T.L. Winslow's Twenty-First (21st) Century Historyscope 2030-2099 C.E.

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The 2030s (2030-2039)

2030 Chinese Year: Dog. The 65 and older pop. of the U.S. increases to 72M (from 35M in 2005), making up 20% of U.S. pop. World Muslim pop. reaches 2.2B (26.4%), vs. 1.6B (23.4%) in 2010; between 2030-35 the new babies born to Christian mothers (224M) will be fewer than those born to Muslim mothers (225M). China matches the U.S. in CO2 output. A Maunder Minimum begins, causing a mini ice-age (until 2040)? The first Hypersonic Spaceplane by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp. (CATSC) that can take off and land on a runway goes into operation.

2031 Chinese Year: Pig.

2032 Chinese Year: Rat. On June 8 the 1400th anniv. of Muhammad's death. The 2032 Summer Olympics in Gaza. Mars One launches its Mars lander.

2033 Chinese Year: Ox. America is nuked by the United States of Islam, and the West spirals downwards towards a new Dark Ages - (TLW, Five Smooth Stones). A near-collision with a comet has changed Earth's ecological balance, it hasn't rained in 11 years, and tyrants hog all the water while a ragtag group of rebels led by Rebecca Buck (Tank Girl) fight the Rippers and raid the WP. (Tank Girl).

2034 Chinese Year: Tiger. The Second Coming of Jesus Christ finally comes (John Denton).

2035 Chinese Year: Cwazy Wabbit. The Singularity causes progress to increase exponentially - except intelligent machines will do it while humans struggle to catch up as they are left behind (Vernor Vinge). Humanity sends a prisoner back in time to find out who started the world plague of 1996 (Terry Gilliam, Twelve Monkeys).

2036 Chinese Year: Dragon. Asteroid Apophis has another close encounter with the Earth.

2037 Chinese Year: Snake.

2038 Chinese Year: Horse.

2039 Chinese Year: Sheep.

The 2040s (2040-2049)

2040 Chinese Year: Monkey. A whopping 49.5% of the U.S. pop. lives in just eight states: Calif., Tex., Fla., N.Y., Penn., Ga., Ill., and N.C.; 69% live in 16 states. On Apr. 1 Easter falls on April Fool's Day for the last time in the cent. Islam becomes the 2nd largest religion in the U.S., reaching 8.1M by 2050 (Pew Research Center). France ends the sale of gasoline and diesel cars. A universal replicator based on nanotechnology is constructed (Arthur C. Clarke).

2041 Chinese Year: Chick Chick Chicken.

1492 + 550 = 1776 + 266 = White is No Longer Right in the U.S.?

2042 Chinese Year: Dog. Non-Hispanic whites dip to less than 50% of the pop. (46%), with Hispanics making up 30%, African-Ams. 15%, and Asian-Ams. 9% (U.S. Census Bureau).

2043 Chinese Year: Pig.

2044 Chinese Year: Rat.

2045 Chinese Year: Ox. Hispanics, the former underclass begin to dominate America; the decrepit Anglo baby boom generation is cryofrozen, blindly awaiting progress to give them a new lease on life - (TLW, Baby Boom Morticians). The Singularity will occur this year, according to Ray Kurzweil; "the nonbiological intelligence created in that year will be one billion times more powerful than all human intelligence today" (2005); "When scientists become a million times more intelligent and operate a million times faster, an hour would result in a century of progress."

2046 Chinese Year: Tiger.

2047 Chinese Year: Rabbit.

2048 Chinese Year: Dragon. The Binary Millennium.

2049 Chinese Year: Snake. The 100th anniv. of the Chinese Communist Rev.; China now dominates Earth? Sound recordings recorded before 1972 finally begin falling into the public domain?

The 2050s (2050-2059)

2050 Chinese Year: Horse. World pop.: 9.9B (U.N.), incl. 1.245B in developed countries and 7.95M in developing countries; Africa: 2.1B; Africa's urban pop. reaches 59%% (14% in 1960, 40% in 1997, 43.5% in 2020); elderly outnumber children in all continents except Africa; there are more people over age 60 than under 15 (U.N.); U.S. pop.: 420M (U.S. Census Bureau); world Muslim pop. increases to 2.8B, vs. world Christian pop. of 2.9B; world migrant pop.: 400M; 75% of the world pop. lives in cities; India: 1.4B; the Age of Expansion (begun 1600) ends as world consumption equals double the Earth's capacity, and any savings from improved efficiency is maxxed-out? Inventions: The first space elevator is operational. Science: The ozone layer hole disappears (CSIRO).

2051 Chinese Year: Sheep.

2052 Chinese Year: Monkey.

2053 Chinese Year: Chicken/Rooster. On Jan. 18 is the 100th anniv. of the birth of Denver, Colo.-born Original Historyscoper T.L. Winslow (1953-), prophet of the Fiction Century - conspiracy theorists deny his/her historicity? Anti-World War I ends, and the world celebrates a NWO where America is just another state in a pacified homogenized world govt. based on ultra-left sociopolitical principles, with mass migrations and genetic engineering being used to end the existence of distinct races and ethnic groups among the world's children - (TLW, Anti-World War I).

2054 Chinese Year: Dog. The 1000th anniv. of the Great Schism between Western and Eastern Christianity. The PreCrime Unit of the police dept. of Washington, D.C. uses three psychic precogs to see crimes before they happen and apprehend them preventatively - 2002 Steven Spielberg film Minority Report.

2055 Chinese Year: Pig.

2056 Chinese Year: Rat.

2057 Chinese Year: Ox.

2058 Chinese Year: Tiger. Auto-driving cars become mandatory in America.

2059 Chinese Year: Rabbit.

The 2060s (2060-2069)

2060 Chinese Year: Dragon. The End of Time Year according to Isaac Newton.

2061 Chinese Year: Snake.

2062 Chinese Year: Horse. Halley's Comet returns.

2063 Chinese Year: Sheep. The pointy-eared Vulcans land on Earth on Apr. 5 in Bozeman, Mt. and establish First Contact, meeting with Zephraim Cochrane and greeting him with the Vulcan hand sign and the sound byte "Live long and prosper" (Star Trek).

2064 Chinese Year: Monkey. World pop. begins to decline due to greater access to contraception and sex ed. for females?

2065 Chinese Year: Chicken. U.S. pop.: 441M, incl. 78M (18%) immigrants, and 81M (18%) born in the U.S. to immigrant parents, with no racial or ethnic group taking the place of the former white majority, which is down to 46%; Hispanic pop.: 24%; Black pop.: 14%; Asian pop: 14%. The Antarctic ozone hole finally heals?

2066 Chinese Year: Dog.

2067 Chinese Year: Pig.

2068 Chinese Year: Rat.

2069 Chinese Year: Ox.

The 2070s (2070-2079)

2070 Chinese Year: Tiger. Earth's pop reaches a maximum at 9B-10B, and then starts decreasing (Lutz) - like roller coaster rides?

2071 Chinese Year: Rabbit.

2072 Chinese Year: Dragon.

2073 Chinese Year: Snake.

2074 Chinese Year: Horse.

2075 Chinese Year: Sheep.

2076 Chinese Year: Monkey.

2077 Chinese Year: Chicken.

2078 Chinese Year: Dog.

2079 Chinese Year: Pig.

The 2080s (2080-2089)

2080 Chinese Year: Rat.

2081 Chinese Year: Ox.

2082 Chinese Year: Tiger.

2083 Chinese Year: Rabbit.

2084 Chinese Year: Dragon.

2085 Chinese Year: Snake.

2086 Chinese Year: Horse.

2087 Chinese Year: Sheep.

2088 Chinese Year: Monkey.

2089 Chinese Year: Chicken.

The 2090s (2090-2099)

2090 Chinese Year: Dog. A total solar eclipse is seen in England this year.

2091 Chinese Year: Pig.

2092 Chinese Year: Rat.

2093 Chinese Year: Ox.

2094 Chinese Year: Tiger.

2095 Chinese Year: Rabbit. The efficiency of fossil-fuel powered electric generation technologies reaches 66%? A space drive for exploring other star systems is developed (Arthur C. Clarke).

2096 Chinese Year: Dragon.

2097 Chinese Year: Snake. The groundwork for the United Federation of Planets is laid out in San Francisco (Star Trek).

2098 Chinese Year: Horse.

2099 Chinese Year: Sheep. By this year nobody is left who is totally heterosexual?

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