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We're all born not knowing history, but we don't have to die not knowing history. Don't hide your ignorance of history, fight it. Learn the entire history of humanity from the world's best, broadest, deepest, richest, and most powerful history teacher, here! The most powerful world history course ever created, with unprecedented detail and accuracy. Pure power, pansophist, with virtually no gaps. Only we make full use of the power of the Internet to make scoping history a fun and rewarding multimedia experience, including links to online encyclopedias, images, and videos. Using your brain to the max is cool, there's no ceiling here. Want to really learn world history? Scope it with the Historyscoper™, a revolution in history teaching. Nobody has done it like this before. No competitors in sight. There's quite simply nothing else, I'm king of da world. We want to be your first and last world history school. We do the heavy lifting to show you how ignorant you are about history and provide you the opportunity and skills to remedy it. Dedicate a percentage of your future to studying the past. Yes it's hard, but the harder you work the easier it gets.
Everybody welcome: educational institutions, students, professionals, amateurs, total dabblers. Start knowing almost nothing and learn virtually everything worth knowing. The most thorough knowledge available about world history in the minimum number of words. The one-stop shopping world history school, based on the our new copyrighted trademarked standard universal history. Currently all courses are free! That's right, a better history education than you can get at Harvard, Yale, and Oxford put together, all without cracking nasty books. And no politically correct censorship. No woke propaganda or cancel culture. No registration necessary, just load and go. There is only one level: For Keeps. Warning! Some courses are huge Web pages that take a lot of time and memory to load, but it's pure knowledge so it's worth it. If your history teachers are recommending other textbooks, ask them why they're holding you back. Schools: Your students may use these online courses as-is in their browsers, but may not print them out. Sorry, but until I attract a big buck investor, everything's in American English only. Material subject to change without notice. ©Copyright T.L. Winslow. All Rights Reserved.

Quantum Entangle Your Mind with History. The Hardest Web Site on the Net.

A World of History Ignoramuses Needs a Force of Jedi Knight Historyscopers.

Go from Zero to Knowing Everything At Your Own Speed.

Don't Fall Behind.

You're lucky to be here, now are you smart enough to want to stay? Do you want to go through life with a teaspoon of historical knowledge, or an ocean? I've reinvented the subject of history and blown it wide open so my students can learn more than anywhere else, even the best universities, all in their browsers. Why go another day without drinking in historical knowledge? Whether the Big Bang of the physicists really happened or not, you can make a Big Bang of historical awareness really happen in your mind as you quantum entangle it with history through the Historyscoper™. The world's top minds come to drink at my fountain. Do you want to learn more than anybody? I'm anybody. You cannot hope to master world history anywhere else. Can you trust me long enough to chuck the idle amusements and join TLW's Mental Marines? I'm not cracking a whip, so you must motivate yourself. I lead you to the water, the rest is up to you. When world events begin accelerating, it's too late to study history, you have to be prepared.

Your Brain on TLWYour Brain on TLW

Spent most of your life working for a living, and now wish you had learned more of the humanities? History is the heart of the humanities.

Just starting out in life and already know that you want to gain as much knowledge as you can in one lifetime? History is the backbone of a lifetime learning program.

Don't want to spin your wheels? The Historyscoper™ is the only school you'll ever need for history.

It's not your father's school. No classrooms, no teachers, no lectures, no exams, no time limits. It's a race to learn the past, and it's already started.

The one place where money, class, privilege, and nationality aren't an advantage. It's equal opportunity for all who plug into the Internet. Throw away your old textbooks. All you need is your browser, a will to learn, and plenty of time. It's pure mental power, the game show "Jeopardy!" gone real. You must get serious and burn the bridges.

And the amazing thing is that we're raising the bar on the field itself. This is the hardest Web site on the Net, and the most incredibly useful. We can't promise you that a Historyscoper degree will get you a job, but it's likely that you will become so knowledgeable and wise that you can make your own job, even remake the world. A hard sell, yes, but in an era of instant gratification, we demand commitment in return for a fabulous payoff, a total personal remake into a 6,000-year-old soul. Ready for the most quality learning time you'll ever spend? Get your jersey number and go. Don't fall behind.

Duh, even a 100 or 200-year-old-soul ain't bad. When did you check in to this giant lunatic asylum? So, are you ready? Start mastering the entire history of the world from the high chair of Headmaster TLW.

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