Palestinians in Jerusalem on Sept. 15 along with another in Tehran; on Sept. 14 Ireland holds a nat. day of mourning, becoming the only country other than the U.S. and Israel to do so; the Taliban in Afghanistan condemns the attacks but denies that Osama bin Laden is behind them; bin Laden also denies involvement, claiming that there is a govt. within the govt. of the U.S. that wants to turn the 21st cent. into a cent. of conflict between Islam and Christianity, suggesting U.S. Jews and intel agencies; the mastermind was mechanical engineering-trained Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (1964-); the economic repercussions cost the U.S. economy $1T (same as Bush's June 7 tax cut); 40K workers work at "The Pile" at Ground Zero for the next 8 mo., removing 1M tons of rubble, and 69% of them later develop permanent lung problems known as "WTC Cough"; NASA astronaut Frank Culbertson films the smoking WTC from space; New York Fire Dept. chaplain (Roman Catholic Franciscan friar) Father Mychal (Michael) Fallon Judge (b. 1933) dies at the WTC, becoming the "Saint of 9/11" ("God is going to make the headlines some day rather than the Devil, so don't give up"); St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church at 130 Liberty St. is destroyed, and the govt. stalls in rebuilding it until ?; St. Paul's Chapel at 209 Broadway facing Church St. opposite the E side of the WTC, where new U.S. pres. #1 George Washington prayed after his first inauguration on Apr. 30, 1789 is not harmed, and the syacmore tree in its courtyard becomes known as the 9/11 Sycamore, with a memorial later built for it (Isaiah 9:10); at 8:30 p.m. Pres. Bush gives a great Red-Blooded Am. Cowboy Speech from the White House, with the soundbyte "Make no mistake about it, the U.S. will hunt down and punish those responsible for these cowardly acts"; the U.S. launches into a new kind of war, the Global War on Terror (Terrorism) (ends ?); Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaida org. are immediately suspected and become the world's most-wanted criminals, despite of a lack of hard evidence; Egyptian-born 9/11 ringleader ("Emir of the WTC Attack") Mohamed Mohamed Atta (b. 1968) (Mohamed Attacker?) (who created the jihad cell in Hamburg, Germany in the late 1990s, incl. three of the four pilots) is found to have met in Prague with an Iraqi spy, throwing suspicions on Saddam Hussein, and New York City-born U.S. nat. security adviser Richard N. Perle (1941-) allegedly either blames the 9/11 attack on Iraq or wants retaliation to incl. them; Pres. Bush activates the "shadow govt." of 75-150 top officials working 90-day shifts in underground bunkers on the East Coast; the Five Dancing Israelis incident starts with a woman named Maria claiming to see a white van with five men in it filming the burning Twin Towers, allegedly with shouts of joy, who are alleged to be Israeli Mossad agents, although they are interviewed and deny dancing etc., causing conspiracy theorists to claim 9/11 was a Mossad operation; New York City Mayor Rudolph William Louis "Rudy" Giuliani (1944-) leads the city in a heroic manner after the attacks, earning the title "America's Mayor", and calling the deaths "worse than anyone could bear"; "Vanity Fair" ed. Graydon Carter comments "I think it's the end of the age of irony"; British Queen Elizabeth II comments "Grief is the price we pay for love"; Russian pres. Vladimir Putin orders a massive expansion of intel-gathering efforts in North Am. and W Europe; a folded $20 U.S. bill shows the Twin Towers burning?; Algerian-born British airline pilot Lotfi Raissi becomes the first person accused of participating in the 9/11 attack, and is held for five mo. in Belmarsh hi-security prison in London, then put through nine years of hell until being cleared on Apr. 23, 2010; the 20-ft. Ground Zero Cross, a fortuitous configuration of fallen I-beams draws memorial messages and becomes a religious monument; Alicia Esteve Head, who is in Spain on 9/11 arrives in the U.S. in 2003 and pretends to be 9/11 Twin Towers survivor Tania Head, becoming er, head of the survivors' network until she is exposed in 2007, becoming the subject of the 2012 book The Woman Who Wasn't There: The True Story of an Incredible Deception by Robin Gaby Fisher; ; meanwhile by 2003 a joke translation of Quran 9:11 begins circulating: "For it is written that a son of Arabia would awaken a fearsome Eagle. The wrath of the Eagle would be felt throughout the lands of Allah and lo, while some of the people trembled in despair still more rejoiced, for the wrath of the Eagle cleansed the lands of Allah; and there was peace"; later conspiracy theorists begin exposing the 9/11 attacks as really perpetrated by the U.S. govt. to give them a pretext to destroy the last bastions of the Bill of Rights in the name of homeland security and give them a coverstory to invade the Middle East at will to secure oil, and point to a giant 9/11 conspiracy and coverup, incl. the framing of Muslim terrorists, who allegedly could never have accurately flown the airliners into the WTC, the fact that no fighters were scrambled to accept any of them, the fact that Osama bin Laden et al. were originally trained by the U.S., the problem that eight of those named on the FBI's list of 19 names later turn up alive and well living in different countries, and the evidences of the deliberate demolition of WTC Bldg. 7, which hadn't been struck by an airplane; later civil engineers prove WTC Bldg. 7 was in free-fall for 2.5 sec., pointing to planted explosives; others claim to rebut conspiracy allegations; did the U.S. govt murder its own people to make a power grab, then stage a coverup, stay tuned?; in Aug. 2009 a group of law enforcement officers and others who participated in the 9/11 rescue and cleanup develop immune system cancer and other health problems; by 2010 3K WTC survivors are still experienced long-term PTSD; on Mar. 11, 2010 they reach a $657.5M settlement; Saudi princess Haifa bint Faisal, wife of U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia Prince Bandar bin Sultan is later discovered to have donated money via a conduit to two of the 9/11 hijackers.

'Shoe Bomber' Richard Colvin Reid (1973-)

On Dec. 22, 2001 Bromley, London-born "Shoe Bomber" Richard Colvin Reid (1973-) (Muslim convert) is subdued by passengers aboard American Airlines Flight 63 from Paris to Miami when he attempts to detonate a shoe bomb containing blasting cap explosive PETN with matches; it lands safely in Boston; claiming he could have done the job right with a lighter, all lighters are banned on flights (until Aug. 4, 2007), causing 22K a day to be confiscated, costing $4M a year to dispose of.

Pim Fortuyn of the Netherlands (1948-2002)

On May 6, 2002 gay anti-Islamic anti-immigration right-wing populist Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn (b. 1948) is assassinated by animal rights activist Volkert van der Graaf nine days before nat. elections in which he was expected to lead one of the country's largest parties, becoming the first assassination in the Netherlands since 1672; Volkert is sentenced to 18 years in prison; on May 16 the Christian Dems. return to power in the Netherlands, with Jan Pieter (Peter) Balkenende (1956-) becoming PM and forming a coalition with Fortuyn's party.

On Nov. 15, 2003 the 2003 Istanbul Bombings start with twin car bombs exploding outside two synagogues in Istanbul, Turkey, killing 23, plus the two bombers, and injuring 300+; Turkish foreign minister Abdullah Gul says that the two bombers had visited Afghanistan, and Al-Qaida is suspected; on Nov. 20 two more truck bombs detonate, killing 30 and injuring 400; Syrian-born Loai al-Saqa is later convicted of masterminding the bombings, and given life without parole; on May 22, 2006 he appears in court wearing an orange Guantanamo Bay-style jumpsuit, and is kicked out.

Hey won't you play another somebody done somebody wrong song? On Mar. 11, 2004 the 2004 Madrid Train Bombings see 10 RDX bombs explode in quick succession across the commuter rail network in Madrid, Spain, killing 192 and injuring 2,050, becoming the deadliest terrorist attack in Europe since WWII; the Muslim response to the Jan. 2, 1492 ouster of the Moors?; the attack is linked to al-Qaida, incl. Moroccan immigrants in Spain; on Aug. 17, 2005 Serbian police arrest 22-y.-o. Abdelmajid Bouchar in connection with it; in May, 2004 Oregon atty. Brandon Mayfield (1966-) is arrested and jailed for two weeks by the U.S. govt., which admits it made a fingerprinting mistake and apologizes to him and his Egyptian immigrant wife, agreeing to pay him $2M.

Grigory Petrovich Grabovoy (1963-)

On Sept. 1, 2004 (1st day of school) Sunni Muslim Chechen militants (followers of Shamil Basayev) stage the Beslan Massacre at a school in North Caucasus, holding 1,128 hostages and setting off bombs before Russian commandos storm in and shoot it out with them, ending the conflict on Sept. 3; 319 hostages incl. 187 children are killed, and hundreds injured, making the Colo. Columbine H.S. massacre look like a walk in the park to pick Elberta peaches; Al-Qaida is suspected of being involved in this Muslim attack on a Greek Orthodox Christian school; on Sept. 7 130K Russians rally outside the Kremlin in a show of unity against baby-killer Islamic terrorists; Russian faith healer Grigory Petrovich Grabovoy (1963-) promises to resurrect the children, and ends up in prison for fraud in 2006-10.

Theo van Gogh (1957-2004) Ayaan Hirsi Ali (1969-)

On Nov. 2, 2004 Dutch filmmaker Theodoor "Theo" van Gogh (1957-2004), great-great grandson of Vincent van Gogh brother Theo van Gogh, known for his criticism of Islamic extremism in the 2004 film Submission is slain in Amsterdam on his bicycle by Dutch-born Dutch-Moroccan Muslim Mohammed Bouyeri (1978-); by Nov. 14 20 attacks are made on Muslim sites, and 13 suspects are being held on terrorist charges; on Nov. 14 PM Jan Peter Balkenende vists a Turkish mosque in Eindhoven in a show of solidarity with the Muslims; a note on van Gogh's chest says that Somalian-born Dutch Muslim-turned-atheist politician-activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali (1969-), his collaborator on the film (which showed naked women with Quran verses inscribed on their bodies) is next, causing her to go under protection with 24-hour bodyguards, then flee to the U.S., where she joins the conservative Am. Enterprise Inst.

On July 7, 2005 (7/7) (8:49 a.m. BST) the London 7/11 Suicide Bombings see four bombings in London, England (pop. 7.4M) by four jihadists, incl. near Paddington Station (Circle line) (N of Hyde Park), Liverpool Street Station (Circle line) (NW of Aldgate Station), Russells Square (Piccadilly Line) (N of the U. of London and the British Museum), and King's Cross Station (Piccadilly Line) (stop for the Hogwart's Express?) kill 52 plus four suicide bombers, and injure 784, becoming the deadliest attack on London since WWII, and shocking the supposedly safe city, which had been considered a tolerant haven for budding Muslim terrorists; former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is yards away from the explosion near the Liverpool St. Station, and calls it an "eerie reminder" of 9/11; the politicos come thru with great soundbytes: "We will show, by our spirit and dignity, and by our quiet but true strength that there is in the British people, that our values will long outlast theirs" (PM Tony Blair); "This scorn for human life is something we must fight with every greater firmness" (Jacques Chirac); "No matter where such inhuman crimes occur... they demand unconditional condemnation" (Vladimir Putin); on July 17 the Sunni Council, Britain's largest Sunni Muslim group, led by Sheikh Abu Basir al-Tartusi issues a fatwa condemning the bombings as "perverted ideology", while al-Tartusi later issues the soundbyte "More than half of the Quran and hundreds of the Prophet's sayings call for jihad and fighting those unjust tyrants"; one of the bombers, Shehzad Tanweer (22), a Briton of Pakistani descent who worked at his father's fish and chips shop in Leeds leaves behind savings of $212,460, which goes to his family; ringleader Tafazal Mohammad (1964-) is later paid 80K pounds to lecture Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism unit on how best to "engage" with Muslims; British pacifist Samantha Lewthwaite (1984-), widow of British Muslim convert Germaine Lindsay, who blew up on Russell St., killing 26, goes on to become the Muslim terrorist AKA the White Widow.

On July 11, 2006 (6:24-35 p.m. local time) the 2006 Mumbai Train Bombings sees Kashmiri Muslim militants set off seven pressure cooker bombs in first-class train cars in the financial capital of Mumbai (Bombay), India (pop. 18M) during the evening rush hour (at seven stations), killing 209 commuters and injuring 700+; Indian police detain 350 in the NE suburb of Malwani for questioning, causing Muslims to complain that they're being targeted unjustly; on July 12 PM Manmohan Singh utters the soundbyte: "No one can make India kneel"; on Feb. 27, 2009 Indian Mujahideen leader Sadiq Sheikh confesses on TV to his role in the bombings; in Sept. 2015 12 Muslims are convicted.

Bilal Abdullah (1980-) Kafeel Ahmed (1979-2007)

On June 29, 2007 police foil a plot involving two cars in C London packed with explosives near Piccadilly Circus; on June 30 a fiery dark green Jeep Cherokee rams the terminal at Glasgow Internat. Airport, then two men run from it, Iraqi physician Bilal Talal Samad Abdullah (1980-), and Bangalore, India-born engineering student Kafeel (Khalid) (Khaled) Ahmed (Ahmad) (b. 1979), the latter on fire, both ending up captured and Ahmed in critical condition, obviously a bungled suicide bombing job, which is confirmed by a suicide note; Ahmed dies on Aug. 2; investigators later conclude that they had already tried to bomb a nightclub in C London; Abdullah is given two concurrent life sentences in London for conspiracy on Dec. 17, 2008, with possible parole in 32 years; meanwhile British authorities announce that the Muslim terrorists have been plotting to use health care profs. for attacks.

2008 Mumbai Attacks Mohammed Ajmal Aimir Kasab (1987-2012) David Coleman Headley (1960-) Shivraj Patil of India (1935-)

Will them Allah Akbars ever give up trying to go to paradise on the bloody backs of infidels? On Nov. 26-29, 2008 (India's 9/11) the 2008 Mumbai Attacks see well-equipped Pakistan-trained Muslim Thanksgiving turkey Lashkar-e-Taiba gunmen attack 10 sites, incl. three luxury hotels, a hospital, train station, and popular restaurant in India's financial capital of Mumbai (Bombay), India, targeting Westerners with U.S. and British passports, esp. Jews, killing 164 (incl. 28 foreigners, incl. six Americans) and injuring 308, holding Western hostages in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel (founded 1903) (scene of horrible carnage) and Trident-Oberoi Hotel, plus the Nairman House Jewish community center (killing five, incl. a rabbi) while demanding the release of fellow Islamic militants before they are captured or killed by authorities; on Nov. 30 India's top domestic security official (patsy?) Shivraj Vishwanath Patil (1935-), home affairs minister since May 22, 2004 resigns, while U.S. secy. of state Condoleezza Rice is sent to India (are you sure you are keeping them nukes safe?); the sole terrorist survivor Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab (1987-2012) claims to be a member of Pakistan-based terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba (Urdu "army of the righteous") (founded in Kunar Province, Afghan; in 2010 he claims that they got training from Pakistan Navy frogmen; on Oct. 19 a report from India claims that Pakistan's intel agency was deeply involved in planning the attack, funding recon missions, incl. to the Bhabha Atomic Research Center. On Nov. 27 the Iraq govt. agrees to allow U.S. troops to stay three more years; on Apr. 11 2015 Lashkar-e-Taiba operations chief Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi (1959-), suspected mastermind is released by the Pakistan courts on bail pending trial, outraging India. On Dec. 1 it is revealed that India was alerted to the Mumbai plot in Sept., but gave up its vigilance program; on Dec. 9 alleged mastermind Zaki ur-Rehman (Zaki-ur-Rehman) Lakhavi (1956-) is arrested in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir; on Dec. 11 Pakistan shuts down the Islamic charity Jamat-ud-Dawa for backing the militants; David Coleman Headley (Daood Sayed Gilani) (1960-) of Chicago, Ill. is accused of scouting targets for the terrorists after he is arrested in Oct. 2009 along with Punjab, Pakistan-born Tahawwur Hussain Rana (1961-) of Canada and charged with plotting to attack the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Postn that pub. the Muhammad cartoons in 2005 along with retired Pakistani maj. Abdur Rehman Hashim Syed.

Abdulhakim Muhammad (1986)-

On June 1, 2009 African-Am. Muslim convert Abdulhakim Muhammad (1986-), formerly known as Carlos Leon Bledsoe from Tenn. (raised a Baptist) attacks a recruitment center in Little Rock, Ark. in a drive-by shooting, killing a soldier and injuring another; his father Melvin still calls him Carlos; in Jan. 2010 he writes a letter to the judge presiding over his case, claiming to be a member of al-Qaida in Yemen, and calling his spree a "jihadi attack" to get even for the killing of brother Muslims by U.S. troops - shoot me for treason too?

Nazibullah Zazi (1985-)

On Sept. 16, 2009 Afghan-born Muslim Denver, Colo. shuttle bus driver Najibullah Zazi (1985-) and his aunt Rabia Zazi of Aurora, Colo. are questioned by the FBI about terrorist ties, and their homes searched; after hours of questioning he admits "possible" al-Qaida links, and on Sept. 24 he is charged with a conspiracy to use bombs made from chemicals purchased at beauty supply stores; on Feb. 22 he pleads guilty; on Mar. 5 Afghan-born Queens, N.Y. imam Ahmad Wais Afazli (1970-) pleads guilty to lying to the FBI about tipping them off about police investigation, and is deported - the Al-Shampoo Bomber?

Tarek Mehanna (1982-)

On Oct. 21, 2009 after spending two weeks in a militant training camp in Yemen, then returning and translating and posting al-Qaida agitprop, U.S. federal authorities arrest and charge Penn.-born Muslim pharmacist Tarek Mehanna (1982-) of Sudbury, Mass. with conspiring with two others to carry out an Islamic holy war, incl. killing politicians, U.S. troops in Iraq, and shoppers in malls; on Dec. 26 his alma mater Mass. College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences bans Islamic head coverings; in Apr. 2012 he is sentenced to 7 years, arguing that he is being persecuting for his ideas not his actions - and the reason they let masses of non-secular Muslims immigrate to the U.S. is?

On Oct. 25, 2009 (Sun.) (8:00 a.m.) over 100 FBI agents raid the tiny town of Kinsman, Ill. (pop. 109) and surround a Muslim halal butcher shop, but do not reveal why for a week, then claim they were plotting to kill Danish anti-Muhammad cartoonist Kurt Westgaard, calling it the Mickey Mouse Project; they are later linked with Black Muslim H. Rap Brown AKA Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, who wants a separatist Islamic Am. state.

H. Rap Brown (Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin) (1943-)

The original John Wick? On Oct. 28, 2009 radical Sunni imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah (b. 1956) of the Masjid al-Haqq Mosque in Detroit is shot in a warehouse in Dearbon, Mich. by the FBI after he holes-up and resists arrest for illegal possession and sale of firearms, and allegedly shoots a police dog; 10 of his followers are also rounded up, after which it is revealed that he works for Ummah, a group of mostly Africa-Am. converts to Islam led by imprisoned former Black Panther H. Rap Brown (Hubert Gerold Brown), now known as Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin (1943-), who want to set up a separatist Islamic State in the U.S.; the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) jumps in and denounces the FBI sans facts, after which all four FBI agents are cleared by three reviews.

U.S. Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan (1970-) Nidal Malik Hasan's Business Card

On Nov. 4, 2009 22-y.-o. U.S.-born Muslim Abdul Walid Hamid (1987-) tears a crucifix from a shopper's neck at Stoneridge Shopping Center in Pleasanton, Calif. and shouts "Allah is power. Islam is great"; meanwhile on Nov. 3 hardcore Muslim extremist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan (1970-) goes to Stan's Shooting Range in Florence, Tex. for target practice for his big upcoming Yankee infidel safari. On Nov. 5, 2009 (Thur.) after visiting a 7-Eleven store wearing a traditional South Asian chalwar camise popular with al-Qaida in Pakistan and Afghanistan, devout Muslim Allah-Akbar-shouting U.S. Army psychiatrist (formerly working at Walter Reed Army Hospital counseling returnees from Iraq and Afghanistan) Nidal Malik Hasan (1970-) (son Palestinian immigrants, who was promoted to maj. from col. despite a poor performance review, and who closed his safety deposit box and handed out Qurans ahead of time) stages the Ft. Hood Massacre, pulling out two pistols and shooting 40+ times for 10 min., killing 13 unarmed fellow soldiers and wounding 30 at the Soldier Readiness Center at Ft. Hood, Tex., biggest military base in the world (53K soldiers) after being selected for deployment to Afghanistan before he is wounded and captured, becoming the worst shooting on a U.S. military base until ?; white female police officer Kimberly Denise "Kim" Munley (1974-) becomes an instant first U.S. military heroine as she is claimed to take him down with several shots, paralyzing him from the chest down and putting him into a coma, until it is revealed that Hasan took her down and seiously wounded her, and that it was her black male partner St. Mark Todd (1967-) who ended Hasan's rampage; the press and Pres. Obama purposely downplay if not attempt to coverup the jihadist angle, seeking to portray him as a victim of discrimination and even "pre-post-traumatic stress syndrome", with Obama uttering the soundbyte that "we cannot fully know" why Hasan did it, even after it is revealed that he worshipped at the Dar al-Hijra Mosque in Great Falls, Va. of radical pro-al-Qaida anti-U.S. "skirt-chasing mullah" imam Anwar al-Awlaki (1971-2011) (who fled to exile in Yemen) at the same time as two of the 9/11 terrorists, and exchanged emails with him in 2008-9, and later praises him and says "Fighting against the U.S. army is an Islamic duty today", and that U.S. intel agencies had been aware for months that he tried to electronically contact al-Qaida (hence the govt. is trying to keep them from being punished?); 18 mo. ago he warned senior Army physicians that the military should allow Muslim U.S. soldiers like him to be released as conscientious objectors instead of being sent to kill other Muslims to avoid "adverse events", and says "We love death more than you love life"; he gave a Power Point slide show titled "The Koranic World View as It Relates to Muslims in the U.S. Military", announcing his intentions of jihad in advance; he was recently spotted at the Starz strip club; his business card contains the legend SoA(SWT) (Soldier or Sword of Allah, Sharia Will Triumph); on May 20 he posted on the Internet the message: "Scholars have paralleled (a U.S. soldier's falling on a grenade to save surrounding troops) to suicide bombers whose intention, by sacrificing their lives, is to help save Muslims by killing enemy soldiers", and repeatedly asked his superiors to criminally prosecute U.S. soldiers he claimed had confessed to "war crimes" during his psychiatric counseling; U.S. Army Lt.Gen. Jerry Boykin later tells CBS that the Army knew that Hasan was an Islamic terrorist but was stopped from doing anything about him from the top, after which he is forced to retire; on Mar. 12, 2011 nine Army officers are reprimanded for failing to heed their own warnings about Hasan's behavior and judgment; the U.S. Defense Dept. under Pres. Obama's influence classifies the massacre as "workplace violence", causing U.S. Sen. Susan Collins to blast it on Dec. 8, 2011 for putting political correctness above nat. security; al-Awlaki issues the soundbyte: "Nidal Hasan is a hero. He is a man of conscience who could not bear living the contradiction of being a Muslim and serving in an army that is fighting against his own people... The U.S. is leading the war against terrorism which in reality is a war against Islam"; on Nov. 8 U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. George William Casey Jr. (1948-) stinks himself up with the soundbyte "What happened at Ft. Hood was a tragedy, but I believe it would be an even greater tragedy if our diversity becomes a casualty here", then later says he doen't rule out the possibility of terrorism, and calls for a "unified inquiry" into the Army's inability to recognize the warning signs of ticking time bomb Muslim jihadists in their ranks, and also calls it for it to be expanded "department-wide"; the U.S. Senate holds its first public hearing on the shooting on Nov. 19; in Oct. 2010 it is revealed that Pfc. Lance Aviles was ordered by his superior officer to destroy two videos he made of the shooting; Obama becomes the first U.S. pres. to be responsible for a jihadist attack on U.S. soil by his lax policy on Islam?; a clear warning of the dangers of allowing mass Muslim immigration?; there are more than 13K Muslims serving in the U.S. armed forces; on Nov. 8 Jewish U.S. Sen. (D-N.H.) Joe Lieberman, chmn. of the Senate Homeland Security Committee suggests that the Ft. Hood Massacre was an act of "Islamist extremism", drawing the PC police on him; if he had been outed as gay instead of radical Muslim he would have been removed from the military long before he could do it?; on Nov. 17 Pres. Obama asks Congress to slow down the investigation of the shootings, sparking denunciations from Repubs., who push to speed it up, and on Nov. 22 U.S. Rep. (R-Tex.) John Carter introduces legislation to declare that the soldiers at Ft. Hood were killed "in a combat zone as the result of an act of an enemy of the U.S."; on Nov. 10, 2011 80 victims and family members file a lawsuit seeking $750M from the U.S.Army for willful negligence; it takes until Jan. 15 for an Obama admin. official to officially label the Ft. Hood Massacre "an act of terrorism".

On Jan. 7, 2010 former archbishop of Canterbury (1991-2002) Baron George Carey (1935-) pub. a letter in the London Times warning that uncontrolled Islamic immigration will threaten the "very ethos or DNA" of Britain.

Adis Medunjanin (1984-)

On Jan. 7, 2010 suspected al-Qaida member Adis Medunjanin (1984-) of Queens, N.Y. crashes his car into the back of another at the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge after leading U.S. federal agents on a high-speed chase through Queens, N.Y. and uttering the soundbyte "We love death more than you love life."

On Jan. 7, 2010 Muslim jihadists kill six Christian Copts and a Muslim guard outside a church in Naga Hammadi, Egypt; on Jan. 17, 2011 Mohamed El-Kamouny is sentenced to death for it.

Jihad Jane (1963-)

On Mar. 9, 2010 4'11" Mich.-born blonde-blue Colleen Renee "Fatima" LaRose (1963-) from Philly, who has been under custody since Oct. 16 when she landed in Philly on a flight from the Netherlands is identified as Muslim terrorist Jihad Jane, who used the Internet to plan terrorist attacks, and charged with providing material support to terrorists; on Mar. 18 she pleads not guilty to four terrorist conspiracy charges, then on Jan. 28, 2011 announces that she will change her plea to guilty, which she does on Feb. 1, with the soundbyte that she still wants to murder Vilks, and "will make this my goal till I achieve it or die trying"; on Jan. 6, 2014 she is convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

On Mar. 29, 2010 (Mon.) (7:56 a.m. local time) two female suicide bombers, Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova from Dagestan and Markha Ustarkhanova from Chechnya detonate during rush hour in the Moscow Metro, killing 40 and injuring 102, becoming the deadliest attack in Moscow since 2004; Muslim Chechen warlord Doku Umarov claims responsibility, causing Russian PM (2008-) Vladimir Putin (1952-) to order the bombers "scraped from the sewers" and exposed; in 1999 he uttered the soundbyte about Chechen separatists that we wants to "rub them out in the outhouse"; the nearness of these Islamic militants to Sochi, site of the 2014 Winter Olympics makes their control more urgent; Alexander Tikhomirov is suspected of being the militant known as Sayid Buryatsky who trained the bombers; on Aug. 21 Russian forces kill Magomedali Vagabov, self-proclaimed emir of Dagestan, whom they claim was the mastermind.

In spring 2010 Garland, Tex.-born Am. Muslim convert U.S. Pfc. Naser Jason Abdo (1990-) (Am. Christian mother, Jordanian Muslim father) makes news for refusing to fight in Afghanistan, applying for conscientious objector status before deployment to Afghanistan, saying "I don't believe I can involve myself in an army that wages war against Muslims. I don't believe I could sleep at night if I take part, in any way, in the the killing of a Muslim", and "Islam is much more peaceful and tolerant religion than it is an aggressive religion. I don't believe that Islam allows me to operate in any kind of warfare"; too bad, in June child porno and bombmaking components are found in his belongings, causing him to go AWOL from Ft. Campbell, Ky. during the July 4 weekend; on July 28, 2011 he is caught trying to purchase guns in Killeen, Tex. near Ft. Hood, and is arrested for planning a jihadist attack on a restaurant near the base, being found with explosives; on May 24, 2012 he is convicted, and on July 29, 2012 as he is leaving the courtroom where he freely admits his guilt, he shouts "Nidal Hasan Ft. Hood 2009"; on Aug. 10, 2012 he is sentenced to two life terms plus 60 years.

James A. Larry (1978-)

On Apr. 14, 2010 Quran-thumping Am. Muslim convert James A. Larry (1978-) of Madison, Wisc. shoots to death his pregnant wife, three children, and an adult in Chicago, Ill., then claims that "Allah told him to do it"; many news services incl. the AP sanitize the story to remove all mention of Islam.

Faisal Shahzad (1979-)

On May 1, 2010 (eve.) after Sengalese Muslim vendor Alioune Niass alerts them, police find a smoking defective fertilizer-propane car bomb in a Nissan Pathfinder in Times Square set by the Times Square Bomber in New York City near Comedy Central, causing them to evacuate thousands; the Pakistani Taliban claims responsibility on the Internet as revenge for the killing of leaders al-Baghdadi and al-Mahajer "and Muslim martyrs"; the feds investigate possibile connections to the South Park case, then on May 3 night arrest Pakistani-born Am. Muslim Faisal Shahzad 1979-) of Shelton, Conn. at JFK Airport after tracing a discarded disposable cell phone, causing U.S. atty-gen. Eric Holder to announce "It was clear that the intent behind this terrorist act was to kill Americans"; he had just returned from a trip to Pakistan; U.S. Customs officer Daniel Donohue becomes a hero for finding Shahzad's name in time to stop his flight; an FBI test finds that the bomb would have killed thousands; on May 4 (morning) Pres. Obama gives a news conference, calling the incident a "sobering reminder of the times in which we live" and vowing that Americans "will not cower in fear"; the fact that he just spent 5 mo. in Pakistan causes the investigation to be expanded there, followed by several arrests, incl. former army maj. Adnan Ahmad, who is released on May 31; Shahzad is Mirandized, renewing the debate on Mirandizing terrorism suspects; despite attempts by the PC media to downplay his Muslim religion, claiming that a home repossession triggered the jihad, etc., Conn. Sen. Joe Lieberman calls for a new law stripping Americans found to be involved in a foreign terrorist org. of their citizenship rights and shipping them to Guantanamo Bay; on May 7 U.S. Gen. David Howell Petraeus (1952-) says that Shahzad was a "lone wolf" with no connection to other terrorists despite his claiming to have attended a terrorist training camp; on May 9 Holder finally announces that the Pakistan Taliban is behind the bombing attempt, and "probably helped finance it"; on May 13 federal agents arrest two people involved in funneling money into the U.S. to pay for the truck and bomb materials; on June 21 Shahzad pleads guilty and brags about receiving 6 mo. of training in Pakistan, saying that he is a "Muslim soldier", and would plead guilty "100 times over" until the U.S. pulls its troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq and stops drone attacks that are "terrorizing the Muslim nations and the Muslim people"; on Oct. 5 he is sentenced to life without parole, telling the judge "Brace yourself because the war with the Muslims has only just begun - we will keep terrorizing you - the defeat of the U.S. is imminent and will happen in the near future", and shouting Allahu Akbar, to which the judge responds that he should consider "carefully about whether the Quran wants you to kill lots of people" - Shahzad stamps the word dumbass on Obama's forehead?

The New Jersey Jihadists

On June 5, 2010 Muslim "New Jersey Jihadists" Mohamed Mahmood Alessa (1990-) and Carlos Eduardo "Omar" Almonte (1986-) are arrested at JFK Internat. Airport in New York City en route to Somalia to "wage violent jihad" and commit violent acts in the U.S. by the U.S. anti-terrorism Operation Arabian Knight.

Mohamed Osman Mohamud (1991-)

On Nov. 26, 2010 world-renowned rabbi David Rosen of the Am. Jewish Congress warns that Europe risks being "overrun" by Islam unless it returns to its Christian roots. Merry Christmas Infidels, Boom? On Nov. 26, 2010 the FBI arrests Muslim Somali-Am. student Mohamed Osman Mohamud (1991-) for trying to set off a car bomb at a Christmas tree lighting in Portland, Ore.; he is found guilty on Jan. 13, 2013.

On Mar. 2, 2011 two U.S airmen are killed and two more seriously injured by Allah Akbar-shouting 21-y.-o. Kosovan Albanian Muslim gunman Arid Uka (1989-) in a bus outside Frankfurt Airport in Germany, becoming the first successfully Islamic terrorist assassination in Germany, causing Pres. Obama to condemn the attack, saying "I am saddened, I am outraged by this attack"; Uka receives a life sentence, with possible deportation to Kosovo in 15 years; as usual, the PC press tries to coverup the Muslim angle, and the German govt. claims he acted as a "lone wolf", until they arrest German Muslim Rami Makanesi (1985-) whom they suspect of working for al-Qaida to develop a Euro support network - lone wolf or known wolf?

Fake Death Photo of Osama bin Laden (1957-2011)

Ding dong, the witch is dead? On May 1, 2011 (23:40 p.m. EDT) (12:40 a.m. local time) 66 years after the announcement of Adolf Hitler's death) Pres. Obama announces that pesky al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden (b. 1957) was killed by 23 U.S. Navy SEALs, an interpreter, and a tracking dog named Cairo in Operation Neptune Spear around 3:30 p.m. EDT in a $200K (20M rupee) 10-bedroom 3K sq. ft. mansion compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan ("City of Pines", founded as a British garrison town in the 1840s and named after deputy commissioner Maj. James Abbott) in the Hazara district of the NW Frontier Province 31 mi. NE of Islamabad and 93 mi. E of Peshawar, located only a few hundred yards from the elite Kakul Military Academy, the Pakistani equivalent of West Point or Sandhurst; bin Laden leaves a will giving $29M to continue global jihad; on Nov. 6, 2014 bin Laden's killer is revealed to be Robert O'Neill (1976-); the town is HQ of a brigade of the 2nd Div. of the Northern Army Corps, and home to many retired officers; the $1M mansion built in 2006 is surrounded by 18 ft. walls topped with barbed wire(an ISI safe house?); in Aug. the U.S. got a tip about the mansion by tracking his personal couriers; Osama moved there in 2006 after U.S. drones drove him out of the mountains?; the CIA set up a spy house nearby to watch, and kept it secret from the Pakistani govt.; fabled Seal Team Six stages Operation Neptune's Spear with two special ops super-secret stealth helis and an unmanned drone; one heli hard-lands in the compound after mechanical failures; four are killed besides bin Laden, incl. his oldest son Hamza, a female used as a shield, courier Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti (only one to return fire) and his brother; the first shot at bin Laden misses, and he shoves a wife at the SEALS before being killed; four of his children and two wives are arrested, and his computer disks captured (the original al-Qaida or database?); on May 6 al-Qaida and the Taliban confirm bin Laden's death, promise retaliation; Yemen praises bin Laden's killing, while the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas condemn it; Jordan says that it hopes Osama's death will end the "terror era"; on hearing the good news, thousands swarm Ground Zero in New York City to celebrate; in Nov. 2011 Navy Seal cmdr. Chuck Pfarrer pub. a book about the mission, saying that bin Laden was killed within 90 sec. of entering his home, only 12 bullets were fired, and they would have captured him if he had surrendered; the Pakistani govt. is not officially involved in the operation although it is suspected they helped locate the compound and knew of it, with elite Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) kept out of the loop on suspicion they were on bin Laden's side; in Mar. 2014 it is revealed that Ahmed Shuja Pasha, head of the ISI knew bin Laden's whereabouts along with other top officials; hundreds flock to Ground Zero to cheer his death; the intel community warns of possible retaliatory attacks; the first of five nat. security meetings about the compound was held on Mar. 14, and the attack was originally authorized in Mar. as a B2 stealth bomber strike, but Obama changed his mind since he wanted evidence that bin Laden was dead; bin Laden's Yemeni former teenie wife Amal Ahmed Abdulfattah (1983-) tries to protect him by rushing the SEALs and is shot in the leg, then is left behind when there is no room on the only remaining heli; the news causes U.S. financial markets to surge; on May 1 Pres. Obama gives a Speech on the Late Osama bin Laden, issuing the soundbyte "Justice has been done"; too bad, he repeats his dumbass soundbyte: "The United States is not and never will be at war with Islam", and adds the double dumbass soundbyte: "Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader, he was a mass murderer of Muslims. Indeed, al-Qaida slaughtered scores of Muslims in many countries including or own, so his demise should be welcomed by all who believe in peace and human dignity" (he should know, he's a true Muslim?); also: "As we have stated repeatedly since the 9/11 terror attacks, bin Laden never represented Muslims or Islam"; on May 2 Obama adds that "This is a good day for America", adding "The world is safer. It is a better place because of the death of Osama bin Laden. Today we are reminded that as a nation, there's nothing we can't do when we put our shoulders to the wheel, when we work together. And we remember the sense of unity that defines us as Americans"; on May 4 Obama ends speculation by announcing that he won't release bin Laden's death photo, saying he has been ID'd by his wife and children and doesn't want to stir Muslim anger, "That's not who we are", "We don't need to spike the football"; an NBC Poll reveals that 64% agree with his decision; under Osama bin Laden's leadership, al-Qaida was responsible for 10K deaths and injuries in a dozen years; bin Laden's clothing had two phone numbers sewn into it, along with 500 Euros; on Obama's orders his body is quickly (within 24 hours of death) buried in the North Arabian Sea after ritual burial rites in accordance with Islamic practice, incl. the reading of Quran Sura 1 and its curse on Jews and Christians, despite Obama claiming he isn't a real Muslim, and despite Sunni doctrine that it's a "sin"; devout Muslims begin calling the site the "Martyr's Sea"; the quick disposal raises suspicions that it's all a hoax to save Obama's presidency despite govt. claims of DNA verification; on May 5 archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams say that the killing of unarmed bin Laden left a "very uncomfortable feeling"; on May 5 Pakistani army chiefs eat crow, er, warn the U.S. not to violate Pakistani sovereignty or face "the direst consequences", and call for cuts in U.S. military personnel inside the country, which doesn't stop the U.S. from staging a predator drone strike in NW Pakistan on May 6 that kills eight Talibani; analysis of the captured material from his compound shows that bin Laden was considering an attack on U.S. commuter trains on the 10th anniv. of 9/11; on May 6 Pres. Obama tells cheering solders of the 101st Airborne Div. at Ft. Campbell, Ky., awarding the Pres. Unit Citation to SEAL Team Six, calling them "the finest small fighting force in the history of the world", and shaking the hand of the lucky SEAL who killed bin Laden, uttering the soundbyte: "We're making progress in our major goal... of disrupting and dismantling, and we are going to ultimately defeat al-Qaida. We have cut off their head and we will ultimately defeat them"; meanwhile the U.S. Congress gets pissed-off at the complicity of the Pakistan govt., and prepares a list of sanctions incl. cutting aid; the initial lead of bin Laden's courier's nickname came from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed after waterboarding, causing the debate on waterboarding to resume; on May 7 the CIA releases photos and five videos found in bin Laden's compound showing him preening while shooting propaganda films, describing him as thinking of himself as a "head coach" to al-Qaida; on May 8 Pakistan's ambassador to the U.S. promises that "heads will roll" as Pakistan investigates how bin Laden could hide for years in his country, and also promises "zero tolerance"; on May 9 Pakistani PM Yousuf Raza Gilani calls bin Laden's killing "indeed justice done", but warns against any more unilateral strikes, saying they will be met with "full force"; it is revealed that after 9/11 the U.S. and Pakistan struck a secret deal to permit the U.S. to hunt and kill bin Laden on Pakistani soil; on May 11 the U.S. Senate Armed Forces Committee is allowed to view photos of dead bin Laden; a stash of porno is found in bin Laden's computer drives; on May 17 U.S. Sen. Majority Leader (D-Nev.) Harry Reid says that the U.S. needs a "good relationship" with Pakistan, and now "isn't the time to start flexing our muscles"; Pakistani army chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani faces a colonel's revolt by the 11-man Corps Commanders for letting the U.S. raid happen; Calif. diver Bill Warren announces plans to spend $400K searching for bin Laden's body; Pakistan arrests the CIA informants who helped locate Obama, causing deputy CIA dir. Michael J. Morrell to rate Pakistan's cooperation with the U.S. on counterterrorism operations as 3 on a scale of 1-10; in 2013 Pakistan begins building a $30M amusement park in Abbottabad.

On Mar. 11, 2012 despite new tough gun regulations passed on Mar. 6, after getting pissed-off at Muslims joining the infidel French army, the Mohamed Merah Affair sees Algerian-born French Islamist Mohamed Merah (b. 1988), armed with an AK-47, Uzi, Sten gun, and several pistols kill a French soldier in Toulouse; on Mar. 15 he shoots three more in Montaubon, killing two; on Mar. 19 at Ozar Hatorah Jewish school in Toulouse, France he kills a rabbi, his two children, and the daughter of the principal; on Mar. 21-22 French police siege an apt. bldg. in Toulouse and kill him; on Mar. 25 Merah's brother is charged with complicity; of 7M Muslims in France, one-third are radical?

John Christopher Stevens of the U.S. (1960-2012) John Christopher Stevens of the U.S. (1960-2012) John Christopher Stevens of the U.S. (1960-2012)

The Second 9/11 shows Pres. Obama asleep at the switch worse than Pres. George W. Bush? On Sept. 11, 2012 (9/11/2012) after a mass protest against the U.S. embassy in Cairo, Egypt inflamed by a U.S.-made anti-Islam video shown on Egyptian TV, the Sept. 11 (9/11), 2012 Benghazi Attack sees the U.S. consulate in Libya attacked by al-Qaida terrorists, torturing and killing (gay?) U.S. ambassador (since June 7) John Christopher Stevens (b. 1960) and three other Americans by Sept. 12, becoming the first U.S. ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1981; diplomatic security agent David Ubben and ex-Navy SEALS turned CIA contractors Tyrone Snowden "Rone" Woods (b. Jan. 15) and Glen Anthony "Bub" Doherty (b. 1970) attempt to save Stevens in a 13-hour battle after they learn of an order to stand down from somebody up high, and Woods and Doherty are KIA; Stevens is carried through the streets by the jihadists for five hours, while Obama heads to Las Vegas, Nev. to raise funds and leaves it to his subordinates to make it into a case of Islamophobia to help his friends at CAIR?; the Obama admin. at first blames it on a Muslim mob enraged by a YouTube video titled Innocence of Muslims: The Crimes of Prophet Mohammed by Calif. filmmaker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (Mark Basseley Youssef) (Sam Bacile) (1957-) (although there is no mob in Benghazi, only Cairo), with the White House personally telephoning YouTube to take it down; meanwhile Woods and Doherty are KIA, and Ubben's leg is shredded, and he has to suffer for 20 hours before a rescue plane arrives; on Sept. 15 Nakoula is arrested on trumped-up charges, becoming the first in U.S. history arrested for violating Muslim anti-blasphemy laws, then held for violating probation on a 2010 bank fraud conviction; he is not released until Aug. 6, 2013, on supervised probation; no surprise, the Obama admin. stubbornly refuses to blame it on Islamic terrorism, doing nothing to respond until ?; Nakoula is a Muslim and agent for the U.S. Justice Dept., and the video is Obama agitprop created by govt.-connected Stanley Associates?; the White House originally tried to blame the Bible exposition video God vs. Allah by Pastor Jon Courson of Ore. before switching to Nakoula's, probably because the latter name sounds Muslim?; on Sept. 12 Obama gives an interview to Steve Krofts of 60 Minutes, in which he utters the soundbyte: "You're right that this is not a situation that was exactly the same as what happened in Egypt, and my suspicion is, is that there are folks involved in this who were looking to target Americans from the start"; they don't air it for over amonth; meanwhile the Repubs. begin asking questions, ramping up a full investigation; on Sept. 14 Hillary Clinton tweets to her Muslim aide Huma Abedin: "I'm giving you credit for inspiring the 'peaceful' protests"'; the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohammed Morsi were behind the attack?; Pres. Assad and Hezbollah were behind the attack to get even for Stevens' role in smuggling weapons into Syria?; on Dec. 29, 2013 an article in the New York Times by David D. Kirkpatrick whitewashes the massacre, blaming it on the movie again; in 2013 retired U.S. Adm. James Lyons claims that the kidnapping was orchestrated by Obama so he could negotiate his release in return for freeing Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman; in early May 2014 a smoking gun email is discovered, showing White House political operatives telling U.N. ambassador Susan Rice to claim the attack was the result of the Internet video, and Hillary Clinton uttering the soundbyte: "We are going to have the filmmaker arrested"; on May 20, 2015 it is revealed that the U.S. govt. knew on Sept. 12 that the attack was planned 10 days in advance by an al-Qaida affiliate called Brigades of the Captive Omar Abdul Rahman (BCOAR); meanwhile on May 20 despite all their b.s. about not wanting to attack First Amendment rights by banning a boring badly-made satire video, the 9th U.S. Circuit Appeals Court rules that it was a violation of the you know what to force YouTube to take it down. On Sept. 15 anti-U.S. demonstrations by Muslims are staged throughout the Muslim world and Europe, incl. riots in Sydney, Australia; in 2013 retired U.S. Adm. James Lyons claims that the kidnapping was orchestrated by Obama so he could negotiate his release in return for freeing Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman; in May 2016 Trey Gowdy concludes that there was no way for help to reach Benghazi on the night of the attack.

Boston Marathon Bombers, 2013

Pres. Obama becomes the Emperor With No Clothes vis a vis his Muslim appeasement policy? On Apr. 15, 2013 (Patriots Day) (101st anniv. of the birthday of Kim Il Sung) (2:49 p.m. EDT) the Boston Marathon Bombings see two bombs packed with ball bearings go off 10 sec. and 90m apart at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three and injuring 176 incl. eight children, leaving many runners without legs after finishing the 26.2 mi. marathon (23K runners); at 4:30 p.m. another explosion occurs at the JFK Pres. Library and Museum 1 mi. away, but it was planned by authorities as part of a drill?; Muslims in Gaza dance in the streets at news of the bombing; after being tackled by bystanders, Saudi Muslim Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi (1993-) is arrested, then released and deported after Pres. Obama holds an emergency meeting on Apr. 17 with Saudi foreign minister Prince Saud al-Faisal; at ? p.m. Pres. Obama gives a televised speech, with the soundbyte that those responsible will "feel the full weight of justice"; on Apr. 16 he gives a press conference, calling the bombings an "act of terror"; on Apr. 19 after they hijack the Mercedes of Chinese-Am. engineer Dun "Danny" Mengin, and he escaped to a Mobil gas station on Memorial Dr. in Cambridge, the FBI publicizes a photo showing two Muslim Chechen suspects, Dzhokhar Anzorovich "Jahar" Tsarnaev (1993-) and his older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who is killed in a shootout with police overnight on Apr. 18 that kills MIT police officer Sean A. Collier; Dzokhar runs over his older brother Tamerlan in his car while trying to escape, then is caught hiding in a boat behind a man's home, leaving a confession note that contains the soundbyte "When you attack one Muslim you attack all Muslims"; they build pressure cooker bombs using instructions given in the al-Qaida Inspire mag. article "How to Cook a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom"; on May 30 Inspire, Issue #11 is released, claiming credit for motivating the bombing, and promising more; the whole affair torpedoes Pres. Obama's lalaland rhetoric about Islam, and reveals how he's shackled the FBI and DHS so they can't do their jobs?

Woolwich Jihadists, May 22, 2013

On May 22, 2013 (2:20 p.m. local time) the Woolwich Beheadings see two Allah Akbar-shouting British-Nigerian Muslim jihadists Michael Olumide Adebolajo (1984-) (Muslim convert in 2003, who changed his name to Mujaahid) and Michael Adebowale (1990-) run over British soldier (drummer) Lee Rigby (b. 1987) with their car, then hack and behead him with a machete on the streets of Woolwich (SW London), England 200 yards from an army barracks he was heading to, then tell the ITV crew filming them his political reasons for it, with the soundbyte: "We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. The only reason we have done this is because Muslims are dying every day. This British soldier is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth... There are many many ayah throughout the Quran that say we must fight them as they fight us" before being shot by police, causing anti-Islamists protests by the English Defence League (EDL) et al., whose leader Tommy Robinson utters the soundbytes "We're justified in our anger", and "I' don't care if they're offended. I'm offended every day", along with a coverup attempt by the PC media led by PM David Cameron, who calls the attack a "betrayal of Islam" then holds a special meeting of the Cobra security cabinet; deputy PM Nick Clegg utters the soundbyte that the attack "flies in the face of the peace and love that Islam teaches"; London mayor Boris Johnson utters the soundbyte "It is completely wrong to blame this killing on Islam"; ex-PM Tony Blair utters the Tony Blair utters the soundbyte: "There is not a problem with Islam. For those of us who have studied it, there is no doubt about its true and peaceful nature... But there is a problem within Islam, from the adherents of an idology that is a stain within Islam... It is not the province of a few extremists... The world view goes deeper and wider than it is comfortable for us to admit""; scout leader Ingrid Loyau-Kennett (1964-) becomes a hero for talking the jihadists into stopping before police arrive; the jihadists were influenced by British radical cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed?; radical British cleric Anjem Chaudhry utters the soundbyte that most Muslims would agree with the jihadists; on May 24 British authorities arrest two in conjunction with the beheading while tightening security; on May 25 7K EDL members march in Newcastle; in Nov. 2010 Adebolajo was detained in Kenya for trying to join Al-Shabaab in Somalia; on May 26 Cameron goes on vaction in Ibiza with his family, pissing-off many.

Zale H. Thompson (1982-)

On Oct. 23, 2014 (2:00 p.m. EDT) the 2014 Queens Hatchet Attack in Jamaica, Queens, N.Y. sees recent Am. Muslim convert Zale H. Thompson (b. 1982) attack four police officers, injuring Kenneth Healey and Joseph Meeker on a crowded street corner in Jamaica, Queens, N.Y. with an 18 in. hatchet before he is killed by the officers, who injure a female civilian with a stray bullet.

On Dec. 20, 2014 knife-wielding Muslim Bilal (nee Bertrand) Nzohabonayo (1994-) shouting Allahu Akbar is shot dead at the entrance to a police station in Joue-les-Tours, France after injuring two; on Dec. 21 a Muslim driver shouting you know what runs over 11 bystanders in Dijon, France, seriously injuring two.

Charlie Hebdo Attack, Jan. 7, 2015 Stéphane 'Charb' Charbonnier (1967-2015) Charlie Hebdo cartoonists Charlie Hebdo sample

On Jan. 7, 2015 (11:30 a.m. local time) the Charlie Hebdo Massacre sees a terrorist attack by black-hooded vest-wearing Allah Akbar-shouting Kalashnikov-carrying Muslim al-Qaida members Said Kouachi, Cherif Kouachi, and Hamyd Mourad at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper HQ in Paris N of Notre Dame Cathedral and E of the Arc de Triomphe, known for satirizing Muhammad kills 10 staffers incl. ed.-in-chief Stephane (Stéphane) "Charb" Charbonnier (b. 1967), and cartoonists Cabu, Wolinski, and Tignous, along with two police officers, incl. married Muslim officer Ahmed Merabet (b. 1965), injuring 11, becoming the worst terrorist attack in France since 1995; they were in an editorial meeting before the attack; Amedy's armed dangerous Muslim convert wife Hayat Boumeddiene remains on the loose; the lights on the Eiffel Tower are extinguished in memorial; one of the terrorists shouts "The Prophet has been avenged"; the offices were firebombed in 2011; Pres. Obama calls the attack "cowardly" and "evil"; French PM Francois Hollande calls it "an exceptional act of barbarism committed against a newspaper", and notes that France is in "shock", adding "We need to show we are a united country", but ostriching with the statement that the attacks "have nothing to do with Islam"; Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu utters the soundbyte: "The main goal of Islamic terrorism is to destroy societies, and countries, to stamp out human civilizations based on freedom and the culture of choice, and to impose in its place a fanatical dictatorship which returns humanity to another era"; 100K demonstrate across France to protest the killings; at 10:40 p.m. police raid the last known addresses of the terrorist brothers and arrest relatives; on Jan. 8 Donald Trump issues the tweets: "If the people so violently shot down in Paris had guns, at least they would have had a fighting chance... Isn't it interesting that the tragedy in Paris took place in one of the toughest gun control countries in the world?... Remember, when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns!"; on Jan. 9 the Kouachi brothers hole-up in a printing complex in Dammartin-en-Goele before being killed by police, while 3rd suspect Amedy Coulibaly takes five hostages at the Hyper Cacher Jewish kosher supermarket in Porte de Vincennes, killing four before the police kill him, justifying the massacre as revenge for attacks on ISIS, while 30 others hide in the freezer for five hours, causing French pres. Francois Hollande to call it "an appalling anti-Semitic act"; al-Qaida (AQAP) in Yemen announces that it planned the attacks, and claims that more are coming in Europe and the U.S., causing the FBI to issue new terror warnings for Americans; maps of Jewish schools in Paris are found in Amedy's car, causing 5K police to be deployed to protect them; on Jan. 11 1.5M (biggest since Victor Hugo's 1885 funeral) attend a rally in Paris, incl. 50 world leaders (except Pres. Obama and Vladimir Putin) (incl. some known for suppressing free speech); Francois Hollande asks Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas not to attend; on Jan. 11 French PM Manuel Valls declares war "against terrorism, against jihadism, against radical Islam, against everything that is aimed at breaking fraternity, freedom, solidarity", bemoaning the ever-growing exodus of Jews from France with the soundbyte that if the Jews all leave France in the wake of anti-Semitic terror, "The French Republic will be judged a failure"; too bad, he blames France's "apartheid regime" for terrorism, while the French govt. rushes to pass tough new laws against freedom of speech, along with a new surveillance law in May that gives the govt. broad powers to monitor phone and Internet traffic; meanwhile ex-French PM Dominique de Villepin claims that the West created Islamic terrorism, with the soundbyte that ISIS is "the monstrous child of inconstancy and arrogance of Western policy", and that "In 2001 there was only one central terrorist group, today there is a dozen" because "we have multiplied them... The war against terrorism is just like adding fuel to the fire"; on Jan. 11 the Hamburger Morgenpost in Germany is firebombed after it reprints the Muhammad cartoons; on Jan. 12 White House press secy. Josh Earnest utters the soundbyte that Pres. Obama (who was against Charlie Hebdo's cartoons in 2012) will try to stop anti-jihadist articles from being pub. when it might cause a jihadist attack against U.S. forces; too bad, French Muslims celebrate the massacre, and Muslim schoolchildren treat a moment of silence in the classroom with contempt; the survivors crank out the next issue on its regular date of Jan. 15, with a circ. of 3M in 16 languages instead of the usual 60K, with another 6M printed after the first ed. sells out, with French pres. Francois Hollande declaring the mag. "reborn", with the soundbyte "You can murder men and women, but you can never kill their ideas"; it contains another caricature of Muhammad, causing Pope Francis on Jan. 15 to put his foot in his mouth with the soundbyte: "You cannot provoke, you cannot insult the faith of others... "If my good friend says a curse word against my mother, he can expect a punch. It's normal"; on Jan. 16 Mali immigrant Muslim kosher grocery employee Malian Lassana Bathily, who helped a dozen Jewish shoppers hide in a cold storage room is granted French citizenship; on Jan. 17 19K French Web sites are targeted by an unprecedented denial of service attack, incl. the French defense ministry; in May Charlie Hebdo suspends journalist Zineb El Rhazoui after she receives death threats for writing articles critical of radical Islam, causing a firestorm of criticism, which doesn't sway them, showing that Islamic intimidation as a preparation for full Sharia is working?; speaking of intimidation working, on July 17 Charlie Hebdo ed. Laurent Sourisseau announces that the mag won't pub. any more Muhammad cartoons, with the dhimmibyte: "We've done our job. We have defended the right to caricature."

Garland, Tex. Attackers, May 3, 2015 Pamela Geller (1958-)

The first ISIS attack in the U.S., or, Don't mess with Texas? On May 3, 2015 (6:50 p.m. local time) Jewish-Am. anti-jihad pro-Israel activist Pamela Geller (1958-) hosts the First Annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest at Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Tex., with a $12.5K prize offered for the best caricature, won by ex-Muslim cartoonist Bosch Fawstin, which depicts Big M wielding a sword while saying "You can't draw me", and the artist's hand drawing a balloon saying "That's why I draw you"; too bad, at 6:36 P.M. CT two Muslims on jihad arrive and shoot security guard Bruce Joiner in the ankle, after which a police officer shoots and kills wounds them, after which a SWAT team arrives and kills them, becoming the 68th Islamist terrorist plot or attack against the U.S. since 9/11; one of them is later identified as Elton Simpson of Phoenix, Ariz., who was convicted of lying to federal agents about traveling to Africa in 2010, and his roommate Nadir Soofi, who ran a Twitter account called Shariah is Light, and tweeted about the attack in advance at 6:35 p.m. CT, with the hashtag "texasattack"; on May 5 ISIS tweets a death threat against Pamela Geller, with the soundbyte: "Our lions will achieve her slaughter"; on June 12 3rd Muslim suspect Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem (Decarus Thomas) (1971-) is arrested and charged with supplying weapons to the two shooters, claiming that he was also planning an attack on the Super Bowl.

Syed Farook (-2015) and Tashfeen Malik (-2015)

On Dec. 2, 2015 (10:58 a.m.) the 2015 San Bernardino Massacre sees married American jihadists Syed Rizwan Farook (born in U.S.) and Tashfeen Malik (born in Pakistan) shoot up the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, Calif. during a Christmas party attended by 80 employees, killing 14 and injuring 21, then drive away and die in a shootout with police, becoming the worst shooting in Calif. since the 1984 San Ysidro McDonald's Massacre, and the deadliest in the U.S. since the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre; Pakistani-born Malik pledged alliance to ISIS and its caliph on her Facebook page at 11:00 a.m., one minute after the terrorist attack began; Muslim convert Enrique Martinez Jr. is later found to have purchased two rifles for them in 2011-12, and is charged on Dec. 18; ISIS claims responsibility for the massacre; the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security modifies its Nat. Threat Advistory System (NTAS) "an intermediate level... which describes general developments or trends regarding threats of terrorism" (Secy. Jeh Johnson); too bad, it doesn't label threats with terms like Islamic terrorism or ISIS.

Mohamed Barry (1985-2016)

On Feb. 11, 2016 (6:00 p.m. EST) machete-wielding Am. Muslim Guinea immigrant Mohammed Barry (b. 1985) attacks the Israeli-owned Nazareth Restaurant and Deli in Columbus, Ohio, injuring four before being killed by police.

Omar Mateen (1986-2016)

On June 12, 2016 (2:02 a.m. EDT) Muslim shooter Omar Seddique Mateen (b. 1986) attacks the hot gay Pulse Orlando Nightclub in Orlando, Fla., killing 50 and injuring 53 of 300 before being killed by police, becoming the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history (until ?); he tells police negotiators that his rampage is retaliation for the air strike that killed ISIS leader Abu Wahid; ISIS claims credit, er, responsibility; Pres. Obama calls the mass shooting (#24 since he took office) "an act of terror and an act of hate", blaming the "assault rifle" (e.g., the NRA), and never mentioning radical Islam, causing Donald Trump to call him a "weak" leader who should be impeached, with the soundbyte: "If we do not get tough and smart real fast, we are not going to have a country anymore"- how long can Obama be pro-gay and pro-Muslim at the same time?

July 14, 2016 Nice Attack Lahouaiej Bouhlel (1985-)

On July 14, 2016 (10:30 p.m. local time) after a fireworks show ends and he tells guards he's bringing ice cream to the crowd, 31-y.-o. Tunisian-born Allah Akbar-shouting jihadist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel (b. 1985) crashes his rented 21-ton truck into the Bastille Day crowd near Neptune Beach in Nice, France, driving at up to 55 mph for more than 1 mi. along a promenade then emerging and firing a gun at random, killing 84 (incl. 10 children) and injuring 100 before being killed by police, causing French pres. Francois Hollande to call it a terrorist attack, with the soundbyte: "Nothing will make us give way in the fight against terrorism... France as a whole is under the threat of Islamic terrorism. We have to demonstrate absolute vigilance and show determination that is unfailing", causing Pres. Obama's Muslim-loving White House to respond that "France and the United States share a commitment to protecting religious liberty for those of all faiths, and today's violence will not shake that committment"; ISIS claims Bouhlel as one of their soldiers; U2 lead singer Bono was next to the seafront on the terrace of La Petite Maison duing the attack; on July 18 French PM Manuel Valls is booed by angry crowds in Nice - when will Pres. Obama blame this truck attack on guns?

On July 26, 2016 (9:00 a.m.) two Allah-Akbar-shouting ISIS jihadists attack a French Roman Catholic church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray S of Rouen, Normandy, France during Mass, giving an Arabic sermon from the altar before forcing 84-y.-o. priest Jacques Hamel to kneel at the altar and slitting his throat in an attempt to behead him before being killed by police; one tells a nun "You Christians, you kill us"; one is shot dead by police and the other arrested; ISIS claims responsibility; ex-PM Nicolas Sarkozy utters the soundbyte: "Everything is being done to trigger a war of religions", calling for a "merciless" response.

On July 27, 2016 after uttering the soundbyte: "This is war. When I speak of war, I speak of real war, not of a war of religion, no. There is war for interests, there is war for money, there is war for the resources of nature, there is war for the domination of peoples: this is war. Someone may think: 'He is talking about a war of religion'. No. All the religions, we want peace. Others want war. Do you understand?" Pope Francis visits the Wawel Cathedral in Cracow, Poland, stinking himself up by totally ignoring the existential threat of Muslim immigration, instead calling for "a spirit of readiness to welcome those fleeing from wars and hunger, and solidarity with those deprived of their fundamental rights, including the right to profess one's faith in freedom and safety"; he then visits Auschwitz Concentration Camp; on Aug. 1 ISIS pub. its mag. Dabiq, dissing the pope for his naivete, assuring him that their sole motivation is religious and sanctioned by Allah in the Quran, with the soundbyte: "The fact is, even if you were to stop bombing us, imprisoning us, torturing us, vilifying us, and usurping our lands, we would continue to hate you because our primary reason for hating you will not cease to exist until you embrace Islam. Even if you were to pay jizyah [tax for infidels] and live under the authority of Islam in humiliation, we would continue to hate you."

Ahmad Khan Rahami (1988-)

On Sept. 17, 2016 (9:30 a.m.) a pipe bomb detonates in a garbage can at the starting point of the USMC charity race in Seaside Park, N.J., injuring no one but setting off a massive terrorism response; on Sept. 17 (8:31 p.m.) a powerful homemade bomb explodes on a crowded sidewalk at West 23rd Ave. and 6th Ave. in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, N.Y., injuring 29; a second pressure cooker device is found four blocks away; on Sept. 19 (12:40 a.m..) a bomb is found in a trash can near a train station in Elizabeth, N.J., and exploded by a bomb squad; on Sept. 19 (noon) Afghan-born Am. Muslim Ahmad Khan Rahami (1988-) is captured in Linden, N.J. after a shootout with police, and is accused of all three bombings; Rahami's journal calls Osama bin Laden "brother" and indicates that he wanted to punish the U.S. for killing fellow Muslims in the Middle East, furnishing yet another proof that mass Muslim immigration is suicidal for the U.S. because Muslims won't assimilate but will retain their foreign Muslim identities; on Sept. 19 Donald Trump utters the soundbyte: "These attacks and many others were made possible because of our extremely open immigration system, which fails to properly vet and screen the individuals and families coming into our country."

Dahir A. Adan (1994-2016)

On Sept. 17, 2016 (8:15 p.m.) Allah-Akbar-shouting Muslim Somali immigrant Dahir A. Adan (b. 1994) stages a knife attack at Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud, Minn., injuring eight after asking if they were Muslim; ISIS claims responsibility; too bad, Pres. Obama calls this a "potential act of terrorism", causing Am. evangelist Rev. Franklin Graham on Sept. 20 to post the Facebook soundbyte: "Why is it so hard for our president and his administration to call Islamic terrorism what it is?... Potential? The Islamic State already proudly claimed credit - how much more 'potential' do you need?"

Arcan Cetin (1996-)

On Sept. 23, 2016 (6:52 p.m. PDT) Muslim Turkish immigrant Arcan Cetin (1996-) of Oak Harbor, Wash. stages a massacre inside a Macy's dept. store in the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Wash., killing five shoppers incl. four women in the makeup dept. before fleeing; he is arrested on Sept. 24; the PC press tries another coverup, initially describing him as Hispanic.

Abdul Razak Ali Artan (1998-2016)

On Nov. 28, 2016 (9:52 a.m. EST) 18-y.-o. Muslim Somali refugee student Abdul Razak Ali Artan (b. 1998) stages a car-knife killing spree on the gun-free campus of Ohio State U., injuring nine before being shot dead by police; Donald Trump tweets the soundbyte that he "should not have been in our country" - did anybody hear an Allah Akbar?

Anis Amri (1992-2016) Berlin Truck Attack, Dec. 19, 2016

On Dec. 19, 2016 (8:02 p.m. local time) Tunisian Islamist Anis Amri (b. 1992) plows a rented Polish-registered truck into the largest Christmas market in Breitscheidplatz Square near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin, Germany, killing 12 and injuring 56; the suspected driver is arrested nearby, then released, and another person is found dead in the cab; ISIS claims responsibility; on Dec. 23 Amri is killed by police in Sesto San Giovanni, Milan, Italy.

On Feb. 3, 2017 29-y.-o. Egyptian Allah Akbar-shouting ISIS-inspired terrorist Abdullah Reda Refaie al-Hamahmy attacks and injures a French soldier outside the Louvre in Paris before being shot 5x.

Khalid Masood (-2017), Mar. 22, 2017

On Mar. 22, 2017 British-born Islam convert jihadist Khalid Masood (b. 1964) tries to attack the Parliament Bldg. in Westminster, London, England, driving his gray 4x4 car into a crowd on Westminster Bridge, killing two and injuring 50 before emerging with an 8-in. knife and stabbing a policeman to death before he is killed, causing Parliament to go into Code Red lockdown; ISIS claims responsibility.

On Apr. 3, 2017 (2:40 p.m.) 23-y.-o. ethnic Uzbek suicide bomber Akbarzhon Jalilov detonates a shrapnel-filled briefcase bomb at the Sennaya Ploshchad Metro Station in St. Petersburg, Russia, killing 14 and injuring 45 while pres. Vladimir Putin is visiting the city (his hometown); another bomb is found and dismantled; Pres. Trump talks on the phone with Vladimir Putin about it.

Salman Abedi (1995-2017)

On May 22, 2017 (10:30 p.m. local time) at the end of an Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Tour concert in the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, British-born Islamic suicide bomber Salman Ramadan Abedi (b. 1995) (son of Libyan immigrant) goes off in the exit area where parents are waiting for their children, killing 22 and injuring 120+, mainly children and teenies, becoming the deeadliest attack in the U.K. since July 7, 2005, and the first in Manchester since the Provisional IRA bombing of June 15, 1996; Pres. Trump calls the Islamists "losers"; ISIS claims responsibility; on May 23 British PM Theresa May calls it an act of "sickening cowardice", and raises the threat level to critical (martial law); on May 23 (eve.) a vigil is held in Albert Square, attended by Britain's multicultural pop. incl. Muslims, all claiming that the attack had nothing to do with Islam :); on May 23 after learning that Abedi recently returned from Libya and Syria, police make three arrests; he was linked to ISIS but trained by al-Qaida?; on May 25 May announces that the U.K. has stopped sharing intel from the bombing after some was leaked by U.S. sources to journalists, leaving police "furious", after which Trump fixes things up with them; on June 4 (eve.) the One Love Manchester Concert features Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Pharrell Williams, Chris Martin, Liam Gallagher, Robbie Williams et al.

On June 1, 2017 (early a.m.) a jihadist attacks the Resorts World Manila Casino in Manila, Philipppines, killing 35 and injuring 70 before killing himself; ISIS claims responsibility, while the govt. rules out terrorism.

On June 3, 2017 Allah-Akbar-screaming Canadian Muslim Rehab Dughmosh (1985-) begins swinging a golf club at employees of Cedarbrae Mall in Scarborough, Toronto, Ont., Canada, then pulls out a large knife before being subdued by the employees; at her first court appearance she swears allegiance to "the leader of the believers, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi" of ISIS.

2017 London Massacre Suspects

On June 3, 2017 the 2017 London Massacre sees three British Muslim jihadists drive a van into pedestrians on London Bridge in England, then stab people in the nearby Borough Market area, killing seven and injuring 48 before being killed by police; parallel universe PM Theresa May utters the soundbyte that the British people must come together to fight "extemism", with the soundbyte: "It is an ideology that claims our Western values of freedom, democracy, and human rights are incompatible with the religion of Islam"; on June 5 police arrest two of the three attackers, Pakistan-born Khuram Shazad Butt (27) and Moroccan or Libyan-born Rachid Redouane (Elkhdar) (30), members of the militant jihadist network al-Muhajiroun; the third is Youssef Zaghba; Muslim London mayor Sadiq Khan utters the soundbyte: "Terrorism is par and parcel of living in a great global city", assuring people there is nothing to fear, causing Pres. Trump to tweet that he's nuts, causing him to change his story to assuring people that there is nothing to fear from heightened security.

On June 5, 2017 (eve.) Somali-born jihaist Yacqub Khayre (1988-) murders a Chinese-born receptionist at an apt. complex in Melbourne, Australia, then takes an escort girl hostage, calling a local TV station and telling them "This is for ISIS, this is for al-Qaeda" before getting into a fatal shootout with police.

On June 6, 2017 an Algerian jihadist wielding a hammer attacks police outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, injuring one officer and shouting "This is for Syria" before being shot dead.

On June 7, 2017 ISIS jihadists stage two attacks in Tehran, Iran, one in parliament and the other in the nearby shrine of Ayatollah Khomeini, killing 12 and injuring dozens, becoming ISIS' first attack in Iran.

On Aug. 17, 2017 a jihadist van ramming attack in the Las Ramblas area of Barcelona, Spain kills 14 and injures 88; one terrorist is killed by police in a shootout, and two more are arrested; the driver is 22-y.-o. Younes Abouyaaqoub, who is killed by police on Aug. 21 in Subirats near Barcelona; ISIS claims responsibility; on Aug. 18 (early a.m.) another van ramming attack in Cambris, Spain 70 mi. S of Barcelona fails, and after it stops the police kill four knife-wielding jihadists with fake suicide vests; on Aug. 16 their bombmaking factory in Alcanar 120 mi. S of Barcelona exploded, killing one and injuring 16, forcing them to go with van ramming; the suspected ringleader is Ripoll imam Abdelbaki Es Satty; meanwhile Barcelona's chief rabbi Meir Bar-Hen utters the soundbyte: "This place is lost", urging his congregation to emigrate to Israel; Pawel Soloch of the Polish Nat. Security Office announces that Poland will no longer be accepting Muslim immigrants, with the soundbyte: "We are convinced by the latest attacks that there is a natural base for terrorists where a large number of poorly integrated Muslims live."

On Aug. 18, 2017 an 18-y.-o. Moroccan jihadist stabs two women to death in Turku, Finland before being shot and arrested by police.

On Sept. 24, 2017 masked Somali Muslim immigrant Emanuel Kidega Samson (1992-) attacks the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Nashville, Tenn., killng one and wounding six before being subdued. On Sept. 30 an Allah-Akbar-shouting illegal Algerian or Tunisian immigrant jihadist dressed in black kills two women with a knife in Marseilles, France; ISIS claims responsibility.

On Oct. 1, 2017 Tunisian illegal immigrant Ahmed Hanachi (1988-) stabs two young women cousins in Marseille, and is linked to ISIS; he had been arrested for shoplifting two days earlier and released; on Oct. 16 French pres. Emmanuel Macron gives a TV address from the Elysee Palace in Paris, with the soundbyte that illegal immigrants caught committing even minor crimes incl. shoplifting will be deported.

Stephen Paddock (1953-2017)

On Oct. 1, 2017 (10:00 p.m.) after renting two rooms on the 23rd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nev. under the name of his out-of-state girlfriend Marilou Danley, and bringing in 10 suitcases full of guns, accountant, serious gambler, and real estate millionaire Stephen Paddock (b. 1953) of Mesquite, Nev. shoots into a crowd of 22K attending the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival featuring country music star Jason Aldean, killing 58 and injuring 527 then killing himself before police break into his room, becoming the deadliest gun massacre in U.S. history (until ?); police find 19 military rifles, some fitted with bump stocks to make them into automatics, plus 23 more at his home; Pres. Trump calls it "an act of pure evil", saying "We pray for the day when evil has vanished"; ISIS claims that he converted to Islam and was doing Allah's work, later calling him Abu Abd Abdulbar al-Ameriki, which the FBI is all-too quick to deny?; CBS-TV vice-pres. Hayley Geftman-Gold stinks herself up on Facebook by saying that she has no sympathy for the victims because country music fans "often are Republican", getting her fired; he is later found to have research other attack sites in Boston and Chicago; the motive eludes investigators until ?

On Oct. 3, 2017 police foil an attempted jihadist apt. bombing in a chic neighborhood of Paris, France, causing French interior minister Gerard Collomb to utter th soundbyte "Is this not a sign that no one is safe?" On Oct. 6 federal prosecutors announce the arrest of three Am. Muslims (Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, Talka Haroon, and Russell Salic) for an ISIS-inspired plot to target concerts, landmarks, and crowded subways in New York City in 2016.

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