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The Twenty-Second (22nd) Century C.E. (2100-2199) and Beyond

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The Great Track of Time Goes Deep into Terra Incognita?

The Robot War Century? Has humanity achieved worldwide peace, or is it still at it? If so, have they figured out how to make robots that do their fighting for them? And if so, have the robots become the problem instead of the solution? I sound like I'm on LSD, wait and ask those who've been there?

2100 Jan. 1, 2100 falls on Friday, so this is a Venus (Frigg) Century. World pop.: 10.1B/11B, according to the U.N.. In Sept. there will be no ice cover in the Arctic Ocean? Replacement of algae that grow on ice with photosynthetic plankton in the Arctic will increase biological productivity by 70% over 2017 levels? Global temps rise 2.5-10.4 F compared to 2000 (Intergovt. Panel on Climate Change). Mountain glacier melt causes world sea levels to increase by 12 cm (4.7 in.) since 2010 (U. of British Columbia). About 950-1.8K (10%-20%) of the 9.9K bird species existing in 2000 are extinct by this year, which add to the 500 since the year 1500. We capture all solar energy striking Earth, becoming a full Type I Civilization. A OWG declares a worldwide moratorium on white rule; blacks are given supreme power, and whites become their slaves in payment of reparations for centuries of oppression - (TLW, Blackest).

2112 The first palyndromic year since 2002.

2117 On Dec. 11 a transit of Venus occurs. The multinat. Mars 2117 project colonizes Mars.

2125 On Dec. 8 a transit of Venus occurs.

2138 Halley's Comet returns.

<Sign of Aquarius <Sign of Aquarius

2150 The Age of Pisces (begun 1 C.E.) ends, and the Age of Aquarius begins; is this really what the whole Christ-fish thing was about, namely, the era of knowledge being under the control of a few and spread via coded documents (Bibles and Gospels) ends, and knowledge begins to cover the Earth as the waters cover the sea electronically (Isaiah 11:9)? At least one person will live to age 150 by this year, according to Am. biologist Steven Austad.

2151 There is a total solar eclipse in London this year (last in 1715).

2154 Planet Earth needs the scarce mineral Unobtanium, which sells for $20M a kg. from the planetoid Pandora in Alpha Centauri - James Cameron's 2010 film Avatar.

2165 Humanity goes deep underground as new technology makes the surface a volcanic, molten mass; World War Core begins, with new weapons (cosmic ray lasers, gravity ray lasers) that can shoot death rays through the Earth - (TLW, Rock and Roll Corerunner).

2169 Human-animal hybrids are given human rights by the World Court - (TLW, Wild Cat).

2199 Private breeding is made impossible, and all human semen is collected and mixed in The Vat before being used to make babies - (TLW, The Vat).

2200 We cover the Sun with a Dyson Sphere and capture all its energy, becoming a Type II Civilization.

2215 Halley's Comet returns.

Kodos the Executioner, 2246

2246 Notorious Kodos the Executioner, who is posing as a Shakespearean actor is smoked out in Earth Colony Tarsus IV by Capt. Kirk of the Enterprise :)

2259 The Turkey People send a female messiah to save Earth from the Dog People - (1997 film The Fifth Element).

2274 Earth has been devastated by war and overpop., causing the remaining pop. to live in sealed dome cities where they live a hedonistic lifestyle until they reach 30, after which they are terminated to make room for babies - (1976 film Logan's Run).

2291 Halley's Comet returns.

2300 We capture power from every star in our galaxy, becoming a Type III Civilization. The technology of cloning inevitably results in all humans becoming exactly the same - (TLW, The Last Cloned Hican).

2355 The Great Comet of 1843 returns.

2367 Halley's Comet returns.

2443 Halley's Comet returns.

2500 Historical necessity leads to males being phased-out, and everyone becomes a lesbian in a male-free new world order - (TLW AKA Hamda Lindleton, Isn't Jack In Jail?).

2520 Halley's Comet returns - by now it is artificially enhanced to look like somebody's face?

2673 20th cent. human time-traveling astronaut Taylor crash-lands on future Earth and discovers that man blew it up, allowing talking apes to inherit it - 1968 film Planet of the Apes.

2880 On Mar. 16 Asteroid 1950 DA collides with Earth?

2999 The religion of Roddenberry causes a colossal effort to reach out to the stars, sending trillions to a hideous death - (TLW, Space Reachers 9999.

3797 The world ends, according to Nostradamus.

3898 Donati's Comet (of 1858) returns.

3955 The Alpha-Omega Bomb is detonated in the ruins of New York City, causing the end of the Planet of the Apes, except for a time-reversal loop changing the fortunes of apes and humans.

4811 The Great Comet of 1811 returns.

6009 The first same-upside-down year since 1961.

6666 Times past can be "peeped" by using the light at a past instant with a holographic camera system - (TLW, Time Peepers).

1939 New York City World's Fair Time Capsule

6939 The 1939 New York City World's Fair time capsule is scheduled to be opened this year; it contains a woman's hat, man's pipe and 1,100 ft. of microfilm.

6965 The 1965 New York City World's Fair time capsule is schedule to be opened this year; it contains a bikini and a Beatles' record.

7000 The North Star now is Alpha Cephei (Alderamin).

7010 According to Zager and Evans in their 1969 hit song In the Year 2525, "In the year 7010, if God's a comin', he ought to make it by then."

7874 Coggia's Comet (of 1874) returns.

8113 The Thornwell Jacobs Time Capsule, buried in 1940 in Atlanta, Ga. is scheduled to be opened.

10,191 The spice melange allows people to dispense with computers - (Frank Herbert, Dune).

12,000 We capture power from thousands of galaxies, becoming a Type IV Civilization.

14,000 The North Star now is Vega.

23,000 The North Star now is Thuban.

25,000 Niagara Falls (formed -8K) disappears naturally.

27,000 An interstellar radio message aimed at the M13 Great Globular Cluster in Hercules and sent on Nov. 16, 1974 arrives this year.

40,000 Barbarella makes a forced landing on the planet Lythion, looking for the scientist Dr. Durand Durand, while losing parts of her skin-tight spacesuit.

77,000 Comet Kohoutek returns.

103,898 The Great Comet of 1844 returns.

428,898 End of the current Maha Yuga, or great world age; a new 4,320,000-year cosmic day/night cycle begins.

802,701 Humans destroy their own civilization, their descendants degenerate, and divide into the deep-dwelling cannibalistic Morlocks and the surface-dwelling food animal Eloi - (H.G. Wells, The Time Machine).

2,000,000 Pioneer 10 (launched in 1972) reaches the red star Aldebaran in Taurus.

2,800,000 The Great Comet of 1864 returns.

5,000,000 Humans leave Earth and let it evolve on its own, leaving it to poisonous land terasquids, 120-ton plant-eating toratons, carakillers, gloomworms, and the last remaining mammal, the babookari?

20,000,000 Los Angeles and San Francisco now lie opposite each other - continental drift, not overpop.? Mars gains its own ring system after one of its moons rips apart.

65,000,000 The Big Crunch sees the Universe contract into a supermassive black hole with an event horizon billions of l.-y. across?

80,000,000 The Hawaiian islands sink into the Pacific as the Pacific plate that made them breaks them?

100,000,000 Neptune's third satellite Triton tears apart from Neptune.

220,000,000 Europe and the Americas collide because of a subduction zone off the coast of Portugal.

250,000,000 The continents of Earth merge back together into one supercontinent.

300,000,000 Neptune's moon Triton crashes into Neptune. The supercontinent of Amasia is formed after America collides with Asia and the Pacific Ocean closes.

500,000,000 The carbon dioxide level in the air decreases to a level too low to support plant life.

600,000,000 The distance from the Earth to the Moon reaches 23.5K km, so that the Moon can no longer completely cover the Sun's disk turing solar eclipses; since the Sun also increases in size, this will actually happen sometime before this point.

1,000,000,000 The oceans evaporate.

2,000,000,000 The Moon slips too far away from Earth to stabilize its tilt angle, causing the latter to begin changing into a hard planet to like.

3,000,000,000 The spiral Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies collide to become an elliptical galaxy.

5,000,000,000 The Sun leaves the Main Sequence and begins to die.

6,000,000,000 The Sun goes red giant, and Jupiter's moon Europa becomes beachfront property while the Earth becomes a fried charcoal briquet.

<Planetary Nebula NGC 7027

7,000,000,000 The Sun explodes and becomes a planetary nebula, or shrinks into a cold white dwarf?

? Tens of billions of years from now the Universe experiences a cataclysm because of the size of the mass of the Higgs Boson (126x the proton).

22,000,000,000 The hypothetical Big Rip sees the Universe torn apart by its expansion.

3,000,000,000,000 The Universe stretches out so much that the galaxies stop expanding, while the Big Bang background radiation fades so much that only isolated pockets of stars remain; a revised estimate made in 2007.

100,000,000,000,000 (10*14) The Stelliferous Era (begun 10K years after the Big Bang) ends, and the Degenerate Era of the Universe begins (ends 10**46), where dark energy causes the expansion of the Universe to accelerate, as planets detach from stars, stars and planets detach from galaxies, and most of the ordinary matter in the Universe becomes locked up in degenerate stellar remnants (white dwarfs, neutron stars, black holes), finally ending up in proton decay.

10 billion trillion trillion trillion (10**46) The Degenerate Era ends, and the Black Hole Era begins (ends 10**100), where only black holes remain, eventually evaporating into photons and other radiation.

Let the beat take over, feel it, live delirium?

One Google (10**100) The Black Hole Era ends, and the Dark Era begins, with waste products (photons, neutrinos, electrons, positrons) wandering through a super-sized Universe, and occasional "atoms" larger than the visible universe of today formed from electron-positron pairs, finally going totally cold and dark, reaching heat death (maximum entropy); (big wave of the hands here) it then goes into reverse somehow, ending with the Big Crunch? - and so the universe is eternal, cycling over and over, without itself evolving into, er, God?

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Don't stop thinking about tomorrow? The following events have not happened as of publication?


TBD The artificial border between the U.S. and Mexico is dissolved after political unification in a U.S. of 60+ states. "The Decline and Fall of the United States Empire" is written by ? The first practical self-contained air environment suit (space helmet for smokers and/or air pollution sufferers) is mass-marketed, and becomes mandatory. A cheap easy way to drain/suck/melt fat from body tissues is perfected (like melting Crisco, or better yet, like pissing it away), ending obesity. The first organism is brought back from extinction. The first human is cloned and lives to full maturity; voting age; has children; has grandchildren; dies at a ripe old age; the same human is cloned twice; a thousand times; a billion times. Designer babies become a reality. The Internet or a replacement becomes secure enough for electronic voting, commerce, banking et al., without fear of electronic crime. The Internet 'R' Us (built into our brains). The software quality problem is solved. Encrypted information becomes trivial/forever impossible to break. Antibiotics finally win/lose completely against mutating bacteria. The first general cure for cancer, AIDS, the common cold, and other viruses are developed. The cures for genetic diseases such as muscular dystrophy and Lou Gehrig's disease are perfected. The regeneration of spinal cord tissue (any/all organs) is perfected. Inexpensive mechanical replacements for defective human limbs and organs are perfected; ditto cloned replacements. Millions/billions of new taste/texture/smell sensations are created for foodstuffs; ambrosia, the food of the gods is mass-marketed. The ruination of world resources finally ends and is reversed/becomes irreversible. Inexpensive, light, non-cumbersome human body armor is developed that can protect against wild animals, knives-spears-swords-guns-bombs, chemicals, biological agents, and equalize female and male muscular/athletic abilities. Genetically-enhanced performance changes all professions including athletics and the military. Biological limits can be eliminated, such as the need for sleep, breathing of air, libido, palatable food. Deafness, blindness, dumbness and lameness can be inexpensively cured. Famous people such as Einstein and Hitler are cloned and live to maturity; extinct organisms such as woolly mammoths ditto. The first successful technique for freezing and reanimating live humans is perfected; millions choose to be frozen while still alive in the hopes of reanimation after methods for achieving human longevity are perfected. Universal free access to knowledge/education for every human arrives. Accelerated/instant learning becomes possible; universally available for free. The knowledge and experience (consciousness itself) in a human brain can be permanently saved, transmitted, and downloaded to itself or another brain. The first practical flying car/flying suit is mass-marketed. A practical cheap/free clean energy source is developed for every person. World pop. of 10/15/20/50/100 billion/1 trillion is reached. Global mixing of human genes leads to a raceless world; living examples of obsolete races can be manufactured at will; race becomes a fashion statement, easily and inexpensively changeable; ditto gender and sexual orientation, looks, build, height, weight. Groups of human clones develop group rights similar to patent and copyright; 10%/50%/100% of humans become clones. The first female/lesbian/gay/non-white/flavor-of-the-day U.S. pres. is elected. The threat of Islamic/Christian/Jewish/all terrorism is finally ended. Permanent peace in the Middle East is secured. The Temple of Jehovah in Jerusalem is restored, including animal sacrifices. Creationists/Evolutionists shrink to a small religious sect. The Messiah (Christian, Jewish, Muslim or other) either comes, cums, or is finally given up on by all; in the latter case, Christinsanity and Islaminsanity are treated as mental viruses and immunization supplied to all. The world adopts a common currency/language/court system. The first session of a one-world govt. is held and world peace is declared to worldwide celebrations. The economic development of the last world sector ends the existence of the Third World. Income taxes are abolished; ditto all taxes, and finally money itself. The complete action of DNA is determined and becomes subject to engineering discipline. The human life span is extended to 100/150/200/300/500/1,000/10,000/100,000/1,000,000 years. Every human is beautiful and sexy; every human ass finally becomes clean enough to eat off of; people can go naked and have sex in public at all ages; everyone achieves total sexual satisfaction; there are no more phobias or prejudices, including pedophilia and incest; rape laws are reduced to petty offenses. Males and/or excess testosterone are phased out of the race. The first human city deep underground/in the oceans/in the clouds/in low orbit, on the Moon/Mars/another planet or orbit/another star system is founded. The principle of the human brain and its higher cognitive faculties is discovered, and can be artificially replicated. The first artificial brain with cognitive faculties equal to humans is developed. Humans no longer have to program computers but only supply system specifications to something intelligent that does the rest; the devices become intelligent enough to supply their own system specs. The first android with self-sufficiency and mechanical agility equal to a human is developed. Artificial devices permit humans to communicate easily regardless of native language. Humans can finally preserve their mental existence indefinitely with technology; dead humans can be effectively resurrected. Androids do all the physical/mental work for humans while remaining subservient. The ability of humans to easily regenerate limbs and organs is developed; ditto the ability to achieve transhuman configurations (e.g., three arms). Simulation/illusion technology is perfected to the level of the Talosians in Star Trek. The quantum theory of gravity/electroweak breaking is completed and experimentally verified. The unification of all forces of nature has been theoretically and experimentally verified. Travel at multiples/exponentials of the speed of light is perfected. Humans no longer depend on sexual reproduction. All victimless and thought crime laws are dropped from the laws worldwide. Organized religions no longer can harm people or society, nor can corrupt govt. officials. All jails are abolished; ditto police and judges - except for govt. officials. Gamma ray/cosmic ray/gravity ray weapons are developed. Travel through the interior of the earth and other solid planets becomes easy, cheap and routine. Humans become a self-designing lifeform. Death is conquered. A Historyscope is developed based on reconstructed knowledge of the past; a foolproof way to uncover and view and/or verify events in the past is developed and/or a foolproof way to disqualify alleged historical facts is developed. The extra-terrestrial intelligence question is solved; humans are stunned when they find they are/aren't alone in the universe; the first human-ETI contact is made; the first human-alien murder occurs; the first human-alien sex occurs; the first human-alien war takes place; the first convert of a human/alien to an alien/human god/religion/philosophy occurs. The end of the universe question (steady-state, expanding, cyclical) is solved/proved unsolvable. The ultimate questions in cosmology, how/why the universe came into being are finally answered. Humans/aliens/artificial lifeforms become as gods and can create their own worlds/universes, and live forever; alternatively life is found to be finite, incapable of indefinite reproduction or artificial creation, and to have a doomsday date.

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