Alpha and Omega

TLW Speculates on the End

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Last Update: Mar. 31, 2017

We are young, no promises, no demands, we are strong, no one can tell us we are wrong? Play the Carmina Burana music? TLW the Pansophist knows so much history plus plus plus that he should be able to predict the future, spell out the when and how of the end, and wow me with his yoom yoom, and since he hasn't done it yet, he must have saved it till now to pay me for doing all this reading?

Sorry, I might be the best thing you ever had, believe me, believe me, I'm still in heartache-to-heartache land just as much as you. All I got is a bunch of scenarios, the paralysis of analysis, and as a pampered, well-fed, wasteful American none of them look too good for moi, that's why I used to write novels and now live on a vegetarian rice diet, try some sometime, strawberry is a vegetable, right?

All right, here's some gimmes. One, white isn't right, and worldwide racial amalgamation is good, the faster the better. Two, most of that arrogant atheist Big Bang and Evolution spit is going to have to go down the tube, but only its own, as it burns itself out and exhausts every possible variation first, sorry, it's intellectual curiosity that killed da cat.

The Universe is just plain humbling, it will never get to feel like our backyard, and thoughts of a Creator God just keep suggesting themselves. The best use of a life is still in service to others without trying to worry about ultimate anything most of the time. But without being free to do some of that ultimate worrying stuff, life isn't worth living. Too bad for my Christian fans, I don't forsee any sudden return of Christey, er, although I'm well aware of that possibility, and couldn't say I was totally surprised, er, I guess I would be, really very much.

But Herr TLW, certainly you have a big pronouncement to make on religion? What is the future of religion? Does man save himself or NOT? Are religions really about visions of the end anyway? That would be a nice copout. Unfortunately, that's their common characteristic. Having a common vision in mind keeps believers' days meaningful and controls what they can and cannot do, what they find rewarding and what they find unrewarding, we have each other, yada yada yada.

Let's take evangelical Christians. Their view of The End is the most immediate, since they think it will be happening any day, could be today, could be tomorrow, just pray and wait no matter how hard it gets to breathe. Russia will get in a death struggle with the Muslims, and/or the Jews, or the Chinese, and America will enter the Last War, and one third of the world population will be destroyed by war, one third by pestilence, and the last third enslaved, doesn't matter He's coming? The End always involves Jesus Christ coming back somehow, maybe physically, usually as a spirit being, with hosts of angels, to judge the Earth and inaugurate a new age, after all who have been deceived and serve Satan are thrown into the Lake of Fire along with him and his demons. There, you got it, he's my boyfriend. Good wins, evil loses, end of Season 2100 of The View. Usually the saved are taken to Heaven to be with him forever like your girlfriend Joy with an eternal Earl Hickey, but there is the Paradise Earth lobby out there too, knock knock.

Which is just the problem with that vision. What happens next? People no longer sin, so how does that work? No more breast implants as graduation gifts? Ask Jeeves. Care for the rooftop view? You have to earn it by making a steep climb.

At least the Roman Catholic Church came to terms with it way back in the age of St. Augustine, in the early 5th century C.E., just prior to the fall of Rome. But not really. They just added a pedicure and Sunday I'm In Love With You meeting: Jesus Christ will never come back per se, you see, it's his Church that's his body, and the Kingdom of Heaven is here, just reveling in his love, if everybody will just join it, never mind the pie in the sky, it's Friday I'm in love with the fish. And then what? Easy. After the whole world has seen the light and joined, what, it, the future is up to you, because you get sorted but when you die and can't pay your dues to it anymore, and either go to heaven or hell, to eternal delight or eternal punishment, don't ask it ask Jesus or Satan when you get there. Wait one, we got another revenue source, purgatory, just ask about our easy payment plan. The con is always right up front, that the Church is God's one-only organization on night-shadey Earth, with the keys to heaven in the hands of some big fat Italian slob, so pay your tithes and be straight and like an ox, and don't slip your yoke or you'll end up you know where, burgerland.

But you know what really gets me about the Ar Cee Squared? They're a religion of organization. You see, their organization's got a lid on Absolute Truth, Dominique nique nique, and since this life is an endless reality show and the world keeps spinning, there is no room for doubt about its Disneyland of Saints despite it all being based on thin air, and since the rewards and punishments are virtually in the bank, they long ago decided to speed things up by issuing credit cards, letting the priests at the top of the hierarchy live like princes now, on the backs of the masses, with free gas for a year every year, while the rest just have to accept their cruddy lot and their weekly wafer. Become a priest, you could be filling up for free, you just have to be our type, just say one word to Lucky, Babylon the Great redivivus. Don't listen to them pesky heretics and freethinkers, they're going to hell anyway, so why not get them out of the way now by torturing and burning them alive? It's really doing them a favor, look at the witch scream with delight in the flames, knowing she'll soon be joining her father the Devil in Hell, pass the frankfurters, I remember when, I remember when I lost my mind? Which is why so many people have rejected the Catlick Church, declared it the Church of the Devil, the Antichrist, and vowed to see it destroyed, the original Berlin Wall, only to come up with their own alternate organization that looks mighty like copyright and patent (if not trademark) infringement.

Check out his T-shirt, it says When I Grow Up I'm Driving a Corvette? After much blood and craziness, enter the organized cerebral Bible-reading counterculture of the Protestants, who take Christ their way, but can't agree on how to take him, because they have a reading comprehension dispute. Which is why every Sunday (or Saturday) all the Christians who over the centuries have split off from the RCC subdivide into thousands of different churches with different hierarchies of preachers and ministers and doctrines, and don't mix or talk to each other while they get their brain feed and reserve their tickets to heaven, the only thing they're agreed on being that papistry sucks and they're not crazy. Too bad, they all seemed to shine under Catholic persecution, and now that the RCC is moribund, it's become a I'm born a Protestant kind of thing, and no, I don't go to church except maybe now and then if ever. As for the one almight RCC, only the poor backward Third World still takes it seriously, although they might get pissed pretty soon if there's no black or brown pope.

It's not just a father's Oldsmobile thing with some. The Jehovah's Witnesses sect stands apart from every other Christian sect in its belief that the New Age will be, not in Heaven, but here on Earth, which will take up where Adam and Eve left off when they sinned and were booted out of Eden. You see, General Jesus and his Angel Army are just getting their boots on, and will soon kill all of Satan's followers (the RCC and other Protestants included) in Jehovah's Great War of Armageddon, leaving them alone untouched, after which either they or the angels will stack up all the corpses to be eaten by the birds, then go on to turn the Earth into a global paradise where everybody's aging process is reversed until they reach the peak of adult pefection, living forever in direct communion with Jehovah God while dressing like they're still in the 1950s and no more of that "world" thang to worry about keeping separate from.

Notice, not Jesus but Jehovah. You see, the whole purpose of Jesus was to get humanity right with God after the Fall, and after a thousand-year probationary period he won't even be needed as an intermediary anymore, since just like with Adam and Eve, people will talk directly with God because they are sinless and are let through the holy firewall. True, they claim that 144,000 special Jehovah's Witnesses, the "anointed", will become spiritual beings who live in heaven and act as priests of Jehovah, in endless acts of praise and worship, having no flesh and enjoying no fleshly, ahem, pleasures anymore, which is exactly why among the current 6 million JWs worldwide, almost nobody claims to feel they are one of the anointed, since they all prefer to stay on Earth and enjoy the fleshly pleasures within the sin-free constraints set by Jehovah, like ever-young Adam and Eve once knew.

One thing that bothers me about JWs is their Passover celebration. (They don't call it Easter, since that's a pagan goddess.) Unlike Catholics, who have to have some holy cannibalism every chance they get, the JWs only have their holy meal once a year, and what's really unique is that they as pass the sacraments (they don't call them that either) of bread and wine among the congregation, usually nobody touches them, because only those who believe they are anointed can partake, usually only those who were doing door-to-door in the 1930s, now usually pushing 100, and so if you're still this side of 100 you let the food go by untouched. Obviously, the other sects point this out as proof that the JWs really worship Lucifer, who has outsmarted them into losing their souls. After the end, we'll know, java chillers, new at Sonic.

The bottom line problemo with all Christians is how come your Jeezy still hasn't returned to bring his kingdom of heaven? Did you see it, wow? Even worse, if the Bible is true, then Abraham's Promise will come true, and all the nations will be blessed through his seed, or to put it another way, all of human history, horrors included, was actually a blessing as it will end with Crab Man coming back and righting all wrongs, all the endless list of two thousand years of wrongs since he promised to come back real soon and disappeared without a trace. Tell that to the American Indians.

Then there's the reincarnation cults. Carnation, carne, meat, remeat. We are the world, we are the remeat. All over the world there's a sandwich named after me. All life is part of a hierarchical chain, and your actions are judged when you die by what new form you take when you are reborn with Carnation Instant Breakfast. Where the souls originally come from, or who is running the operating system, ask them. For the biggest selection at the lowest price guaranteed, there's only one place to go, Soul Store. In my previous life I was Napoleon. Why do I dismiss reincarn as pure porn?

But surely there is a way to preserve the good things about religion while absorbing the benefits of science and progress. Yes, and the pool party is on at the shrine of prophet Roddenberry, founder of the new global religion of Star Trek. Conveniently, the list of saints is virtually identical with Hollyweird's Screen Actors Guild. And Star Wars rec passes will not get you burned at the stake.

At first sight Star Trek is a great religion. It sells itself, not by pie in the sky, but sci-fi on the screen, here and now, as long as you're consuming the advertised products. Okay, their pie is on an order sheet, and they take American Express. Two centuries, that's all Big Rod asks, all white meat chicken, tender and juicy. All of humanity's ancient problems, especially racism, nationalism, religion (don't say anti-Semitism, that might make it sound like a Jewish plot?), hunger, ignorance and injustice are solved by Science, the quest of the Truly Smart, and equally smart leftist, mainly, er, Jewish social theories. Give us a couple more C's, and we'll conquer ourselves and get jet smart, the Universe will be our oyster, er, garden salad, and we will enjoy hooking up with a galaxy filled with cerebral life forms, all of which are equal, of course. Maybe some of them are the same as us, because a wise super race (plot continuity?) seeded us throughout the galaxy, but there is a giant prop shop galaxy full of diverse complexions and cosmetic appliances, albeit full computerized special effects are only for major motion pictures. Still, if you buy the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, separation of church and state and secularism, the unquestioned truth of evolution (don't say godless, you have to respect the sad dopes who still cling to belief in a supreme being, despite the lack of evidence, for its emotional comfort), and basically think the Secular Humanized American Way is the Future, with the word American superseded because it sounds too white, as does the word human, and that the advent of electronic money and material plenty without manual labor will make State Communism OK, listen to my voice it's my disguise, oh it's what you do to me, sign up for the next Trekker Con in your area and bring your ears.

Then there is the black sheep of the planet, don't-forget-the-lyrics Islam. I left this for last because it's so hard to say anything good about it. It's frankly pure evil, the Frankenreligion, no redeeming features. It's NOT one of the Great Theistic Faiths, up there with Christianity and Judaism. Why? Listen to them talk. Read their Queeran. The only way to be saved in Islam is to kill, kill, kill. It's truly their ultimate act of worship of their god Baalah, the killing of another human being as a sacrifice to him. If they get a lawyer maybe he'll bring up that it's not murder since they do get a change to submit to Allah before dying. But a Muslim who hasn't gone out on jihad killing for Allah yet is a cipher, a zilch as far as this so-called faith is concerned. How many innocent people have you killed? Ten. You're a holy man. How about you? Five hundred, plus I tortured them all and destroyed a bunch of property. You're truly a holy man, yuk!

The value system of the West quite simply has never been able to cope with this pure evil, even though every one of their foreheads is already marked with point values in the killing game, whether they want to accept it or not. It's a cult of suicidal serial murderers, rapists and thieves, a criminal enterprise. The practice of Islam should be a world crime, period, with a death penalty just for praying to Allah, and that's even if they haven't killed yet, because they will, when they can, because after they're done praying to Allah they want to be saved and go to paradise to be with Allah, by, you guessed it, killing. And if they don't get around to it their kids will, because they raise them to continue the program. Sorry if your value system can't stomach capital punishment, but the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim. Call me a bigot, but if I spot one of them prayer towers I'm outa there, you sweat so-o-o much. Okay, if they are cured in their prison or concentration camp and will curse Muhammad and Allah a thousand times and spit, shit and piss on a picture of Muhammad and flush a Quran down a toilet and barbecue pork shishkabab on one and pig out on it, then have lesbian sex if they're a woman and film it and sell it on the Internet, maybe they can be pardoned, or rather (give them the Western concept known as due process of law whether they deserve it or not), make that a life sentence with possible supervised life probation.

But look at Christianity? All them Crusades? Their holy cannibalism? Yes, the Muslims make fun of Christians eating the body and drinking the blood of Christ. They just want to cut off their heads and take pictures. Yes, the Christians stunk themselves up with the Crusades, but look at what happened before that. The Muslims started it. The day Muhammad died in 632, they were recruiting armies to take over the world in his name, and invaded the Christian lands first and did horrible things. Their contact in fact polluted the Christians, gave them ideas, so when they decided to invade the Holy Land and kill Muslims for Christ, guess who taught them the technique?

I wish I could hold out hope, but the world is shrinking, and any concept of a future world that's worth living in would have to be Muslim-free, zero tolerance for Allah U Akbars. Mohammedism, Muhammadism, Muslimism, call a spade a spade, it has to go, it really has to go, let's keep bugs off with Raid. This horrible Satanic cult, based on day-by-day mind control and mass hypnotism is pure idolatry, the hypnotic language designed to turn the mind into a roller piano, powered by and playing pure hate, the clean-burning brain fuel that always leads to endless murder and suicide, what's with the axe? It's a colossal waste of time, energy, property and lives on a planetary scale, and literally has no purpose other than to program people to become robot killing machines, and let's give it credit, damn efficient ones, the kind that actually love to get wasted as long as they killed enough infidels first, hopefully with plenty of collateral damge, the real Terminators, no CPU chips needed. It can't be bargained with, it can't be negotiated with, and it will never, ever stop, until it kills you. Since day one, Islam has filled the world with zombies and corpses, and done zero good, goose egg, zilch. When they run out of infidels to kill, they will even start killing each other to score some paradise passes. Oh, it's what you do to me, sing it. This mental virus has infected a lot of souls, and done a great deal of damage, showing that the human psyche has a buried bad side that is best kept buried, no thanks for the memories, but please don't make me puke by calling it a theistic religion on a par with Christianity and Judaism.

Dummy, there's good Muslims too, it's just a lunatic fringe that gives Islam a bad name? Like Morgan Freeman, who plays a cool loveable superior wise black Muslim to California surfer guy Kevin Costner's Christian Robin Hood. He also plays a cool God to Steve Carell's Stationery Salesman Noah, so what? I bet the guy who wrote the scripts is Jewish and never surfed. Yes, Freeman is a good actor, he can recite the scripts and make them seem like he just came up with it all himself. It's about looking at yourself in the mirror and controlling your face muscles. Some of those Muslim getups are pretty cool if you don't mind what's going on between the ears.

But what about Muslim science? Yes, the fact that Christianity had to rise out of paganism and went too far, banning all pagan writings as of the devil even when they weren't about pagan religious concepts but about science, history or rhetic, caused the Christian world to plunge itself ignorance, setting civilization back a thousand years. In the West (the half of the Roman Empire based in Rome) they burned the pagan writings, too bad. In the East (the half based in Byzantium or Constantinople) they kept the manuscripts in their magnificent city filled with libraries, but never looked at them, so when the Muslims captured the city in 1453 C.E. they found them all gathering dust, and, to their credit, got curious and translated them into Arabic, resurrecting ancient Greek and Roman science, after which they sprinted ahead in the Space Race, all the way up to high school math and science. But the limitations of their zombie-like cult ultimately caused their progress to ossify, and it took the Western world to finally progress out of the ignorance of the Dark Ages, pass them Muslim scientists up like they were standing still, and ultimately try to quarantine and ignore them, half-hoping that the whole nightmare cult of medieval throwbacks was moribund and would just fade away under the shining light of Western secularism, end up being seduced by Western vices, like Saudi royalty, maybe become bridge champs like Omar Sharif, or at least keep their dirty laundry out of sight in the hamper like the Egyptian Salah in Indiana Jones. What's with them lab experiments, Ahmed? You have to shut them down five times a day to pray. And watch you don't become an infidel with your theories. And besides, how many infidels have you killed? Get out of the lab and go kill.

After centuries of constant warfare to keep them down, the West finally got Big Science and Hi Tech, proved its grate powah with Da Bomb, and reduced the Muslim word to a global quarantine zone left somewhere in the Middle Ages. Too bad, that only could only last so long. The West can't afford to ignore them anymore after it shrunk the world with satellites and the Internet and began beaming its sex, drugs & rock and roll MTV, complete with Michael Jackson and Madonna directly into their yabba-dabba-doo harem bedrooms, stirring the racist, sexist, murderous medieval hornet's nest back up. Okay, the West brought it on themselves. But it was inevitable that the giant should awake, as it was not dead, only sleeping with the circumcised wife of the night. Christianity brought Millennial Fever to the West, so how fitting that global Islamic terrorism should pop up to spoil the party just as the year 2000 was rolling the clock digits over and they were all set to declare that God is Fred and continue the party for millennia with fashionably black hunk-astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson as host, run, the dust cloud is coming.

I'm da Historyscoper, so I'm risking being repetitious to drill in my message. Read the Great Track of Time all you want and check back with me, and you will come up with one and only one conclusion: ever since day one, all Islam has done is fill the world with zombies and corpses, and destroyed tons of property. After 13-14 centuries of this shit, Badass Islam is not a funny movie, it's not something good, let's not start over, it's not going away, and can't be ignored, can't be bargained with, and it will not stop, ever, until it's either killed every last infidel on Earth and destroyed the Earth, or been killed itself, down to the last brutal Muslim. Sorry, but all my study of history leads to a single conclusion, namely, that there is no medicine for this disease, the world is too small for Islamsicks and their endless Superslams and everybody else, and either they have to go, or we non-Muslims do.

Muslims, even boys and girls, are not innocent victims, except when they're getting their brainwashing, after which they're all budding serial murderers, just deciding when to take the dare to be saved through redrum backwards. Islam is not a Great Faith. It's the religion of Kill, Fuck and Eat, 666, of Satan himself, who is posing as Lucifer, the God of Light in Darkness to suckers, who know good and well down deep that no real God would want them to pray ceaselessly to a big black meteorite he sent from outer space, and that this pedophile polygamist Muhammad turkey sucked in the first place.

Yes, it's not the people it's the ideas behind them at work, and nobody is born Muslim or Christian, or Agnostic or Atheist, I'm stuck on Bandaid brand because Bandaid's stuck on me, yet we all have to share the planet and there must be some religious rites that are beyond the limits. Like that head rolling on the ground. Did you do that? Yes? Why? Because it was thinking infidel thoughts? You just don't do that. Maybe it should be done to you. Maybe there isn't room on this world for you, give me your green card. So think of it as combatting an evil idea, but let's do combat it, time to cleanse palate, time for chilled martini glasses.

So if there's any advice in here, it's that we infidels, Westerners and Easterners too, should find some way to agree to disagree, unite, and fight this menace to a final solution, starting by seizing their women and children and taking them out of their grasp to break the 1300-year cycle, what was the expiration date on that milk?

That's not practical or feasible yet? So, how do we get rid of them? Parachute iPhones in, along with Plumpynut? Sorry, their religious police would confiscate them. Nuke 'em all? Sorry, that's no solution. First, all our moral beliefs are based on the concept that killing is wrong unless in self-defense. And nukes ruin the planet for everybody. Rather crazy ragheads want to use them on us to score for their God of Kill. How about surgical WMD, like viral bombs, then we can relax, pass the Ambien? Sorry, there's no way that Westerners can just go and kill every Muslim on Earth to rid the planet of this menace, and if they did, would they have sold their souls to gain the world, and become their worst nightmare? No, what tastes bad is bad, there's an M&M in everyone, don't find yours. It's a no-win situation. So only, ahem, God can save us probably?

So what is my solution? Simple. I already mentioned it, quit snoozing with your eyes open. Make Islam a world crime, and begin a global police action, disarming and rounding up every Muslim, then putting the adults (all probably incurable) into concentration camps and isolating them as dangerous potential murders, while taking their kids from them to break the evil, evil, evil cycle. Those who thought that Guantanamo Bay was a bad place for locking Muslims up should wake up. We need to lock them all up. And as for offending them by flushing Qurans down the toilet, the Quran should be considered as a dangerous menace and every copy rounded up and destroyed, with only electronic copies remaining, all mixed with porno and anti-Muslim warnings as a protectorant.

What about all them "good" Muslims? They can be good American and Dutch citizens too? Does she know you killed your wife? Sorry, pardon my do-loop, every Muslim is a ticking time bomb. The word Islam means submit or die. It will always mean submit or die. There's no "good" version of submit or die. The hate and intolerance of Muslims and the treatment of women like cattle should be a world crime, period, end of the recitation.

But 1.x billion of these human time bombs are ticking right now, and the future of the world is cloudy, hanging in the balance, the horrors of this Great Menace making news on a day-to-day basis, with World War III: Muslim Impossible raging openly since 9/11 and having no forseeable resolution, while the West is still mainly in a state of denial, and continues to pretend that these turban heads are just bluffing like Hitler did with Mein Kampf, or that they'll run out of recruits or that their breed mare women will tell them to park it. Show me a Muslim who feels remorse for having killed his fellow humans, who treasures their lives, and I'll check back with ya. Their word for it, jihad, means an inner process they go through to love killing for Allah, proving that he's great by doing it. You don't want to be there when they cry Allah u Akbar, get it? Maybe there's a way to get to the women with secret communication channels, and liberate their minds, after which they can threaten a global Castration Night on the men who don't chuck the stuff. But I doubt it, because a Muslim woman is as incurable as a Muslim man.

Can I confidently predict that the New Religious World War we're now in will be won decisively by the West after it reaches a crisis and a big chunk has been taken out of it, causing it to have an apotheosis about what its own principles of tolerance for all religions and intolerance of racism can really stand? How about flipping a coin? In the meantime the Muslims have the advantage, and we can expect horrible murders and wanton destruction of property, accompanied by cunning infiltration and confused times, everything bad from Allah to Zarqawi, for decades to come. It's not terrorism or WMD that we should be concerned with, but THEM CRAZY ZOMBIES AND THEIR SYSTEM OF THOUGHT. I have a policy of zero tolerance for Islam, hoorah. Since u been gone, I can breathe for the first time, since u been gone, I get what I want, shut your mouth I just can't take it, again and again and again and again. Take that silly Allahu Akbar mantra, about Allah being the Acme, and stick it up your arse. Listen Madhominid, there better be a God other than Allah, Muhammad better not be God's prophet, and Allah better not be akbar, or I'll go crazy and start killing people. Meanwhile, I have no feeling about Christ coming back anytime soon either, and WWII: MI could last for a century, or several, so ask my kids' kids' kids' kids not.

But 9/11 only happened a few years ago, and you're overreacting, why not give things time to work out so they can kill you and shut you up? Didn't bad old Soviet Communism fall along with the Berlin Wall, and the Soviet Union dissolve, and Russia become our putin-it-there friend? So Putin pocketed and pawned that Super Bowl ring, he was raised in tough times? President George Dubya Bush did knock out So Damn Insane of Iraq for ya, God Bless Amerika? Hey, don't accuse me of being a chimp. Thinking that Ayatolla-rock, er, Iraq, capital Bag Dead could become a suburb of the U.S. if we just went in there and handed out constitutions and erected statues of George Washington was, er, lacking in a knowledge of history. You have to knock out the So Damn Insane Generator, not just one of its products. Too bad Dubya didn't even consult his daddy George Prescott, er, George Herbert Walker long enough to find out that the U.S. had been propping the bum up for decades for a reason, namely, to keep a civil war between irredeemable crazies from erupting, and to keep the Iranian army from marching into Israel. Yes, Sodamn Insane was a cruel tyrant, but at least his repressive regime kept everybody down, creating a forced peace, one that had lasted for decades and would have likely lasted many more. After he was removed, every street was suddenly out to torture and kill the next street over. If Dubya had been a man instead of a boy in an oval office, he should have pardoned Sodamn and resintated him in power before the execution, although he had already dismantled the Baath Party and army, and it probably couldn't be rebuilt fast enough, and also killed Sodamn's sons and heirs, so there would be a problem with a successor. Too bad, it's like breaking an egg, there's no way to put it back together, so that point is moot. What do we do with a broken egg all over our hands? Make an omelet? We have a big heart and like to help others, here, take my uterus.

So why not get a new U.S. president who will patch things up by pulling all U.S. troops out of Iraq? That's the problem, some things are irreversible, like when you stab yourself in the chest with a hunting knife, you can't just pull it out, or you will bleed to death, and you can't leave it in, or you will die from internal bleeding or infection. There is no quick easy solution, sorry, you shouldn't have done it in the first place, call 9/11 and hope they get you to a hospital where you can be operated on and given blood transfusions and antibiotics and maybe live. Too bad, we're like a giant stuck out in the middle of nowhere, and there are no hospitals or ambulances. The Some Sunni Day Bloodbaath Party was the only thing stopping the Shiites and Sunnis from eating each other alive, and now that it's gone, there is nothing to stop Shiite Iran from eventually turning the country into shiite and swallowing Iraq up into a Super Iran, run by ayatollahs, then cutting off the oil. After that they would soon invade and absorb Kuwait and cut off that oil. Maybe the U.S. can stop that, because they stopped Sodamn Insane, but back then the U.S. Navy could float up the Persian Gulf to support the troops, which wouldn't be so easy if Iran wouldn't let it. And the next stop would be Saudi Arabia so that it could cut off America's oil and prepare to finish Israel, at which point even the surrounding Sunnis would gladly forget past hates long enough to join King Osama of Arabia and Adolf Muhammad Jihad of Iran and wet their whistles on Cohens and Levis for Allah Akbar. If that union happens, even the U.S. with a full mobilization and draft couldn't stop it, and if a full-scale occupation of the entire Middle East including Turkey and Persia is attempted, the result will be either a horrible nuclear holocaust or the Israelis being pushed into the sea while the U.S. will be lucky to evacuate the survivors to Dunkirk, N.M., after which they will probably end up giving them half of Arizona or New Mexico like they should have done the first time, so they can set up the Territory of New Israel in the New Jordan Valley, formerly John Wayne Land.

Not that the Israelis would want to evacuate. They're full of diehards who would stand and fight to the end. But let's say we did evacuate them safely to New Israel, would that end the American problem with the Muslims? No, not now. We've got them united and riled up. The Muslims will never stop until they swallow up Africa, Europe and much of Asia, encircle the U.S. and siege it like they once did Christian Constantinople, now known as Muslim Istanbul. Not that that wouldn't have happened anyway, as we have no cure for the Muslim virus in sight, it's the fastest growing mental disease on the planet, therefore the non-Muslim West is a future dinosaur, and the space program hasn't found a suitable new planet to run to yet. One solution that keeps suggesting itself to me is to nuke Mecca and destroy the Big Black Cube on the hope that they might give up praying five times a day to a giant hole in the sand, like killing a snake by lopping off its head. It would only have to be a small nuke. Use it preferably when the place is loaded with worshippers to increase its effectiveness. Think of the size of the free pass to paradise, nothing to lose and a lot to gain for them all. Of course I can't help but being tempted by the idea of nuking Jerusalem too, think of the relief. Ditto Vatican City. Cities like these are war magnets, and produce nothing, and wouldn't be missed economically, so if it could be done, it would be a pure good, with Travelocity the trip you're dreaming of can happen a lot sooner.

But let's quit dreaming and get back to reality. What's with Europe? It's still pretending that Islam is a religion worthy of respect, and allowing hoards of Muslims to just walk on in, squat, and set up Sharia law in their midst. Just like the American Indians did with the Europeans, there's plenty of room for all, guess how that turned out? Any grumbling by non-Muslims is treated like non-PC thought crime, and intimidated into silence. Sorry, this is all a big mistake, totally coo-coo, because the Euro governments can't keep Muslims from eventually wanting to kill infidel Euro citizens to gain paradise, so a coming horrible bloodbath is as sure as Halley's Comet. Maybe the Muslims can't take Europe despite their running start, because the Russians will beat them to it, and maybe the atheist Soviet Union, which knew how to keep the Muslims down will reemerge bigger and stronger than ever after telling the West, "Suck-ah, we were just playing around with your degenerate Capitalism so you'd pump billions into our failing economy, and now that we've tried it and all have our iPhones we know it's crap and love good ole Communism better than ever, put it there, cowboy." Too bad for the Russians, the Muslims kicked their butts in Afghanistan and can do it again, and still insist on that old Submit or Die thang. And speaking of suckers, they will do anything to get Russia to turn on the West, maybe to help them get rid of Israel and the U.S. both, then go after them when they have destroyed their only friends.

How about the Mexican immigration problem? This is one I know how to fix. I was just mentioning pesky Russia and its former Cold War with the West. Look at little Cuba. One spoon of Castro oil and the whole island became a regimented military state able to thumb its nose in America's face and take it on militarily in the event of an invasion by using the 1295 Auld Alliance trick of Scotland, with the Soviet Union playing the part of France. Mexico can definitely go the same route, a new Mexican Castro turning all Mexicans against the U.S., and inviting its enemies in, creating a huge soft underbelly that will bleed the U.S. dry trying to defend against government-backed terrorists sent over the border. And the innocent illegal immigrants just looking for work or a better life will be used as human shields and shills to confuse U.S. troops into killing innocent people in order to discredit and short-circuit the credibility of U.S. government, like the Commies already honed to an art in Vietnam and the Muslims are using in Iraq. No More War, Erin Go Bragh, Go Over There Baby and Take Off Your Bra, yah. So, America will start to become a besieged island, with nobody to turn to, seeing its oil cut off, along with needed raw materials, as Europe and Asia either refuse to help or become actively hostile, looking forward to a New World Order sans the Turkey USA. When the crumbling, starved, plague-ridden, depopulated U.S. splinters into several warring mini-countries, then disappears from history altogether, who will mourn? I hope these aren't prophetic words, but I would rate the odds at a coin toss right now, sorry.

My proposal for a New Hope is for the U.S. to drop the immigration barriers and tear down the walls and start a push to annex Mexico, creating 10 new states, for a total of 60, with the Extreme South, or Salsa South, or whatever you want to call it being up to one-third of the total, just enough to be the swing vote in Congress. The border, a line drawn on a map, is phony anyway, and the problem with Mexico is and always will be its cruddy government, not its people, its religion or its language, so the solution is to do away with it and absorb the territory with 10 new statehood conventions, promulgating state constitutions and petitioning Congress for admission, extending the entire U.S. system into the ES, including laws and court system, military protection, and communications systems. Yes, the whole process might take 20-25 years to complete, and there might be a few bad incidents as the readjustments are made, but the net result would be to make the U.S. a much more solid and defensible world island, able to take on the other world islands of Asia, Europe, Africa and South America that now seem to be forming, both economically and militarily, got milk? The language problem is trivial in this age of computers, and maybe I shock you cowboys, but so is the racial problem. Did you forget that people would be free to go both ways, and gringos by the tens of millions will no doubt choose to migrate to the large undeveloped areas of the ES and create new Dallases, San Diegos, Los Angeleses and Denvers out of the wastelands, bringing new jobs for Hispanic workers with them, so the supposedly insoluble problem of them always migrating north looking for jobs working for gringos is solved, as the gringos move down there and bring the job openings with them. Furthermore, whites prospering in the ES would no doubt start breeding like rabbits and have big families for their Little Houses on the Prairie, Big Valleys and Ponderosas, and one day there might be more whites in the ES than any other racial group anyway, so that's why it's not really a racial problem, it's a racial solution. In just 25-50 years the Extreme South, which has long been underdeveloped, would be brought totally online, perhaps doubling the U.S. GDP, who said that? And people born in the ES will consider it their country, that is, the U.S., and run for Congress and bring their concerns to Washington, D.C., completing the union with new tailored legislation. If it comes out as I am predicting, it would be a true, lasting solution, the only real one, so if it doesn't work out there is no solution. Of course it can't all come from one side of the border, as those south of the phony border now have to decide they want union, and the northerners have to be openly receptive and welcome them, because it can't be imposed by force on either side, but must be mutually voluntary, and I'm convinced that once the idea is on the table, Mexican leaders will be found to organize statehood conventions to petition Congress for admission new U.S. states, and that the petitions will be accepted. Only the Mexican government can get in the way, but when enough Mexican people want it, perhaps they will just melt away, like the Communist Party did in the days of Yeltsin. So, who's ready to take up the torch, don't ask me I'm not interested in becoming a politician.

But even if the new 60+-state megamerged U.S. becomes a reality, what about Central America and South America, and Canada? I don't know, it's too far in the future, but it does seem like a natural progression. But then, how will the flood of immigrants from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East be handled? Check back with the new Congress when it builds a larger Capitol.

Is the future going to be Capitalism or Communism, surely the world is too small for both? The answer is that the future is going to be neither, as the coming global information and knowledge economy is changing the ground rules, and all we need is the age of robots to make the phrase "workers of the world unite" seem like an ad for an old folks convention. That's if the march of technological progress isn't stopped by all the wars and strife looming on the horizon. But the bottom line is to get people to be satisfied with being comfortable but not greedy or lustful for power, like the Hobbits of J.R.R. Tolkien, and to live more and more for their minds, for the acquisition of knowledge, and the use of it to provide solutions to human problems. Why does that take religion? World peace is about universal education and diffusion of knowledge, especially the mastery of my historyscopes.

It's really about the future of world population? If it can be controlled, then world peace might actually be possible? That fails to face the horrible threat of organized religion. But if it can't, all bets are off the table, that's the Grand Slam, and anything up to a new Stone Ages is on the table. An age of robots requires a huge, worldwide technological base, which overpopulation can destroy in a zillion ugly ways, ruining it for everybody. Using war to lower the population is pretty much off the table after the nuclear genie got out of the bottle, so are you a dollar millionaire?

Speaking of Hobbits, the fantasies of J.R.R. Tolkien and George Lucas, where the issue comes down to pure good versus pure evil, and human religions are off the table, seems to be on the right track toward the future. When will the day come when the people of the world just decide to start time over with year one, chuck all the religions and prophets and bibles, and go for the god of Good? The day when all the rich people give everything they have to the poor, unless they need it to make the world better? Drum roll. That day will never come, because people can't change their basic nature.

Realistically, there is only one hope of saving the world, and that is a One World Government. The catch is, such a government could easily damn the world instead. It requires a real genius to design a viable OWG even on paper. In fact, a constitution is just a piece of paper, a code, and it has not power if the population of the world is not well educated and aware of history. The days of the American Founding Fathers was the only time when a significant pool of top quality brains with plenty of leisure time (cough cough, because they were slaveowners) were working together on a government design that took account of the inherit evil in man, along with their organized religions, based on a deep study of history, and countered with checks and balances that forced everybody to get along, to compromise in the name of progress, another name for hope. Even after 200 years the U.S. Constitution is a remarkable piece of software for a continental operating system, but its basic code is too provincial and antiquted, and jury-rigged with too many patches to be upgraded to worlwide coverage as-is, so the place to start is a new release of the World Constitution, a clean piece of code with no patches, and if that were implemented with enough thought and study of world history, a United States of the World Constitution might be designed by the wisest and most knowledgeable of the human race, and after being widely vetted for a long time and made contingent on the prior deployment of a One World School System based on the Great Track of Time, it could even be thinkable to implement it, so when I get the time I'll write one and publish Version One.

My words may one day seem naive and quaint, the piano-playing cat, get the pooper scooper. Maybe the future Westerner will speak Arabic and pray to Allah five times a day. But that can't be the final act in the play, as Islam ultimately has to go, it really has to go, we can't protect it anymore, or humanity is doomed to an eternal madhouse. And maybe Christ will really return, and I will be lumped with the other zillion deceived dupes of Satan, maybe given another chance, maybe not. Yes, I thought I got over the belief in God, only to stumble on the disturbing thought that all the design in Nature points to the Universe being a program in a galactic computer. But even if it is, this Christ-returning-Armageddon stuff also has to go sooner or later, because his passport is about expired, and there's a nonrenewal clause that has to be enforced so that the world can finally get to solving its own problems on their own terms. So, maybe the world will still be here in the year, say, 2200, and by then both Islam and Christianity will be, should be, hopefully, have long been dead, along with Marxist-Leninist Communism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christian Science and Moronism, and all that other worn-out brain baggage. In the meantime, keep learning your history and keep your options open, like moi.



© Copyright by T.L. Winslow. All Rights Reserved.

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